June 17th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “framework”

  1. scaffolding, the basis for something new, a starting place. You need it, but you hate to make it, wishing you could do it on your own, just do it, without the help of the framework.

    By Mary on 06.18.2012

  2. The framework of a anything is it’s base and structure. Without stability in the frame, there is no stability through out. Our lives have invisible frames formed throughout our lives.

    By roseofwinter on 06.18.2012

  3. the framework on a picture frame..hmm not really relevant to me. i guess if a picture isnt framed right then it would look funny or stupid on a wall.. or is this talking about how its made..? i dont really know. Asllo i type so sorry for the bad grammar, no time.

    By ashley on 06.18.2012

  4. Framework can mean all sorts of things. It can be literal, like the framework of a house or wall, or it could mean the framework of a relationship ie: family, couple, etc. Framework is also cool because it’s TWO WORDS IN ONE! Frame, like a picture frame, and work, as in to do a job. This is totally badass dudes

    By Liam on 06.18.2012

  5. The straw that builds the camel’s back also builds a forest in the woods and severs ties to all blood relations, kissing cousins and backdoor neighbors big and small. That’s the biggest thing your kiss does: builds a framework for awful enticement and law breaking.

    By Brett Greene URL on 06.18.2012

  6. My husband is a carpenter. So is my dad. The stuff they build is shocking, it’s amazing. Neither of them starts with a plan, just whatever is in their head. They build from the ground up, starting the the framework, all the way to a finished product. It’s really quite amazing to see.

    By AL on 06.18.2012

  7. A framework gives you a structure to work from. A starting point. A reference. A way to build upon previous ideas and thoughts and activities. Without this, stuff is piled upon each other and you don’t get to see any sort of shape. it’s a blob with little colour or size or true form. And without form, an idea can’t do much. What’s the point of things without a frame?

    By Dawna on 06.18.2012

  8. Everything has its own place. Individuals as part of a community, community as part of a nation, nation as part of a whole. What encompasses the whole? What can we call our framework? What are the limitations on what we can do, who we can be, where we can exist, and how? How are these questions themselves framed in our minds, in societies’ eyes? We search for guidance, for answers, for order. It is a constant struggle, one that we never seem to conquer.

    By Sandy on 06.18.2012

  9. framework is a piece of mind an entity an existence a framing of existence to see the absolute infinite beautiful life realms of all a choice a decision a beautiful opportunity a power framework is a framed photograph of the incomprehensible never attainable always ever changing ability of human power spirit potential coursing through the veins the eyes the heart the sanctity of love framework is the mind the ultimate godhead of time beauty truth love freedom if you choose choose choose

    By loveloverlovers on 06.18.2012

  10. All the basics were there for the fort. We had the tires for the swing, the two-by-fours, the cushions for the inside. All they were missing was a clue on how exactly it all went together. Being kids as we were, we didn’t let that stop us much. Had one heckuva time explaining why it was we took that many blankets out to be ruined in the rain though.

    By terradi on 06.18.2012

  11. Framework. What is that anyways? The first thought that comes to mind are the things that shape someone’s life. The experiences that they have, the people they encounter. I believe that to be the framework of one’s life. The things that makes you, you.

    By Allie Johnson on 06.18.2012

  12. The house was melting around its framework. Dilapidated steps led to a porch made of rotten wood, with huge eyes looking up from the cracks. The windows were all broken and cracked. The door was hanging by a half of a hinge at the top. A step inside, the furniture was torn and a rat scrambled across the room. An entire wall was open, showing only the wooden framework and insects writhing around. The house was melting.

    By cosmic on 06.18.2012

  13. frame work likes to eat pie. frame work is the name of me dog he is very silly. key lime is his favorite and he dosent like choco powter

    By chd on 06.18.2012

  14. The fire spread up the building like a disease, eating away at the wooden framework. She shrieked as the floor tilted beneath her feet. The building moaned as smoke blacker than the night sky furled from its windows. She had to get out.

    By Rachel on 06.18.2012

  15. I keep switching frames, all of them work, none of them work. What do I do. I knew this would happen. I knew it I knew it I knew it from the bottom of my heart nothing good can ever happen to me. help me. why please why oh god

    By meliora URL on 06.18.2012

  16. Build your the battlements within the framework of stone and water
    The magic left in sand and gravel will be enough of a protection circle
    to keep your family, the olives in your hands, from drying in flame

    By gsk URL on 06.18.2012

  17. Framework – a support for my random thoughts to contain and give them some sort of coherence. A network of golden filaments woven together into a nest for my ideas, philosophy and ethos. My brain – nurturing little flashes of brilliance; supporting their growth enabling me to examine them from different angles

    By Fenella on 06.18.2012

  18. No sé que escribir dado que no escribo en inglés bien, así que…
    Ya han pasado más de 16 segundos O.o

    By Carolina on 06.18.2012

  19. The framework failed to hold us together. Like a black and white coloring page, we were meant to stay inside. But colors bleed and people change, and a crack in the framework started, daily, to grow and appear more evident. No structure.

    By Jessica URL on 06.18.2012

  20. The framework didn’t work anymore. It was simply a shadow, and we’d stepped outside. What now?

    By Jessica Journey URL on 06.18.2012

  21. PIctures have frames, frames are cool, im not sure what im supposed to be doing, but this kind of remind me of those pictures with the fake families i them, They are all posed and stuff, its kinda cool, i wonder if they are actual families in the pictures.

    By Arianna on 06.18.2012

  22. i just need a framework
    some boundaries to excel in
    if only I could separate my desires from my practicalities
    if only this haze wasn’t constant
    but then again, it’s more like closing your eyes then anything else
    that’s what it feels like

    By why does it matter? i am just a number on 06.18.2012

  23. I tried to keep things within the framework of reality. It was difficult, considering who I was dealing with. “Let me try to put this to you in a different way so that you can understand”, I said. “You cannot simply go around yelling about the end of the world without any proof”. She looked at me, puzzled.

    By Andrea on 06.18.2012

  24. A mosquito filled gorged itself with blood drawn from the exposed portion of her thigh, but neither one of them seemed to even notice, as they made love for the first time in the framework of the unfinished house.

    By emily on 06.18.2012

  25. I think of pictures. I think of all the memories that pictures hold, all the stories that come behind the simple snapshot of a moment in our lives. I think of all the little things that make live worth living, and all the little moments that make up our lives. In reality, our lives really are pretty long.

    By Maiya on 06.18.2012

  26. go!

    By gonzalo demarchi URL on 06.18.2012