July 6th, 2008 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “hurricane”

  1. The hurricane destroyed the house I grew up in. I watched it unfold, on the news, half-heartedly because after my parents moved us away, I forgot about most of the people who lived there, but something happened clicked in my heart when I saw the demolished buildings on my old street.

    By Kate on 07.07.2008

  2. A massive amount of wind and rain that comes from the sea causing damage and loss of life when they reach land. Usually along the coast of the US due to the location of birth of these naturally forming monsters.

    By Moonmilk on 07.07.2008

  3. katrina killed so many people, and we really did nothing about it. walmart actually had the best response to the disaster–there with food, clean water, and shelter for the people affected. and it’s the most hated company in america. fema’s a joke…it’s like a metaphor for the entire government right now. good intentions, terrible execution. i really hope things change come november.

    By cate on 07.07.2008

  4. a hurricane is something that very closely effects me because i live in south florida and i have to deal with them guite ofter..sometimes i think of hurricane katrina whenever a hurricane is mentioned on hitting south florida and it reminds of how powerful they really can be…it really is crazy and it is a marvel of nature

    By nick on 07.07.2008

  5. This is something that we don’t get in South Africa really. Only during rituals the black snake in the sky will appear to warn peoples of their sins. She is the mother snake

    By Pieter Lombaard on 07.07.2008

  6. And the hurricane swept me away like dorothy with her red shoes. Here my journey begins and I do not know where it will end or if it will end. Will I find home? Or will I be a vagabond carried by the storm for all eternity? Will I end in the eye of the hurricane or amidst it’s furious strength and power?

    By Franca on 07.07.2008

  7. I live in fear of a hurricane. I just bought a bucket from the bulk store containing 275 freeze-dried meals. If my house blows down I can still have chicken cacciatore. As long as I can find a way to boil water. And a pot to boil it in. I’m waiting for my husband to buy me a crank radio.

    By A. on 07.07.2008

  8. a blaast of air sends us bristling about the plains without direction but driven by the natural results of billions of years of evolution and change. when we land we arise again. We are as a field of poppies.

    By Rikki, USA on 07.07.2008

  9. this is the story of the hurricane the man the authorities came to blame. and they called her katrina and the authoriies abandoned responsibility. See the authorities don’t have much say in forces of nature, though they might hav

    By Sam on 07.07.2008

  10. katrina. That was a big one. Lots of people died. Really sucks to have been living there. I prefer the high lands. Also, rebuild your refineries already, I’d like my oil cheap again. ktxbye!

    By Matt on 07.07.2008

  11. Blasting furiously against the structures of humanity. Wet-wash, fighting sea soldier, pushing towards the shores. Harshness at its extreme.

    Turmoil and passionate drive.

    By Digitack on 07.07.2008

  12. the winds blew like a train along the rails at a speed no one could possibly imagine. I felt as if I were to be sucked up into another world of which I did not understand, much like the one I live in today.

    I felt the crushing blow of a wind laced with particles that felt as if I were being shot with a shotgun and as I hurridly closed my eyes I could almost see the destruction around me though the darkness.

    By praymond on 07.07.2008

  13. It was as if I was a hurricane blasting through the lives of everyone I encountered. Ever since I put the bottle down my life has changed dramatically!

    By Markishmark on 07.07.2008

  14. Blow winds…Shakespeare had you on. My goodness, look at it! Have you ever seen something so…wild! Welling and blowing and dark and boisterous. Dangerous. I love it. There’s something about a huge storm that makes me feel alive. That makes me thrive. That…turns me on. It’s terrifying…and that’s more than half the fun.

    By Robin on 07.07.2008

  15. Storm, wind, rain. Fun. Flying cars. Death. destruction. Flordia. St. Louis. People dying. Animals being shot. Hurricaine Katrina.

    By Sarah on 07.07.2008