July 8th, 2008 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “memory”

  1. If I lost my memeory I would lose my life. I have memories from when I was very young just after the war in london when my mother and I struggled to live in post-war Londonwhen the smog was thick and the housing was dark and damp. But we survived these days and went on to live in better times in Wales where I have memories of green grass blue skies and clear glacial mountains on some days and grey downpours on misty mountains on others.
    I have memories of my first day at grammar school and how frightened I was.
    Memories of my children living far away from me now are precious to me.

    By Trish Dynes on 07.09.2008

  2. Memory is everything that came before that was notable enough to stay in your mind. Good and bad, it’s the fabric of your character. My first one may seem bad, but I learned an important lesson. Dad spanked me for drawing on the wall with crayons. I never did it again, and I learned that walls are not for drawing on. Pretty straightforward. I also have good ones, like taking off from Japan.

    By Brad on 07.09.2008

  3. The memory of the landscape was preserved in the asp and birtch dotting the black mountainside; vestibules of fiery nightmare and 2,500 celsius flames, the sun on earth. The forest fire spread through Idaho and claimed not just lives… but towns. Towns disappeare

    By John Miller on 07.09.2008

  4. i remember things that makes me eme what we are is memories

    By debbie on 07.09.2008

  5. those are the moments when i lose control. when the images come flooding back, yea, I don’t know who i am then. was.. or will be. i want a memory of the future. a clue, a hint, that everything won’t be in vain.

    By b on 07.09.2008

  6. memory memory i do not have any memory of whatsover comes into my mind, my memory gets lodt sometimes, i wanna go to ireland i wanna sell oxegen tickets, i wanna fly, fly away, i want to travel i waan see the masai mara, i wanna go to africa i wanna sleep forever, but not until i die, life can be fun, life can be dreadful, its what u make it, fun fun sorry sorry sad sad better to burn yourself than to what?? my memory made me forgot what i wanted to say

    By n on 07.09.2008

  7. memory is very good something to cencentrate and if you lose memory you will be in such a bad mood and , some of the reasons of why memory is sometimes very weak that some drugs may affect memory and make it bad

    By sami on 07.09.2008

  8. Ties what is now to what was then.
    It fades at the edges,
    but don’t you know how precious it is?
    Don’t let distance in time or space
    take away what is yours.
    Just because I don’t want anymore time to pass
    Doesn’t mean it’s because of the memories of you I hold on to.

    By Eunmi on 07.09.2008

  9. memories coded lnaguage trhough spinal vortex i think of you your smell when you were gasping in my arms, your eyes in the train,full of tears, about to fly, … te fue hace minutos y las segundas son mas largos…

    By fu on 07.09.2008

  10. do I remember doing the word “memory” yesterday? i’d like to do many words each day and not wait for tomorrow! it’s morning and i hardly remember yesterday. love this site. want to see all of you contributors.

    By pam on 07.09.2008

  11. What causes a person to remember? What forces a person to forget? The tragedy of some unforeseen accident may trigger a humane forgetfulness, but forgetfulness is also cruel. The inability to remember things gone by, but the ability to remember also those things a person would rather forget is the most cruel of all memory’s tricks.

    By djtork on 07.09.2008

  12. Wow! This is the word of the decade for me. I am 48 with 4 kids and am worried about my memory every day. Where am I supposed to be? Where are my keys?

    By Linda on 07.09.2008

  13. memory is about having something that one can hold on to forever.

    By rishi on 07.09.2008

  14. I have a memory about being in florida for a family reunion. We were all ther. we were little, maybe it was christmas. we went to the beach and played with toys and swam in the ocean. all the parents and kids were there. it was a lot of fun. I will never forget times like that at grumma and grumpa’s house. those were the be

    By Kendra Drlie on 07.09.2008

  15. it was a long time ago , i thought i had lost my memory ..But every now and then i would see clues , as if it were trying to return .So I followed them , clue after clue , and eventually there it was , my memory right inside my brain all the time .

    By Todd Pyykola on 07.09.2008

  16. Memory is essential.
    Without it, what is history?
    History is contained in the minds, in the memories of individuals.
    Without memory, the past does not exist.
    And then where would we be?
    Would we have remained a neanderthal race, barely civilized, and hardly the intellectual beings we are today?
    One can only wonder.

    By Zach Telmar on 07.09.2008

  17. Precious are those that it serves. Time is its enemy, a corrosive device that only makes it more valuable with age.

    By Jynx on 07.09.2008

  18. memory is precious. It is easily clouded by drugs and aclohol. When thinking of the past our memories often show events in more of a light than they actually were at the time. Mem

    By Owain on 07.09.2008

  19. Is what sets me to wondering why there weren;t thunderstorms during the summers of southern california. The storms here in pennsylvania re marvels to behold, and I wonder what my child mind would have done with them.

    By Jake trent on 07.09.2008

  20. Memory. is it a concept of simple human engeneering or what else is it involved in it? From triviality to what we treasure the most

    By jv on 07.09.2008

  21. I wish my memory was as good as it
    was before all the drugs. I wish there
    weren’t so many holes. I wish I could
    remember my childhood, because I think
    it was good. I wish I could remember
    you; you were good… I think.

    By Travis on 07.09.2008

  22. Cats song that Phillip always sings incorrectly.

    Things I have forgotten and don’t want to remember. Things I wish I did remember.

    The sweet look on my firstborn’s face as she nursed. I remember wanting to make that memory last forever, but all I can remember is the emotion and not her face.

    Memory is so fleeting. So flawless. So… past.

    By Becca on 07.09.2008

  23. it was nice having a chat with your memories over tears and love songs the other night.

    By d on 07.09.2008

  24. He has just been born. We are in the hospital, his Daddy sitting in one of those puffy leatherette chairs and me all cathetered up and lonely. It isn’t what you expect: giving birth..

    By Alison May on 07.09.2008

  25. Memory. Without memory, do we exist? As individuals. As groups. Do babies have memories? Some memories, but raw. Perhaps babies don’t know the difference between memory and reality and that’s why they cry.


    By e on 07.09.2008

  26. Good memories don’t last as long as bad ones.
    I wish it was the other way round.
    I wish we could forget what we wanted to.
    Oh well.

    By adt on 07.09.2008

  27. Memory. I wish I could remember what happened yesterday. However, I have very clear memories about what happened on May 8th 1979. I remember the schoolyard beating very well. Funny how your brain only remembers the bad bits of childhood? I don’t remember the parties, donkey rides on the beach or jelly and icecream.

    By Tigs on 07.09.2008

  28. this was the first time we ate together and i didn’t taste anything all i could feel was the squish of the otopi wriggling down my throat

    By rosa on 07.09.2008