November 29th, 2009 | 566 Entries

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566 Entries for “transparent”

  1. I can see right through you.

    By Laura on 11.30.2009

  2. something very very sincere and truthful. I love this word since it describes a great technique in marketing and when it comes to life it’s so important too…

    Transparency… I need to be more transparent so I can open up to people even more.

    By Gennice on 11.30.2009

  3. It was clear to see that it wasn’t going down too well with her. She looked over at him and felt the compassion that she felt when she had first learnt of his past, but now she felt

    By Woo on 11.30.2009

  4. clear

    By Anonymous on 11.30.2009

  5. Ahh. See through. Penetrating. Revealing. Nice. Natural. Embarrasing. Comforting. Truthful. Profound. transparent glass. Transparent eyes. Pink. Low.

    By Ak on 11.30.2009

  6. When I look out the window I can see everything so clear because the window is so transparent. Sometimes when you look at people it seems like they are transparent because they act as if they have no life without life they are see through. when I day dream during the day it seems like everything is transparent to me because I just look through it,instead of looking at looking at it. When I am sad or mad I feel like I am transpatent I feel as if I’m not even here. I sometimes feel like people look at me but don’t really notice that I am here its like they are looking through me as if I don’t exist. Sometimes people look at other people as if they are windows they look through them instead of looking at them.

    By Carla Morris on 11.30.2009