June 22nd, 2013 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “frenzy”

  1. I really miss that level in donkey knog country called “Forest Frenzy”. that level had really good music in it. I wish I could learn to play it on guitar. right now i’m acutally trying to clean up Gang Plank Galleon on guitar. I learned that a while back.

    By Chac Lopez on 06.23.2013

  2. four second fury, great for conversations, i like it, its awesome it is really dangerous if not controlled, if controlled it can be useful, you can make things out of it, it gets things done, yo can guess who someone is by the level of frenzynes they have, frenzy is the definition of this game, im actuall not thinking what i write but who cares, i dont. Now i dont know what to say just say what it is, frenzy can be defined as something someone can achieve in times of practize and can lead to dementia or a lot of fun, its really frustrating because it is not seen as something useful in our society. Im rushing now you must know my hands are just trembling and i cant write faster because i dont know, this is the fastes i can right. Its just dissappionting, sorry, now i may say that this game is the definition of frenzy. Difficult thing to do so, goodby.

    By Diego on 06.23.2013

  3. i woke in a fright and grabbed my pants and pulled them past my ankles. they got stuck but i tripped down the hallway anyway. the alarm was buzzing and i still couldn’t see straight. the bus was leaving and i could see the tail end slipping away.

    By zoe chace on 06.23.2013

  4. crazy out of control hairy mismatched inconsistent real magic school bus i’m running out of things that remind me of frenzy mmm i don’t know black color blue yellow

    By sam on 06.23.2013

  5. crazy out of control hairy mismatched inconsistent real magic school bus i’m running out of things that remind me of frenzy mmm i don’t know black color blue yellow

    By sam on 06.23.2013

  6. The word frenzy is an interesting word that I don’t use enough. Mainly, I don’t have the opportunity to use it all that often. How often does one come across a situation in daily life where frenzy is the approperiate word to use? Maybe a feeding frenzy at a buffet would work.

    By Holli on 06.23.2013

  7. Yes I understand what frenzy is…it is when you have no money in the pocket and nothing to buy food with and the rents are due in days time and you do not just know what to do! That is freaking frenzy!

    By Joe on 06.23.2013

  8. And the feeding frenzy began. They swarmed on the dead man. In only a handful of seconds his flesh was torn from his muscles, his muscles from his bones. His bones didn’t even remain. They shredded and cracked them.

    By Shay on 06.23.2013

  9. Mayhem befell the small town. People scurried left, right, the oncoming traffic of screams and the screech of tires. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t breath. I could only run.

    By Jack Stanistreet on 06.23.2013

  10. In a frenzy he worked from morning to dawn, everyday, every single day, but there weren’t enough thank you’s – when there were any at all. It wasn’t worth it, all in all, but it was all he knew how to do.

    By CH☆M on 06.23.2013

  11. Going into a frenzy means going into something uncontrollable. A rage. But what can necesarily be a frenzy? Could it be anger at something you care about? Become mad because of revenge? Or going into a cry fit over someone you miss? A frenzy is something strange.

    By Laura on 06.23.2013

  12. I loved him in a summer frenzy, our lips pressed together in wild abandon. He and I both knew that we would not last, but we hoped and prayed beyond our doubts. He left in the same way we met: with a wave of a hand and a witty comment on his lips.

    By TheSurgeon on 06.23.2013

  13. I ran in a frenzy since my mother died. No rest. Just this frenzy in my heart. Wanted the world to stop, but that’s a fool request. My brain yells slow down, give my time to rest, sleep. But it’s like yelling at the oblivion, all you hear is emptiness.

    By Vimarsh Chaturvedi on 06.23.2013

  14. I had always imagined my sister getting married in a jungle surrounded my seventeen wild cats and thirty-seven hungry bears. Never did I imagine that it would happen on an airplane, in the midst of a hurricane, on the way to our dad’s funeral. My aunt’s wiped their bleeding mascara on their carry on bags, and my uncles grunted quietly in the back of the plane, clearly focused on the game they were broadcasting. I couldn’t find my sister, but I could only imagine she was cramped in the bathroom behind our uncles, trying to curl her hair or re-position her fake eyelashes. Barely five minutes had passed before she emerged from the single bathroom in a frenzy. Her makeup was smeared across her face, as if a child had attempted to color in the lines of her sharp features. Her hair looked as if she had stuck her head out the window for a few minutes before emerging. A low-quality version of “Here Comes the Bride” began to fill the small plane.

    By Nicole on 06.23.2013

  15. there are times that we don’t want to remember because they have little meaning or they are really meaningless or sometimes they are sad enough. So we don’t want to understand what they are or why they happened. We don’t want to tell anyone anything about it. This is something liek that. You don’t want to talk…

    By ihsan URL on 06.23.2013

  16. Leonidas was in a frenzy. “What is this fiendish appendage that taunts me so,” he thought, “and how do I defeat it?” As it whipped by his face again, he started with fear which quickly turned into anger and frustration. His small body spun in a circle as he attempted to pounce on the serpent-like beast attached to his rear. This continued for several minutes until the small kitten became exhausted. He settled down to take a nap, with the evil monster wrapped around the side of his tiny body. He promised himself that when he woke up, he would defeat the strange creature once and for all.

    By Alicia URL on 06.23.2013