April 21st, 2015 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “win”

  1. the victory of the moor mobs in,
    the mast sails past the blue swells,
    I linger my eyes in the shine of the sun,
    the gooey-black bottom of the sea’s butt,
    sashays in motion, gaping the shore’s holes!

    By Milad URL on 04.22.2015

  2. dont think, just do! i huffed and puffed, pumping my arms, stretching my aching legs just one step further, just two…
    breathless, i finally cross the finish line. looking back, i realize….i did it! i won!

    By rachael on 04.22.2015

  3. Victory is nigh
    As for what ‘nigh’ even means
    Who knows exactly?

    By Brandon Steward on 04.22.2015

  4. Dark skies of deep greys and purples sat as a warning sign on the horizon. The sun continued to burn, its bright rays blinding the mountains and lakes with its glare. But the clouds were moving, their blackened edges creeping across the powder blue, claiming its victory.

    By bailey on 04.22.2015

  5. Strong word, pushing and pulling from within – win.
    I beat you, I got it, it’s mine all mean win. Just seems
    crazy because nothing is ever really ours.

    By ellbee on 04.22.2015

  6. winning is everything to me. I’ve never had the courage to admit it before but it really is. It’s amazing that winning can be so integral to my life, yet the resistance I feel to put the work in is still there, still pushing me back into my cove. Why does not winning sear at my identity? Why am I obsessed with being the best at everything I do?

    By Rachel URL on 04.22.2015

  7. You know what? I win. Despite your lack of confidence, despite your diminishing comments, I win. I win in life. I may not have a shiny trophy or a golden medal, I may not have won a Nobel or a Pulitzer, but I’m still here. I still wake up every morning and I have a smile on my lips.

    By Bárbara URL on 04.22.2015

  8. They’d won. The soccer team had finally, finally WON! Genevieve knew her girlfriend would be running over any moment now, screaming and jumping up and down in excitement. Aderlyn was just that kind of girl. Gen cheered and whooped and hollered, excited not only for Adie but for herself.

    By grace on 04.22.2015

  9. Where will my goal be, and how will I get to it? How will I win over all the war, the big ugly truth of us all. Our lives lead to an inevitable death, an end. I want to be able to say I have won on my ending and have met my death.

    By Alyssa Duurloo on 04.22.2015