April 7th, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “punished”

  1. “Don’t -” Mickey’s voice cracks. Ian responds with a shake of his head, a smile creeping on his face, and his eyes becoming glassy. “We fucked up, what more is there to say.” “Just give it a bit more time?” “Times up Mick.” Mickey turns his back to Ian, and wipes his strained eyes. He takes a deep breath, and turns back around, “Don’t Go!” But Ian was right, it was too late, and his audience had gotten tired and gone home. The time its taken Mickey to grasp a hold of his feelings for Ian, has been the time Ian’s spent in his own sort of hell. Ian the ticking time bomb. Mickey was too late to cut the wire, and now Ian, his Ian was gone. As much as he hoped that he would return, to him, it was clear that perhaps he ought to give loneliness a try. Perhaps if he started down a long dark tunnel soon enough Ian would be there at the end, his guiding light. And only then will this punishment be over.

    By Jessie URL on 04.08.2013

  2. My mom punished me because I was being mean to my little sister.

    By Gigi on 04.08.2013

  3. last day of my school was not good because math teacher punished all of us due to the law marks we got in maths she

    By aziza URL on 04.08.2013

  4. I dont know what is the meaning of this word, I will have to investigate about this.

    By Javier Fonseca on 04.08.2013

  5. My brother was punished for running on the stairs not listening jumping on the bed and hitting my dog.

    By Destiny.R on 04.08.2013

  6. This man should be punished! He assassinated a man then robbed a bank.

    By Donovan on 04.08.2013


    By HAMZEH HDS on 04.08.2013

  8. I didn’t even mean to do it… it just happened. Sorrow sickens me as regret courses through my nauseous body… frail and fractured…LOST

    By Catherine URL on 04.08.2013

  9. To give a punishment is to teach, in a way. Have you ever been punished and know not to do it again. So punishment can be positive and negative. You learn.

    By Gabrielle Montellé on 04.08.2013

  10. {flour/punished}

    my family is hungry.
    i steal bread.

    this isn’t a f-cking les mis joke.
    victor hugo was a douchebag,
    but it won’t make a catchy song.

    the revolution is here, and now.
    it’s not in your books.

    By isa on 04.08.2013

  11. Hurt for something you did or didn’t do. People, animals, everything gets punished even if they deserve it or not. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes, it’s just a lesson learned.

    By Noelle URL on 04.08.2013

  12. Being punished is being hurt. If you deserve it or not. Sometimes you’ll learn from it, sometimes you won’t.

    By Noelle URL on 04.08.2013