November 30th, 2009 | 742 Entries

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742 Entries for “fold”

  1. Why is it that there are so many ways to fold things? Whenever I do laundry with my mom, the towels have to be folded just so. But at college, my towels are folded completely differently. What’s the big deal? I don’t get it. Whatever!

    By Sara on 12.01.2009

  2. To fold into oneself, be reclusive. So many people try so hard to shy away from the world and the people in it, yet they want so badly for someone to reach out and unfold them. Bring them back to life again, set them free.

    By Andi on 12.01.2009

  3. origami ducks and rabbits

    By Anonymous on 12.01.2009

  4. it

    By bet on 12.01.2009

  5. paper can be folded. The Japanese are good at folding paper to make shapes. this is called oragami. that is a hard word to spell. the computer has informed me that i mispelled it by underlining it. i misspelled ‘mispelled’. the thing about computers is that they have made me a bad speller.

    By sheena. on 12.01.2009

  6. i fold your folder because it was knocking me in the head. stop that please.

    By sprouts on 12.01.2009

  7. I hate when I have to fold clothes because it makes me mad that they can get really wrinkled and ugly after. In college, I leave my clothes folded because I don’t feel like hanging them up. You can fold many different ways!

    By Many ways on 12.01.2009

  8. The paper was folded, so so many times. THe edges were frayed, ratted, and there were worn spots where her fingers had held it. Each time she unfolded it, all she had to do was follow the lines to make it fit together again. How she wished that that could be her life.

    By ShizukaKatona on 12.01.2009

  9. do not fold under pressure, i want to explain about folding under pressure. it would be not being able to explain folding under pressure in the amount of time you have given me. yes.

    By stuena. on 12.01.2009

  10. she folded the tiny little jumper carefully — smoothing out any wrinkles and placing it gingerly into the open drawer of the white wicker dresser. there was a heap of newborn clothing on the rocking chair besides her, and she moved a piece of stray hair, smiled, and looked about the nursery, feeling her baby kick her from within — silent approval, she thought.

    By devin on 12.01.2009

  11. There was a paper on my desk. I had an overwhelming urge. “Just fold it!” I told myself. So I did, I folded it upon itself, once and twice and thrice and more. And when I was finished with my folding I basked in the glorious simplicity of the fold.

    By Matthew Sheather on 12.01.2009

  12. Over and over again. It gets smaller each time. no purpose or meaning, only cause and effect. straight derivative to cold deprivation. Give it up man, shes taken too much.

    By Brandon Poll on 12.01.2009

  13. i hate folding things. i fold shirts, jerseys, pants. they all get wrinkled anyway, one foul drop, one mismatched clothing. only tools fold it up.

    By Jasper on 12.01.2009

  14. One day, i was at school. My friend asked me to borrow i folder. I thought her request was quite odd, particularly because I was under the impression that everybody had folders at school…apparently I was wrong. Once I proceeded to tell her that I only had enough folders for the subjects I was taking, she told me that she actually wanted a folded piece of paper.
    WHY? i do not know. It was an odd request. I gave her the paper.
    She folded it up
    Put it in her mouth
    and chewed.
    I have never been so repulsed
    It was an odd day, but then again it gave me something to write about. Quite an interesting journey my mind has taken just now because of the request of the word FOLD at the top of this box.

    By Jennifer on 12.01.2009

  15. clothes, paper, 10 fold 100 fold 1000 fold .unfold, wrinkle laundry, washing

    By josh on 12.01.2009

  16. fold. paper is folded. Can’t it only be folded like, 7 times, or something? I wish I could fold paper and make things like swans and stuff. Like origami. It’s so neat! I tried once and nothing came out right! :( I don’t understand what the point of this isssss!

    By Fold on 12.01.2009

  17. fold. paper is folded. Can’t it only be folded like, 7 times, or something? I wish I could fold paper and make things like swans and stuff. Like origami. It’s so neat! I tried once and nothing came out right! :( I don’t understand what the point of this isssss!

    By Fold on 12.01.2009

  18. I hate to fold my clothes. And towels. I especially hate to fold my husbands clothes because they are never just right. This hatred probably began while I was working at the GAP. First job when I was 18. They were very very interested in the perfect fold and I was criticized a lot for my lack of skill in that area. Considering we were using a plastic folding thing to help, you’d think I would have been better at it.
    Oh well- I guess I can’t be good at everything I do right??

    By Sarah on 12.01.2009

  19. cloth can be folded and usually is when put away. Fold a letter for someone, put it in the mail and off it goes.

    By Dylan on 12.01.2009

  20. I folded some laundry and it creased delicately I hope that the folded folds will continue to fold themselves. I wish that I were like the laundry with folds that could fold myself and stay completely held together by my own inner workings. Its too bad that the laundry that I have to have the power to fold has more power than me overall. So I fold.

    By Irene on 12.01.2009

  21. Fold? Really? This is the same word I got last time >__< I don’t really feel like writing anymore about this. I’m supposed to be writing an essay now, but instead I’m wasting my time doing this. I’m supposed to be talking about folding, aren’t I?…

    By Fold on 12.01.2009

  22. fold. fold yourself.
    find yourself,.

    your soul
    your heart
    your head

    find what lies in the folds there.

    thats what you really need.

    By Casey Jo on 12.01.2009