June 17th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “framework”

  1. There are many kinds of frameworks…. Each defines the picture it holds. Some are classic, some are ethnic, some are modern and so on…

    By dg on 06.18.2012

  2. The framework around my window is a foundation to stop the wind and weeping souls from chilling my room and stirring me in my sleep with the moan of the wind. The framework keeps me sleeping at night.

    By David Pentecost URL on 06.18.2012

  3. my heart has a strong framework,
    reinforced with steel gurders.
    I’ve got aluminium supports
    and a wall made out of
    brick and mortar.

    By Kim on 06.18.2012

  4. Sometimes I wonder what I’m made of. Carbon? Water? Atoms? Blood, bones, brick? Is it soul? Or is it love? There are days where I’d swear it was jelly, wobbling, dizzy on a slippery plate. Today, I’m made of nothing but sunlight.

    Things are good.

    By genahtastic on 06.18.2012

  5. framework? well we need one for our plans and how we are going to manage fitting everything in and getting it there successfully,
    what are you talking about
    why can’t we just do it and not worry about it.

    By Barbara Biddle on 06.18.2012

  6. framework- defining what is
    defining whats not
    in between those lines
    i see what’s what
    the way things are
    the way they aren’t
    so simple and true
    what is inside his heart

    By alex on 06.18.2012

  7. Intricate swirls. Tiny threads of gold and silver. Delicate to the touch. Soft with the stroke, of my slender fingers. The frame was pretty. The picture inside, prettier. It was me, of course. My slender fingers cradle the frame, each bone, can be seen.

    By Simone? URL on 06.18.2012

  8. Hey

    By Norbert on 06.18.2012

  9. The framework for living is hard to find. One is born; then you start growing. Parents put limitations on what you can do. That’s part of the framework. Some people, my parents included, use the Bible as the ultimate framework.

    By Pam on 06.18.2012

  10. what is the framework surrounding our perceptions of the people we interact with? What is the lens through which these assumptions are born? And who decides them? Can they be changed or developed, or are they intrinsic? ASK YOURSELF.

    By Amanda on 06.18.2012

  11. stability
    the building block
    the glue
    the strength

    By Gagan Heer on 06.18.2012

  12. framework??? esa es la palabra??? pucha no pesé q esto iba a estra en inglés… es buena la idea, pero mmm… cuesta cuando no estan en tu idioma… no fluye,,, quiza pa para practicar writing in english esta bien, pero no más que eso quizá…

    By balita on 06.18.2012

  13. Holds pictures, hang on walls. Can compliment pictures greatly, but can also ruin them. Intricate or simple. Used to decorate photographs. Popular among homes.

    By jade mccoy on 06.18.2012

  14. What is this? What shall I fill this box with?
    Am I supposed to continue?
    Blabbering on to no one but this box?
    Does the box care?
    Does it care about me?
    Does it think about me when it goes to sleep at night?
    I don’t think so.
    So I don’t have much else to share.

    By Katie on 06.18.2012

  15. I needed a new framework to process the abandonment I felt when you left. I was shaken but determined to find a means to continue. The business has continued to thrive without you but it will take some time for me to understand your decision to cut all ties. I miss you.

    By kat on 06.18.2012

  16. Its the foundation to every system set in place. Without it, nothing can succeeded. Its imparative that yuset up aframework for your beliefs and relationships.

    By rob mejia on 06.18.2012

  17. This is something that defines a project or task or an object. It gives a basic understanding of how and why something works and functions as it does.

    By Craig on 06.18.2012

  18. wire walls blocking my way. where did all the choices go, how did they all get away. I miss my youth, the days gone by, with so little structure I could fly, but soon comes the day I will die, bound inside my wire walls.

    By Sam Schick URL on 06.18.2012

  19. the framework for all things is under the baseline for other things. it’s there, just next to the toys on the left. see the foundation for a good life? it’s right next to it.

    By achiri URL on 06.18.2012

  20. When I’m writing a story, I try to have a framework.
    I model it around one idea or object, one moment in time.
    Then I try to attach the people and events to that framework
    in some fashion so that when I finish the narrative, I have a
    complete picture so to speak.

    By Robin on 06.18.2012

  21. Framework, it’s like two words joint together. One is the frame and the second is the work. So if you break it apart piece by piece, then is a frame that you work upon? I guess it is!

    By Banny on 06.18.2012

  22. I looked over at the man across the table. This was not what I’d expected. What I didn’t realize then was that this was the framework, this was the start, the parameters of what could be something incredible. When I realized that about five minutes after I left, they hyperventilating started. Now, nearly a week later, I’ve let that go and I’m looking forward to the adventure and what will happen next.

    By Meghan Burke URL on 06.18.2012

  23. The framework of writing prompts help keep refocus, and sometime they spur my muse in directions I never thought possible. I’ve been on fantasy and thriller rides, and down in the dark dungeons of life. Structure sometimes is a good thing.

    By Sheila Good URL on 06.18.2012

  24. The frame is a thing where you out a oicture. Work is the activity you do to esrn money. The framework is the thing where you put your picture working.

    By Panchito on 06.18.2012

  25. I admire the frame work in our house. But my brother just admires the food in our fridge.

    By Zachary Williams on 06.18.2012

  26. it’s us in the framework. If it’s not you with me, it just wont work.

    By vida on 06.18.2012

  27. Framework, provides systematic orders.

    But might be limiting.

    The possibility.

    By jinwoo on 06.18.2012

  28. I’ve heard that Amish people build a barn in one day. Before lunch, they make the frame work, then they eat potluck together and then they build the rest. If we all had that kind of determination, to work together and build a house in a day, what else could we do with our lives?

    By Allie URL on 06.18.2012

  29. the framework defines how life or for that matter anything works and happens
    it outlines how we can come proceed with a system and know the technicalities of a topic
    framework helpss to hold together the way we intend a system to b

    By gfh on 06.18.2012

  30. Framework. I’m not exactly sure what to write about this word. I guess it reminds me of picture frames… empty picture frames, hanging on the blank, white wall of an endless hallway, waiting to be filled with captured memories and good times.

    By Emilia URL on 06.18.2012

  31. Framework can be described as many things. It is the essential to everything. Every relation and ordeal requires a framework to fit into, adapt into, and to survive.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 06.18.2012

  32. Think about it. What is the framework upon which we build our lives? Our family, friends, colleagues, classmates? These are all people. What about the physical aspects, the environment in which we grew up? The country, culture, weather?

    By rushtail on 06.18.2012

  33. The fundamental structure that holds the whole together. The framework is a masterpiece in itself.

    By Jen URL on 06.18.2012

  34. Dad spent all day building. That was the day after the footer was poured and the masons left. There were the framing wood. Then there was the others. The beams and arches. He raised the church himself and it would be there he would preach and eventually die.

    By Bryan URL on 06.18.2012

  35. Framework is the essential to every ordeal and relation. It is necessary to survive and it gives us people the guide lines to life.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 06.18.2012

  36. The picture stared up at me, glass cracked and falling out. The once-pleasant looking face of a young girl holding a balloon eyed me; it felt like her eyes were following me. She was there, and I was here. She was past, I was now. She never was, I always will be.

    By Lyric on 06.18.2012

  37. There was a framework shop at our local mall when I was younger. They closed it down a few years ago. I remember dreading and hating that shop as a kid.

    By ChristieLovestoWrite URL on 06.18.2012

  38. This leads me to think of rules, boudries, infrastructure and anything I do or say being overlooked and scrutinised.
    I am a free spirit who lives her life without lines and boxes.
    I wish I could walk around the world without ever stopping and beyond the framework of a countries border controls, oceans, mountains and no go areas.
    If I was a picture, I would have no frame.
    That would work!

    By Lythuna on 06.18.2012

  39. The framework was all wrong. I knew it from the start and I wasn’t the only one who did. But it made not difference at the top: it’s what we’d be following and there was nothing we could do about it. It was going to be like building a house with a child’s drawing as an architect’s plan.

    By zebra URL on 06.18.2012

  40. the frame work encases the picture. the picture you took that day out in the backyard, the sun was shining, we had a few drinks but we weren’t uneasy. We were relaxed and were enjoying the company of the critters and crawlies. The picture still remains untouched, dust covered.

    By Daniel Eicher on 06.18.2012