April 6th, 2013 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “flour”

  1. makes bread.
    is the basis for most bake good.
    if you hear it,
    you may just think of a colorful field of flowers
    bees buzzing
    and now they’re gone
    what to do?

    By Alouette on 04.07.2013

  2. makes bread.
    is the basis for most baked goods.
    if you hear it,
    you may just think of a colorful field of flowers
    bees buzzing
    and now they’re gone
    what to do?
    bring more in to die?
    what good is that?
    now there are still even fewer
    bees buzzing

    By Alouette on 04.07.2013

  3. it happens so that flour has made a great change in my life. From the soft white substance has arisen my passion, and courage to try anything. Flour is more important to me than any loaf of bread…

    By hunt on 04.07.2013

  4. Flour is used in so many things, from noodles to breads to pizza dough, and who can live without eating pizza or glorious ramen at least once in their lives?

    By Shiizumi on 04.07.2013

  5. between my fingers and down my throat, entering every hole of my body. mixing with my blood, i become bread. A nice pink bread. even though i first thought i would die choking, i happened to become a nice chummy loaf of bread.

    By c on 04.07.2013

  6. Im not going to write about flour. I dont want to. Instead i want to write about the line. The blinking line that spits out our letters that form balls of emotion which stick together making a story that never ever ended, Just constant. Your heart bleeding out from this little line. go.
    Type something. watch the line fade and reappear. Something so simple yet so important.

    By sarah on 04.07.2013

  7. flour is used to make cake. i like making cake. baking and cooking are the only thing that keep me sane. i am in my own world when im cooking where no one is judgemental and everyone likes cake. flour comes in different variety too and is used to make pasta. I like eating pasta.

    By aishani on 04.07.2013

  8. The smell of baked bread always excited me – lifted my spirits. Unfortunately, it can be said that my mother hasn’t bothered to make bread for me since I was a child. I remember being too small to reach up and grab the blue glass jar of flour that my mother needed, and now the cupboard is a little less that a foot above my head.

    By Kerry on 04.07.2013

  9. We dropped the bag of flour on the floor when we saw what was on the horizon. The bag seal popped off and the white powder threw itself like a wave across the floor, taking the shape of the tiles as another cloud of light flour lifted into our faces. We couldn’t take our eyes off the horizon, it was as black as night long past dawn, a cloud of white in the distance and a creeping wave was rushing towards us.

    By Eric Harrell on 04.07.2013

  10. Flour is pronounced as flower. So I’m going to write about that instead.

    Giving flowers is romantic and all, but it is not your kind of thing. You banned me from giving you flowers. So I have to come up with original alternatives. For your birthdays, our anniversaries, and Valentine’s.

    But I don’t mind. That’s who you are and I love you for that.

    By Nyan on 04.07.2013

  11. He could see floury footprints all through the kitchen – but these did not belong to mice, nor the cats. These were footprints the kind that he’d never seen before. They had eight toes, and led into the cupboard, a cupboard from which an evil sound was emanating…

    By Harry Steele URL on 04.07.2013

  12. Oh no, he dropped all of the flour on the floor. Jesus Christ, this show is the worst. Adam turned off the TV and went to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. At this point, his depression kicked in.

    By .Theo on 04.07.2013

  13. the baker was hard at work, putting together his list of ingredients to make his perfect cake. He realized, with a start, that he was out of flour. A trip to the store was in his future, it would seem. A normal enough trip, one would think, but for him it was a nightmare.

    By Nick on 04.07.2013

  14. is made for cakes and other baked goods. its white and powdery it makes a mess and can be put on your nose which reminds me of childhood and commercials where families are in the kitchen cooking with one another to make cookies and everyone is smiling and happy. flour can also be used for making friend chicken which is always good when my mom makes it.

    By Jalisa on 04.07.2013

  15. Sometimes, you get covered in dust, dust that’s harmless, that doesn’t burn, that you can’t feel at all, but you can’t shake it.

    I have a book filled with pages of blood. Drips. Splatters. Smears. Rorschach prints. And it touches me, a ghostly haze I can’t shake. But I promise, when I’m not already dying, it will not kill me.

    By Saudade on 04.07.2013

  16. When I think of flour I always think of a great tradition in my house, baking Christmas cookies. Every year for as long as I can remember we have baked dozens upon dozens of Christmas cookies. When I was little we even put together a huge box that was mailed to my uncle in Florida. The reason I remember baking our Christmas cookies from the word flour is because by the end of the day flour is always everywhere. It covers everyone baking, the counters, and the floors not only in the kitchen but also in the dining room and living room. We always tend to mix, cut, or let cookies cool all over the house. It takes us a while to get all that flour cleaned up. And for the next few days we tend to find it in the most unusual places.

    By trinity lichter on 04.07.2013

  17. OMG the flour hit the ground, now my cookies are ruined. She will never get to experience the love in my cookies with out the magical flour. What have I done. She is never going to stick around..

    By Kayla on 04.07.2013

  18. the flour is a material through which we make chappaties to eat and this is a powdry material which dough to make food items . this is made from wheat ,grams and rice too . there are many varities of flour available in the market .

    By jennifer martin URL on 04.07.2013

  19. “OH NO! FOR GOODNESS SAKE POLLY!” Julie yelled as Polly flew past, hitting the table and knocking the back of flour all over the kitchen floor. Polly played on, despite what had just happened and ignored her mother. She sighed and tutted because she was so fed up with everything – she just couldn’t do it any more.

    By laura URL on 04.07.2013

  20. flower made from flour.

    By laura URL on 04.07.2013

  21. use it to make cake, not the one with petals, thats a flower but they sound the same. Flour is pretty wierd if you put it in water it goes rock solid but then pull it out and it’s got a gross stringy texture.

    By Matilda on 04.07.2013

  22. flour is what you bake with, right? it makes things rise. without it, what you bake is just flat. no llife. flour is like ht air to bread. i soppse thats kinda cool. i wonder what flour tastes like by itsled. i am spellimg eberything wront ahjhh.

    By Bev on 04.07.2013

  23. I love to make cakes. Sometimes it’s really got me through. I’ve been having a day when I don’t think I can continue and I mix those ingredients to create something beautiful and I realise life does have some things good to give.

    By Ruth on 04.07.2013