December 1st, 2009 | 492 Entries

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492 Entries for “bee”

  1. I was stung by a bee when I was very little. I remember I ran away from it and it stung my leg. I was actually just talking about bee mascots today. My friend worked as a bee at a garden shop and when we saw a COuntry Buffet ad for a bee mascot, I told her she should do it because she already had bee experience!

    By Laci on 12.02.2009

  2. clear beautiful
    soon death
    ready for anything

    By mohamed ali on 12.02.2009

  3. beecause i looooove yooooou!

    By justin on 12.02.2009

  4. summer. i wish it was summer. its so dark and wet and cold at the moment. it makes everything much harder. i wanna hear the bees buzzin in the flowers… warm air on my skin.

    By frankie on 12.02.2009

  5. What is it you said about stitches and endings? I was running towards him. I heard them in my ears.

    By Rachel Johnson on 12.02.2009

  6. bee bee boo boo ba bing bong boobie bee bee boo. beep beep. beep beep boo. boobie boop boop. baby bee! beeee! be ba ba boo. boogie baby boo boo. bung bitty ba ba boo bitty bit bing bung boo ba beeee!

    By charly harper on 12.02.2009

  7. The bee was getting closer, I could hear its annoying sound!
    How could such an annoying and toxic insect fabricate the tastiest substance, honey?
    God works in mysterious ways, indeed.

    By jneen on 12.02.2009


    By SOLIS on 12.02.2009

  9. Yellow bee, oh it’s a yellow bee. Sting me, hurt me, yellow bee. Don’t bee, that bad bee. Be the queen bee, yellow be. Ouch, ouch, red flower.

    By Brittany Jeanne on 12.02.2009

  10. bee is the name of a friend who died of herion, i will never ever ever ever try it unless i know that i have 10 minutes to live, so i can leave this earth in pure peacefullness. i also think of armegeddon when i think of bees. there is a theory that the bees will go extinct and cause an imbalance in nagture. long story short we all die. I hate getting stung, its just isnt for me, but i dont kill bees or bother them which is why i dont get stung. this is a long 60 seconds if you ask me, or maybe my mind is moving faster than a bees wings.

    By bryan bardin on 12.02.2009

  11. i HATE bees they’re so evil. i don’t know for sure if i’m alergic or not but they really scare me, i don’t think i’m more scared of any bug than i am of bees. once i was driving and a bee flew in the window. i almost crashed cause i let go of the wheel and ducked down. my passenger wanted to kill me!

    By Jen on 12.02.2009

  12. i got stung by a king bee before and it hurt

    By keith on 12.02.2009