June 18th, 2012 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “keen”

  1. knee
    ive never know such as awkward as this.
    i spelles it worng didnt i
    oh well
    i got it

    By Kerren URL on 06.19.2012

  2. Peachy Keen. Missy Higgins, everything is not just peachy without you. Stop saying that.

    By Beatrice Amaro on 06.19.2012

  3. when he saw her standing there, bored, he was keen to make her smile, make her laugh, grab her by the hand and make her run away with him, but something stopped him, something kept him from being able to move.

    By Nika on 06.19.2012

  4. I was keen on registering for some of these courses which were mean to save my academic career. I was lost and was rubbish at waking up in the morning. I’d missed the second day of late enrollment and only had tomorrow to look forward to. My life was an unrailed train wreck.

    By Ruben URL on 06.19.2012

  5. A crisp word that brings me back to the early days when things that were great were “keeno”.
    A sharp mental acuity

    By Jim on 06.19.2012

  6. lastimas mi alma vida! como sigo aqui? sin dejar de vivir y al mismo tiempo queriendo salir a un lugar donde ya mas lucha no es la opción sino solo vivir!

    By dana on 06.19.2012

  7. I have always wondered how a person can know how keen the other is. It isn’t measured by grades that we receive in school nor the awards that we are given. How is it measured? How does it define the person who possesses this characteristic?

    By Demetria Malfoy URL on 06.19.2012

  8. I’m not too “keen” on a lot of things. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what’s going on in the world around me. However, at the same time this is probably not the correct usage of the word. I wonder why people think they’re more “keen” than they really are. I can’t remember which philosopher said it, but someone said that it’s a sign of intelligence to realize that you aren’t as smart as some people. I think it was Machiavelli.

    By Sterling on 06.19.2012

  9. Keen is an adjective that describes something in a positive manner. Such as saying “things are peachy keen to me.” It is also a descriptor of your outlook on something, if you are “keen” on it.

    By Craig on 06.19.2012

  10. Keen. Passionate. What are you keen about? It seems so intense, yet moderate at the same time. What do you like? What do you love? No, just keen. What are you keen about?

    By rushtail on 06.19.2012

  11. i am not too keen on crocs

    By Shanna on 06.19.2012

  12. Through out the day many keen thoughts had entered my mind. the most note able suicide. I couldn’t handle the pressures of my life anymore and I want it to be over. This happened nearly everyday to me, some days it was more on the front burner than others. Each day I would wake up and wonder why I hadn’t killed myself the day before. Today was the day, all of my pains would vanish in a few hours.

    By Janie on 06.19.2012

  13. Dorothy has a keen eye with which she points out I’m shy. I say “Hey, I’m not that guy!” She says “Yeah, yeah you sure know how to fly.”

    By Nicole on 06.19.2012

  14. I’m keen on my life right now. Not to excited about it but it fits for where I’m suppose to be at 23 in my eyes. I would be more keen on living somewhere other than my parents house but at least I have a home and able to save up some money.

    By carlabaretoni on 06.19.2012

  15. I dont know what keen means. Im german and i have no idea at all. Ill just preten i see pancakes. Delious Pancakes. Im keen of pancakes. Is that the meaning of keen? hm…….

    By Bastian on 06.19.2012

  16. eh that word that looks like knee but really, who knows what the heck is a keen? it is like a word without foundation like, the church would forbid that word to the world in general eekh!! .

    By Moy on 06.19.2012

  17. I have a keen sense of smell. Like a coyote, not the NHL team. One in the forest hunting down it’s food. I seem to believe that i’m liked more that people actually think.

    By Ninja on 06.19.2012

  18. I wasn’t looking forward to our class trip to the Shady Pines. Firstly, who calls a campground Shady Pines. Sounds like a place to get jumped. Secondly, who wants to got to a mosquito infested, sand covered dump with only a hole in the ground for a toilet. No thanks. I think I’d rather stay home. To bad for involved parenting.
    As soon as my mother read the newsletter it was “Wont that be fun?Are you ready to go?I think I’ll chaperone.” She goes the whole nine yards.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 06.19.2012

  19. such a shrill sound
    such a bad garment for cloaking desire
    a built up compendium of perversions
    guilt and money
    eating too much at dinner
    leaving the scraps – the rest of them
    what a bargain they say
    it’s the best system we’ve got
    pardon my unenthusiastic demeanor
    i can think of a better one

    By why does it matter? i am just a number on 06.19.2012