July 7th, 2008 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “frequent”

  1. The light blinked, on and off, on and off.
    “What do we do?” cried the technician.
    But there was no one to hear his plaintive question.

    The room entrances sealed shut, effectively dooming the unfortunate man.

    By Zach Telmar on 07.08.2008

  2. For the second time I stumble upon this word.
    My mind registers disappointment.
    But my hands flow free, dancing across the keyboard.

    By Zach Telmar on 07.08.2008

  3. I fruquently try to get things done but I never finishe what I start. I have to find a wahy to ge things done otherwise my life has been a wasteland. I don’t know what is the matter, but I have always have this problem. Is there a way that I can change this habit that has crippled my life. I don’t know

    By Napoleon on 07.08.2008

  4. frequently i was going to my home place and i met with an accident on the way. It was a major acciedent and i was very lucky to make out of it. I never thought that i can wake again it was like this is it i am dead

    By Taj on 07.08.2008

  5. a frequent visitor to the backyard bird feeder is the pine siskin. They are little sparrow like birds, with yellow at their throats, and black specks. Their distincitve practice is to feed upside down, so a thistle feeder, with props for their feet above the feedig holes is appropriate for the pine siskkin. Only be careful to keep the cat away, for feeding upside down makes them dizzy.

    By Heidi on 07.08.2008

  6. one day there was a frequent wind that whipped the face of a young boy crying , whilst walking down a dark cold avenue. He frequently cried as his parents just passed away the friday before hand

    By Hugh on 07.08.2008

  7. But how often is it actually used? Many think too frequently, some think somewhat infrequently. Personally, I don’t really care. The important thing is that we have a word to indicate, relatively, how often something is used.

    By BillyBob on 07.08.2008

  8. frequently people are talking about changes in this world. it is true that the world is changing. but what is our responsibility towards this is what we need to ponder about. we are running short of time and need to do something about making our lives better.

    By Jerusha on 07.08.2008

  9. Incessant and unrelenting, frequent showers ruin most of my summer. I think back to a time when we could enjoy days upon days of sun.

    By kate on 07.08.2008

  10. Frequently they came and went. i really didn’t understand, what is going on. So i just let them be and did my own things. I watched tv, sewed some clothes for myself and read a book. It was great.

    By Kuutydruk on 07.08.2008

  11. sex, it’s good to have as much sex as possible, just get goin’ and enjoy yourself all the time, again and again, you’ll be happy and healthy :-)

    By fuffuf on 07.08.2008

  12. always, reliable, everyday, reuse, again and again, not just once, do it, do it, do it, over and over and over. Regular. Consistent. Frequent, frequent. Routine, schedule, constant, sustainable.

    By Corrina on 07.08.2008

  13. Frequent is a word i don’t use much. My writing and my life are quite chaotic, so i can’t call anything frequent. It’s all just one big mess.
    I used to admire a band so i could say i look at their poster frequently, but i don’t do that anymore.

    By Maria on 07.08.2008

  14. Random, always happening and never stops. always occurring and done on many occasions, in many cases, or in quick succession… umh…umh…

    By david on 07.08.2008

  15. I frequently think about stupid people and there ideas

    By Bob Wiley on 07.08.2008

  16. we frequently need to do research on topics of interest. that way we will be very knowledgable of our areas of interest.

    By Richard Morrison on 07.08.2008

  17. Every day that is when it happens. I wake u I go out and its all frequent. Everyday is when things like this happen and I am trapped in the endless routine of it all. There is no escpae from it. For god things, or enjoyable things to appen like this may sound like a good thing, but itt really isn’t. Because after a while you get sick of it and just want it to be over.

    By Eric Swain on 07.08.2008

  18. something that happens a lot. sometimes good, sometimes bad. Hmph. Makes me think of some commercial for urination medication…frequently having to get up to pee in the middle of the night. How unfortunate. I’d like to not grow old please.

    By Keene on 07.08.2008

  19. Often I wonder how frequently I can manage to keep doing the things that need doing, and how quickly that frequency will dwindle to a sad, decrepit “occasionally” or an even more depressing “rarely.” Perhaps the import here is the intent of frequency? No, I don’t think so. Not frequently, anyway.

    By Rahne on 07.08.2008

  20. “Frequent” was the word used for yesterday. When is the new word going to be up? To be honest, I wanted a chance to write about the mozzerella cheese I was just eating, because it has a delicious taste and texture. Some people find mozzerella plain, but I find it rich and subtle in all the right ways.

    By coriolis on 07.08.2008

  21. how many times I eat – go to the bathroom – peel wall paper – flick japanese beetles off of my roses and think of my lovely partner.

    frequent. frequency.

    the sound of radio… buzzzzz

    like a good bluegrass tune.
    the beetles buzz
    the humming birds buzz

    By mary on 07.08.2008

  22. I frequently move. I hate it. Six apartments in four years. And here I am packing up all my stuff into boxes yet again.

    I wonder if it’s my own fault.

    By Yv- on 07.08.2008

  23. I thinkn all the time about the things that frequently surface in my thoughts. I frequently worry about finances, and my house, what I could be doing with my life. I frequent my favorite thoughts about love, beauty and wellness, prosperity, I love the idea of being so rich that I can afford everything.

    By suzie on 07.08.2008

  24. I frequently post a lot, and i even don’t remember where have i posted already. It’s not a frequent thing that happens to me, but there it is… it just happened. I hope it won’t become really frequent! *giggles*

    By Zoki on 07.08.2008

  25. really? frequent? i wonder how this is going to work. will it email this word to myself or do i get to choose who to send it to. i guess so. i guess i’ll just enter an email. so, kids could freewrite… i wonder if you have any control over the words or if they’re always completely random? is there a list it’s working through?

    By Jen on 07.08.2008

  26. Something that happens often,happens frequently. Like when you break a lamp at your grandparents house, and that old bastard goes and grabs a switch to whip you with. Sure it’s frequent, and will lead to extreme sexual deviance, but for now it’s just an endearing old man beating your ass with a stick.

    By Roberttheimpossible on 07.08.2008

  27. The bar’s name is O’Gara’s, the group of friends continually frequent it every Wednesday evening. I don’t go as frequently as I should.

    By Scott Sherman on 07.08.2008

  28. Often. What I like all the time is frequently not good for me. Frequent doesn’t let any grass grow, it is always there. Has my back. Frequent Frequent Frequent. Not all the time, but more often than not.

    By sara on 07.08.2008

  29. Frequently, I intend to do more, to do differently, to do better. Frequently I intend that this time will be different, that things will change, that I will change. Frequently I make plans for things that will never happen, plans for futures that are out of reach.

    By nmw on 07.08.2008

  30. It happened quite often, on could say the problem was becoming frequent. Bob could not seem to stop no matter how bad he willed it. Friends suggested AA.

    By Markishmark on 07.08.2008

  31. Ugh, it happened again… like it keeps happening. Over, and over, and over. I want it to stop.

    I’d give anything for it to stop.

    But, it’s gone beyond me, this need, this occurrence, this frequent longing. I want it to one day be all over, to never happen again. But I have no confidence.

    My needs have not been met.

    By Dirtybacon on 07.08.2008

  32. I met a person frequently in my life. She’s one of the most important persons I ever met… I hope, I’m frequently in her mind, too. Frequently…

    By epsilon on 07.08.2008

  33. frequency, frequent, often, cyclic all that things go up and down, what is frequent? frequent is the measure of ourselves. We can read from frequencies how good thigns are, or how bored we are of the same shit..

    By fu on 07.08.2008