June 16th, 2012 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “pour”

  1. i was sitting at the breakfast table in his apartment and i could hear him getting ready as i poured out two cups of orange juice. we were supposed to visit my parents today but i don’t think he really wanted to come.

    By EmilyF on 06.17.2012

  2. pour out the milk from the box, we need to make the chocolate milkshake. it will be a summer booster helping us beat the heat. cant wait to make that chilled milkshake.

    By nashmina on 06.17.2012

  3. It was a heavy down pour. I was restless. Rest less because I wanted to meet my beloved after ages.

    By Sandip Niyogi on 06.17.2012

  4. Pour… a simple task but still i cant seem to get it right. A little drip always slips down the side of the glass and always makes a ring on my table. I really need to start using a coaster. Well that’s about all i have to say about pouring for now.

    By Tyler on 06.17.2012

  5. The rain poured down from the heavens as she stood on the sidewalk, spreading her arms wide to catch the water that dripped down her body. She parted her mouth slightly so she could taste the rain, and smiled at the memory of last night. It had been worth it, after all.

    By bramblepath on 06.17.2012

  6. He pours me a cup of icy cold soda drink into a dewy glass with icy drops of water tumbling down the glass, refreshing my mouth and energizing my body to go back at life fully fueled and with full motivation, devotion and the right spirit.

    By steffie on 06.17.2012

  7. Pour some sugar on me… in the name of love. Pour some sugar on me… I remember the bass vibrating through the speakers of the car, the grainy feeling against my feet from the leftover sand still in my flip-flops, the bleary blurry wonderful halo surrounding everything from the residual saltwater in my eyes. The beach.

    By Leah on 06.17.2012

  8. It began as just a trickle of emotion — Ailee said what she thought about the food, and then everything came rushing and tumbling and pouring out of her in a vertiable deluge of words, feeling and emotions until she was sobbing into her Thanksgiving dinner as her family stared at her in absolute awe and confusion — wondering who this stranger was who had replaced their darling girl.

    By terradi on 06.17.2012

  9. Drp. Drip.

    Rain was falling.

    Drip. Drip.

    It was uncannily chilly.

    Drip. Drip.

    He didn’t like the cold.

    Drip. Drip.

    Why did he hurt so much?

    By Susy on 06.17.2012

  10. to pour is usually referred to in the context of drinks. or liquids. or something of that nature. But i usually only utter it if for the phrase, “when it rains, it pours.” i just like it because, damn Murphy, its true…

    By ~Dom on 06.17.2012

  11. I like to pour things. Like when I’m baking. You have to pour everything in baking. Mainly liquids, but you can pour solids, too. Sugar is very pour-able. Baking is wonderful. I just made some caramel, which is great because home-made caramel is delicious.

    By Nicole on 06.17.2012

  12. pour, i dont know about it, it’s just a silly word. it confuses me about poor. I like the color it’s written, just that. pour? what’s pour? i don’t actually know really well. thanks for your time

    By Lagrima on 06.17.2012

  13. I poured over my head the oil and the water mixed together in a fragrant bath. It meant that this time of my life was over, it was complete. You were to be around me no more. Never more. Without you, I will thrive without the barrage, the assault of your indignity. It was without repair, you were.

    By Flitting Sparrow on 06.17.2012

  14. The silence of 6:21 am. Sunrise. Gold ribbons spinning through the windows, warm and welcome. Coffee pouring. Joint smoking. Bacon crackling. Your lips, salt water and sugar. Good morning sunshine, we’ve made it through the blackness again.

    By ellie URL on 06.17.2012

  15. Sometimes I pour liquids into glasses. It pours rain. Sometimes when it rains, the lights flicker and I think I’m going to be electrocuted. Sometimes I feel it, the rain. The way it pours and hits the concrete. It sounds so beautiful.

    By Amanda URL on 06.17.2012