April 6th, 2013 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “flour”

  1. spills across the floor,
    creating little islands between the puddles.
    white sands, open for conquest.
    a dog steps on a few lands and reshapes
    them in his image.
    i’m reminded of colonialism.

    By Kairn on 04.06.2013

  2. Sounds like flower.

    By Elinol on 04.06.2013

  3. Baking. With flour I can Make almost anything. Cookies, cake, muffins bread. Flour is the basis for Any type of bread or pastry.

    By Allison on 04.06.2013

  4. Flour tortillas are way better than corn tortillas. More fattening too, unfortunately. That is all I have to say about “flour.”

    By Griselda on 04.06.2013

  5. it makes bread. hmm. a weird pronunciation of a pretty colorful thing. flllooouuuurrrr. cookies. cakes. bread. cooking. playing with it when i was little.

    By Holli Smith on 04.06.2013

  6. The substance painted onto my face, and a girlish, shrill squeal escaped my lips. My cheeks crimsoned as all eyes trained onto my figure. I was not embarrassed because of my noises, but of my appearances. I probably look like a hideous mess, right now, I think to myself, and sadness washes over me.

    By ELMO on 04.06.2013

  7. An integral ingredient in baking. Rather messy, and leaves white smudges on clothes, and faces. It goes into making delicious treats; cookies, cakes, pastries, fresh-baked bread. Yum!

    By Kerry on 04.06.2013

  8. i went to bake the cake but we were out of flour. what could i do? i asked the dog and her mother asked if i loved the rainbow in my eye. what would come of this? i still had no flouur

    By Zurk on 04.06.2013

  9. I do not write to test the waters, I write to separate the flour from the oil. The flour i see covers the hair of an 18th century lady.

    By Zurk on 04.06.2013

  10. the flour sat on the kitchen counter. Bob took the cocaine, and mixed it with an equal amount of flour, putting the combination in a plastic bag he got from a drawer. The dead body lay on the floor, blood surrounding…

    By Bruce on 04.06.2013

  11. i like to cook with flower, i make cookies

    By hayley autumn on 04.06.2013

  12. He wipes his sweating hands on his apron, leaving white flour tracks across the dark material. When we signed up for the job of baker’s assistant, we had imagine something a little more glamorous: pastries before dawn, frosting layered cakes, embellishing cupcakes with our own designs. Instead, we have to control the hulking mixing machine and make sure nobody’s arm gets caught in it this time.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.06.2013

  13. covering my face and arms in little pale splotches, with only a few other ingredients it turns into the most recognizable food on earth. soft but heavy,

    By Rachel on 04.07.2013

  14. The flour tipped over, spilling on to the floor. The dog, a cocker spaniel, came out of the resulting cloud looking like a ghost. Suzie shrieked with laughter, her mother just shrieked.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.07.2013

  15. the first the last the inbetween
    in life the lives the thoughts
    don’t mean that much to me
    and every time what we ought
    every think i couldn’t care
    the half baked ideas we sought
    the flour subconscious
    the laughter reminded me
    of you
    what we bought
    in that tiny apartment
    those times
    that tiny afterthought
    what we got
    what we sold
    was returned for less
    than we wanted it for.

    By Matty M. on 04.07.2013

  16. like miasma, the white dust circled in wafts across the kitchen as he slapped his hand over his apron. there was a bit of a silence perofrated only by the noises of a settling ovenf rom which had been produced a wonder so delicious, a culmination of taste so delectable, his audience practically drooled as they viewed what he had conjured up: cumin bread

    By berenique on 04.07.2013

  17. I stood in the field and looked around, the lilies were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I fell to my knees and wept. And my goal became clear.

    By Ryan on 04.07.2013

  18. Shame really, the man thought as he looked across the field, this place used to be beautiful, He looked again; he saw men dead, blood splattered across every thing. Except. . . he looked down, at his feet was a flower. A single white rose untouched by the combat. The man smiled woefully, for it was the last of its kind.

    By Ryan on 04.07.2013

  19. Powder. Make-Up. A very thick layer of it, on her face. Enough to hide the scars, the secrets, and the lies.

    Air. Breaths of it, short and hurried. Pulse fast, heart beating. She was nervous. She had to make her breaths slower, had to be less obvious about faking the role she was about to play if they wanted to get away with it.

    By nikka on 04.07.2013

  20. Flour. baking. I love flour. flour is versatile, white, fluffy. pure. basic. simple. often confused with flowers. easily done when speaking. both serve their purposes though. flour. now i want biscuits. biscuits sound delicious.

    By Haley on 04.07.2013

  21. Ancient stones, thrashing waters and grinding gears all led to this, but the real poetry came when the flour bomb erupted on the side of his head.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 04.07.2013

  22. it’s white and a powder, it’s grainy but also can make delicious cakes. It’s grinded from ingredients you can have plain or self raising for whatever cake you decide to make. It’s also interesting and soft and feels nice but is also sticky when mixed with water.

    By Alice URL on 04.07.2013

  23. Leonie hustete, als das Mehl hochstaubte. Sie konnte kaum etwas erkennen und das weiße Puder legte sich überall in ihren Mund, ihre Nase, ihre Ohren und ihre Augen. Sie wagte kaum zu atmen, aus Angst, sie würde etwas des Mehls in ihre Lunge ziehen.
    Trotzdem versuchte sie, sich zu konzentrieren. >>Wo ist er hin?<< schoss es ihr durch den Kopf.

    By BlueRay on 04.07.2013

  24. Flour is very important for us.. it treats as an aid that fights with our hunger and make it calm down.. flour as we all know is used by us in our daily life.. and wihtout flouw life is not possible

    By Sanchit Joshi URL on 04.07.2013

  25. The flour mixture that he used to fry the chicken was season with just the right spices. His chicken always tasted like Kentucky Fried Chicken or popeyes. It didn’t taste like the standard fried at home chicken.

    By thegrandincrediblet on 04.07.2013

  26. Flour is white. It is powdery. Kind of like cocaine. Except flour is used for baking; good things. Cocaine is used for evil. But they look exactly the same. Cocaine is flours evil twin.

    By Jewelia on 04.07.2013

  27. Flour is used to bake cakes. Delicious cakes. Flour is white. Yes. Batman! Tanel.

    By Kaarel on 04.07.2013

  28. Cakes, cakes and more cakes. If only I had access all areas to my kitchen, then I would produce more cakes than ever before. I would even sprinkle a little flour on top of the benches. Cakes!

    By travellati URL on 04.07.2013

  29. I would like to believe I’m a well-made cake.
    But the truth is, I’m still in the making.
    Sometimes I realize the flour isn’t sifted yet.
    Or that I don’t really know what baking soda is for.
    The oven is outdated by now.
    And unfortunately, I don’t know how to turn on the gas.
    I constantly burn my fingers on too-short matches.
    I keep trying to knead out my rough patches.
    Without realizing that there is such thing as too much.
    I have never been very good at baking.
    I keep telling myself I will be a three-tiered piece.
    But my layers keep crumbling into themselves.
    And I think I may have used salt instead of sugar.
    I rely too much on frosting to cover up mistakes.
    There are places where the mixture failed.
    And I am not a masterpiece ready for a celebration.
    The cake did not rise up like it had planned to.
    You would think following a recipe would be easy.
    But instructions are not always concise.
    Life is not always that predictable.
    And sometimes you really are just clumsy.
    But I am more than measuring cups.
    I am not just well-branded ingredients wasted.
    I am an effort of three hours and flour patches.
    I am a honey-stained apron on a Saturday morning.
    I am what children try to make for their mothers as thank you.
    I am what the awkward guy tried to make on Valentine’s day.
    I am what the lonely watch professionals succeed at on motionless days.
    I am the holder of wishes as the world makes revolutions.
    I am more than just a failed attempt at doing something step-by-step.
    So why do you keep saying I’m a lie?

    By Serena Mithane URL on 04.07.2013

  30. Flour is used to make bread. Bread is AWESOME. I mean, it’s used in sandwiches, which we have pretty much every day, so flour is really under-rated. Maybe because it sounds like “flower”, which is more interesting, to be honest. I wonder how flour was invented? Oops, I accidentally finely ground this stuff…

    By Georgia on 04.07.2013

  31. it can be white (bleached) or it can be whole flour so that it has not been refined. it contains a lot of carbohydrates and is good to make doughs, cakes and such. it does not taste like much if you eat it raw

    By emma on 04.07.2013

  32. Flour is made by grinding grains. It is not good if you eat it like it is but if you make cakes, pizza dough, bread and other divine things with it, then it is DELICIOUS. It has a lot of carbs but who cares?!

    By Emma on 04.07.2013

  33. flour- baking- selfraising.
    Pancakes omnomnom – golden syrup draped over a pile of freshly made pancakes
    cooking with my mum- memories -love :)
    Cupcakes, cookies, biscuits :D
    mess- flour on hands, in hair, on face, on the floor, on clothes, on the windows… everywhere.

    I <3 flour

    By liliarle on 04.07.2013

  34. The glass jar just sat there on the counter, full of flour all the time. It was never a problem, it never got bumped off of dirty or bothered. Until one day, when he couldn’t keep from hitting everything. Then the jar of flour went from being on the counter, to spilling across the floor, light streaks of the dusty stuff covering and spreading out over the floor…

    By Serryphae URL on 04.07.2013

  35. She dusts the flour off of her hands, but they still look like there are little grains upon them. She rubs them together some more. Flour, flour flooding the air. Puffs of it flick into her eyes, but she keeps rubbing her white hands together. She looks down, and they are withering away to nothing, but they still feel unclean. She rubs. Keeps on dusting. She sees bone and does not stop.

    They crumble into nothing, and she is left only with wrists.

    By genahtastic on 04.07.2013

  36. baking and cookies warm and yummy in my mouth mmmmmm
    fried chicken and wings
    on my puppys nose while I cook
    baking with boyfriend

    By Lucy on 04.07.2013

  37. flour is cake and flour is great flower is good and flour is same as flour flower sign up log in flour make it to make back cake bake cake bake the muffins muffins sweet and soft shicp chipcs chocolate chips my spelling errors are many much plural words english having babies because multiplying water gremlins dont feed after midnight why p

    By Marsellus Wallace on 04.07.2013

  38. So I opened my laptop today and I saw my brother writing about flour. I thought hey, why not do the same? So i came on to this website and here I am. Flour is good,, Floor is great. I like flour. It tastes awesome after cooking it with eggs and sugar. Butter is nice too. They make cakes and muffins. I like chocolate best. Because vanilla is too damn vanilla. It doesn’t give you the oohm I want.

    By Vincent Vega on 04.07.2013

  39. Flour? Don’t look at me, man. I don’t have an opin-

    By Marvin on 04.07.2013

  40. flour the cornerstone of any nutritious baking ingredient big kahuna flour thats the hawaiian flour joint i hear they got some tasty flour mmmhmmm this is some tasty flour i dare you i double dare you motherflower say flour again the path of the righteous flour

    By Jules Winnfield on 04.07.2013