November 30th, 2009 | 742 Entries

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742 Entries for “fold”

  1. The sheets hang off your limbs, and when you smile at me its like youre laughing at something just behind me, over my shoulder. The sun sliding in through the window casts shadows everywhere, and as you stand, the sheets fall into a pile on the floor. You become a silhouette and I become your anything.

    By on 12.01.2009

  2. I fold paper like crazy… it bothers me about my nails. I hate folding clothes because I can never ever ever get it right. They sure smell good though. And feel good when they’re warm, but they’re usually not because I leave them in a drier too long after they’re done.

    By Chelly on 12.01.2009

  3. The note was folded in his pocket, a note he had spent some hours on. He pondered every word, crossed the t’s some three times to get them just right, yet he felt that perhaps nothing could ever capture the feeling; surly this note was nowhere near his hearts content.

    By Cole on 12.01.2009

  4. fold clothes, fold paper fold napkins fold ingredients into my kitchen aid to make cookies and bread and deliciousness that will then turn into fat folds my mom folds her hands across her lap when she gets mad and wants me to fold the towels correctly

    By jess on 12.01.2009

  5. i dont know what to write about..but i do know i have to study for my exams this week. i have back to back and i havent really been studying like i should be. the weather is bad outside, its been pouring for the last couple of days, how dreadful. its makes me want to make a hot cocoa and just warm myself up by a fire.

    By mary on 12.01.2009

  6. fold..i dont like to fold clothes, so many people have different ways to fold there clothes. i like to fold paper when i need to conserve it. theres so many ways to fold clothes to fit in your backpack, its crazy. im hungry

    By kim on 12.01.2009

  7. The napkin was folded delicately into a triangle, sitting atop the silver wedding china, and as Elliot unfolded the napkin and dropped it into her lap, the reflection glanced up at her with delicate blue eyes and a familiar

    By Anonymous on 12.01.2009

  8. KJ

    By Anonymous on 12.01.2009

  9. Whether you fold clothes or fold paper into extraordinary pieces of art, you breathing new life into a mundane object.

    By Ali on 12.01.2009

  10. She let the tension fall away from her body, like wrinkles chased from a fold of pleated cloth. Layer by layer, she felt the stress of the past weeks slide away, leaving her refreshed and calm. Whew.

    By Linda on 12.01.2009

  11. when you fold something, you take your hands and move them together. the last time i folded something was today in french when i got a bad grade on my quiz. I didnt want anyone to see it, so i folded it in half. then my friend started doodling on it and made it even more embaressing.

    By Nic on 12.01.2009

  12. I fold into you. I felt like that once or twice when I was with a women. She folded into me and I her. Hard to explain, something you have to experience. But such magic in that word.

    By BT on 12.01.2009

  13. I fold my clothes.

    By qwontavious tre'von johnson on 12.01.2009

  14. give up
    heart breaks in two
    paper art
    knees buckle and I fall to the floor
    breath is taken away

    By Steffi on 12.01.2009

  15. Fold underwear, shirts, clothes. Other things fold too … there are folds in paper. It’s both a noun and a verb. Folding makes me think mostly of chores though. :P But it could be fun. You fold wrapping paper while wrapping presents to make them look pretty.

    By A on 12.01.2009

  16. she folds my hands as I tell her that we are not moving anymore. we are simply standing at the same place. beside the oak, under the gray sky, in the blue room. CONTRADICTION. or so I am told. we miss it. the blue room and I.

    By Emilie on 12.01.2009

  17. A folding of a thick card stock sheet
    Crisp as precise the paper breaks
    Witness as a bird is born

    Chasing the sky with broad stretched arms
    Parallel to the horizon’s wind below
    The sun dances on its fingertips

    Take the fall and collapse in crumble
    Pick apart the pieces and begin a new
    Smoothing out the creases

    By kae on 12.01.2009

  18. I hate freakin folding. I spend all myy time folding in my stupid origomi class and I’m sick of it. If God wanted me to fold dumn pieces of paper he wouldn’t have made it some dumnly complicated. Idiots

    By Gregory Arellano on 12.01.2009

  19. the folds of a vagina! my aren’t there plenty! in fact, its common for a girl to get confused with her own anatomy. for instance grade nine, kendra in my class asked “HOW MANY HOLES ARE DOWN THERE?” and yeah. That was pathetic. My teacher said “Guess”. She said 10.

    By Bria on 12.01.2009

  20. sometimes i tend to do that thing in school where you take a piece of paper and fold it as many times as you can until it becomes too difficult to move anymore inward, and i’ve wondered if maybe people are the same way, as if they sort of have limits to how much they can take before refusing to budge.

    By mike on 12.01.2009

  21. I have great hand. Pocket aces. He’s betting it all. What should I do. I have to fold. 5, 10, J, A. Bad Fold.

    By X on 12.01.2009

  22. “I Fold.”


    “I Fold”


    “It’s Over”

    “You Can’t Just!–“

    “–Yes, I Can!”


    “I Can’t Do It Anymore!”


    “Just No…”

    By Obese Caterpillar on 12.01.2009

  23. I walked in, not sure where to go next. after looking all over, I found her in the laundry room, folding that damned sweater.

    By willy on 12.01.2009

  24. folder
    paper clip

    By The Sten on 12.01.2009

  25. folds are a nice thing to have they are great for cooking and they always make me happy folding paper is fun. sometimes i fold paper to make airplanes folds are good for marking your place in a book they will never let you down.

    By Tony on 12.01.2009

  26. I’m going to fold.

    7-2 offsuit sucks.

    K-K is better, or even

    anything same suit is better…

    I’d rather fold myself out of this hand

    before I lose all of my chips

    And lose my quarter.

    By Jangles on 12.01.2009

  27. Folding space in my mind is like traveling through time. When shall I go? I think the middle ages. A time when the world was not happy or excited about being.

    By kandis on 12.01.2009

  28. I fold my heart before you because you are the shining moonlight of the world. I am your only piece of paper on which I wish for you to write. I need your ink the way I need to be held by the hands of a lover.

    By Irina on 12.01.2009

  29. A fold in paper. A fold in clothes. A fold in anything.

    By Anonymous on 12.01.2009

  30. huh

    By yf on 12.01.2009

  31. Fold in half this piece of paper some call life. Is it really mine? Yours? Borrowed. Bought. Sold. Fold in half my life and I’ll miss none. My life folded.

    By Jada on 12.01.2009

  32. I sat there, hoping for a good hand. He dealt. I picked up my cards. “What kind of crap is this?” I exclaimed. Needless to say, I folded. End of story.

    By Ben Golden on 12.01.2009

  33. Fold your arms around me.
    Not thin, paper-white sheets of malleable paper, but warm actual flesh.
    To keep me warm.

    By guts on 12.01.2009

  34. the folds of her dress were swimming around him as he enveloped her in his arms. she was only half naked, but fully exposed. he could feel her breath on his neck and the desire in her pulse. he knew that for the rest of the night she would be his, and no one could take that away from him

    By marissa on 12.01.2009

  35. The laundry was piling up, all of it clean of course, but she just couldn’t get herself to fold it. Maybe it was the fact she had to put it away that kept her from doing it, or maybe it was that she was afraid to find his shirts in there. It would bring back to much to fold his shirts.

    By Lauren on 12.01.2009

  36. this skin folds around me, taking in the warmness of my belly. exhaling, i parent the parts of me that live there, safe, secure, unbothered. they have taken refuge in the wreath of my center.

    By janel on 12.01.2009

  37. fold

    By Anonymous on 12.01.2009

  38. i already wrote about this.

    By anon. on 12.01.2009

  39. my blood runf cold, my memorief have juft been fold.

    By huh on 12.01.2009

  40. what is the meaning of this site? i don’t get it. it’s silly to me. but still, im goning to write something for out of boredom. hihi..oh shit time’s running on me. im not okay … i wanna live better

    By lazyboy on 12.01.2009