July 7th, 2008 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “frequent”

  1. Frequently I find that I don’t have enough time in the day.
    I find that nothing goes write in the world.
    Frequently I see people getting hurt – usually by my own hand.
    All I ever do is hurt people, it seems.
    And that’s a shame.
    I’m not sure why. Maybe I close myself off to people. Maybe I open up too much.
    But more and more frequently, I find that I think I’m going insane.
    That’s a terrifying thought.
    Regardless, it’s true.
    I think I’m going insane.

    By Adelaide Matthews on 07.08.2008

  2. As Private Investigator Clide was pondering the happenings, it all seemed to add up. There was only one small detail that was frequent throughout his investigations: secrets.

    By Monica on 07.08.2008

  3. oftentimes I occaissionally sometimes several times a day have to speak my mind.

    By thisithink on 07.08.2008

  4. i think about this girl throughout the day. we are together so much of the time and it is wonderful. she laughs really hard sometimes about things i dont always understand but its ok. i hope we get married.

    By kalen on 07.08.2008

  5. Every time I pass the bathroom I HAVE to look behind the shower curtain.


    By robbin on 07.08.2008

  6. Frequently, he glanced over, awaiting any sign– no matter how small– of attraction. Failing to interpret even the most obvious, he would frequently make his way to the back.

    By Alex on 07.08.2008

  7. Frequent is just a commonly used word.Everyone uses it as a convinient excuse for the delays, mishaps etc. Frequently is probably the most commonly used adverb. I frequently keep saying how much I love tennis and chemistry.

    By Deepti on 07.08.2008

  8. often, something often happens. I think its daily, constant, boring maybe. not as postive as i ‘d like it to be. infact it reminds me of content, something that is just mediocre. if it is frequent, it cannot be missed, it does not conjure up things deep emotions

    By Penny on 07.08.2008

  9. wtf the word is still frequent? i thought you got like a random word or some shit that’s retarded

    i could just think of a whole frickin essay on ‘frequent’ and write it up and c/p it in here if i know that’s what i’ll get ahead of time goddamn that’s stupid

    oh and uhh… frequent…. well shit i just read some other response about frequent flier miles and that’s all i can think about now sdfsdfljsldf out of time

    By -_- on 07.08.2008

  10. Frequent…

    That’s how often shit gets flung my way. I hate everything I have ever created. I can’t stand the songs I sing, the poems I write, nor the horrible pen and ink drawings I shit out.

    I can’t stand myself. I need helpt.

    By Jake on 07.08.2008

  11. I frequently look out the window and gaze at the beautiful mountains that lay in front of me. The lanscape is so beautiful. I just stare.

    By Sandi on 07.08.2008

  12. this is the one word haning seven letters .here in thi s letter there are two “o” and one “e ” as vowels and rest are consonats..this is not a one word

    By pramod kumar on 07.08.2008

  13. frequntly the rrain came.i was oopn the bike.i dont know what to do.i was on the bike.storm started.then i was not able to ride through the road.i am

    By chikku on 07.08.2008

  14. frequently she tried to define, shape or in any way categorize her talents. Also, she was frequently scared of infinite search…

    By eli on 07.08.2008

  15. i frequent the bars.
    i frequent the couch.
    i fre….the intraweb.
    i like the q in frequent.

    By christy on 07.08.2008

  16. ia frequently use visit

    By mohan on 07.08.2008

  17. frequent

    By emily on 07.08.2008

  18. Sounds come in many ways, but they all come in diferent frequencies. Someimtes te frequency is pleasant and sometimes it’s not so nice. So think about your frequency next time you speak :)

    By Kira on 07.08.2008


    By Nick on 07.08.2008

  20. all the time im going around in circles. frequently i also go and do thing with friends but i guess thats life. the only way out of it is to smoke pot. but then you loose cuz your frequently smoking. this becomes a major philosophical problem for the face of humanity. mais c’est la vie.

    By c on 07.08.2008

  21. alot all the time nearly everyday once in awhile as much as possible when you can if youcan lots and lots youhave to like it

    By tina on 07.08.2008

  22. frequently i fall in asleep

    By sdfsdfsdf on 07.08.2008

  23. i frequent many night clubs and bars because well, im a dude. and dudes are awesome. and i hope you know that. i thought about making a joke about being a gay dude, but i felt that was in bad taste. and it was. i frequently masturbate and it rulez dude.

    By tom on 07.08.2008

  24. the word frequent means often familiar common welcoming regularity familiarity routine

    By norim on 07.08.2008

  25. i frequently think about this word, well actually not that frequently. Like random, it’s one of those overused words that have lost all meaning. frequent doesn’t mean anything unless it is compared to something else. it’s simply all relative. What does it mean that I frequently think about this word? is that once a week, once a month, once a year? certainly more than something else.

    By Josh on 07.08.2008

  26. i used to frequent this join in downtown toronto called down one, where my and my magician friend bryan used to work magic saturday nights. it was this awesome little niche in the heart of the city with pool tables, funky music and chill company. wish i could go back in time and work their again. would have behaved differently.

    By jonny dean on 07.08.2008

  27. i’m most frequent in my group because i used to be planned well earlier then them.I’m ahed to them all due to my planing.

    By kumar gaurav on 07.08.2008

  28. blog, drop, number, letter, say,. talk, chaste, pure, linked, single, throb, heart, top, alphabet, character, singular, tense, toil, two, three, sing

    By Soumya on 07.08.2008

  29. Damit i got frequent already!
    hows this?
    i frequently get the word frequent on this site.
    i frequently write about frequent.
    frequent sounds real funny if u say it over and over

    By Brey on 07.08.2008

  30. frequent fliers are ruining our airlines they just keep coming! they don’t have anything to do but fly fly fly. if i were an airline pilot i would just fly them all into the nearest world trade center. what? i mean… ok i admit it. i’m a terrorist. a frequent flying terrorist to be exact. i’m just bitter that the damn assholes lost my luggage.

    By Willhelm VonHumberwort on 07.08.2008

  31. Consider the everyday madness. Consider how often you do things you swore, when you were a child, that you would never do.

    Consider how many times these thoughts have run through your head, and how many times you’ve pushed it back.

    By Razel on 07.08.2008

  32. often not seldom more than once frequently without hesitation abundantly

    By peter ricci on 07.08.2008

  33. often times i wonder what i really want from this dreary life. i have a few ideas. maybe someday i can get somewhere. maybe someday i will try out all these things. or i’ll fail and they all will laugh and point. but either way i know i can live through it. god isn’t that dark?

    By me on 07.08.2008

  34. i visit frequently. It annoys me but yea wtv. I m bored frequently. My thoughts are not even coherent right now, this annoys me. Why am i not like others, who are apparently very smart? Maybe i dont have a brain like others say :)

    By cherry on 07.08.2008

  35. Frequently things happen. Thoughts coming unbidden to my head. I think of Elaine, of Katie, of Andy, of Hannah, of Rob, of Sunny, of Mum, of Dad.

    By Jack on 07.08.2008

  36. many many times
    the times in one second.

    By Ray on 07.08.2008

  37. regularly, alot. often

    By kirsty on 07.08.2008

  38. its easy to believe that it was only yesterday that he was here at my doorstep. he was a visitor that i wasn’t even sure i believed in. he made no sense. he defied all logic. he didn’t even have a name. but i loved him. thank god he was a frequent visitor.

    By sian on 07.08.2008

  39. Aging is such a tragedy. Bathrooms. Frequent. Bathrooms. Sleep is never an issue. You don’t get any.

    By S on 07.08.2008

  40. There used to be this coffee shop that I went to a lot when I was in high school. There were literally hours upon hours of time spent there smoking cigarettes and talking about whatever it is that teenagers think is really important.

    By Heinze on 07.08.2008