April 4th, 2013 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “vines”

  1. Vines are like nature’s threads. They are organized in no particular manner, strewn across all architecture as though a cat had been playing with them. Their leaves are nice too.

    By Ben McCann on 04.06.2013

  2. vines equals wines, I picture browning leaves with ripe red grapes hanging from it and the incredibly bad smell eminating from the wine making facility of my childhood holidays.

    By sharon on 04.06.2013

  3. The vines curled up, up, up over the towers and the walls of the city that had once been great. They pulled down the great marble blocks and grew without hesitation or consideration. Bacchus could be seen in the shadows, drinking and grinning at the unfettered growth and destruction of chaos and time. Nothing was more true.

    By Cassandra on 04.06.2013

  4. the vines overgrew mama’s fence and later in the summer grapes grew, first green and hard, and then their colors began to change. The leaves felt like a sticky tongue, big and odd-shaped, but the muscadines–that’s what she called them–gathered a sticky sweetness, but sour, too, on my tongue.

    By Gerry URL on 04.06.2013

  5. It is comical, the power of words. It can be used to praise many and curse them as well. Looking at society we are creatures of a gossiping habit. We are unable to not spread words through great vines.

    By Jeremy Beale URL on 04.06.2013

  6. Her long straight hairr covered most of her face as she leaned forward and tried to grasp the glass. She giggled and started to think, if she maybe should stop to try as more of the vine would make her even dizzier. A last try and the glas was in her hands. When she looked up and saw the reflection of her young and beautiful self in the mirror, the only thing she saw were her eyes. Drunk and dizzy eyes that looked old and gave her the shocking impression of her own mother.

    By Fredda URL on 04.06.2013

  7. The vines slowly grew up the fence and over as i grew older. That was how I measured time, not by years, but by the inches.

    By Charley on 04.06.2013

  8. Stranggling the thin green dowels the tomatoe vines offered so much promise. Promise of juicy mayo and white bread with thick red slices. Promise of fresh flavor and no shipped dullness. Promise of reliving the tastey memories of my Virginia childhood where Hanover tomatoes first appearance was worthy of many a post on Facebook.

    By Beverley on 04.06.2013

  9. vines are long and green. kinda reminiscent of tenticals but on for a plant not an animal… or monster…

    By Bon on 04.06.2013

  10. They connect the roots to the fruit. They run deep and are hard to remove from structures. They can be beautiful and messy, and are hard to kill.

    By Jess on 04.06.2013

  11. The vines snuck up the side of the house to the roof. The size of pythons, they looked almost as though they planned to engulf the very shelter that kept us warm.

    By Calico URL on 04.06.2013

  12. Vines are usually green or brown. They can sometimes be used for climbing. Vines can bring beauty to things in nature. Vines can be used for decoration. Vines can be used as natures bridge.

    By Jacob Koch on 04.06.2013

  13. Trust in me. A lullaby which lulls even the sharpest of senses. The beastly vines wrap around his body and hold him in the trees, allowing him to fall into a thoughtless, vulnerable sleep.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.06.2013

  14. I feel the vines enclosing around my body lifiting me from the ground.
    The way there green leaves sweep me away
    Its surreal
    I feel my body, losing its zest
    My mind shutting down
    Hoping for a rest
    I close my eyes
    and let the darkness within
    Death isn’t bad
    If its the vines taking you in

    By Pink and Hideous on 04.06.2013

  15. Red vines. Makes me think of A Very Potter Musical, and that makes me think of Darren Criss! I really have this longing when i see him or even just think about how extremely talented that man is, and how I’ll probably never meet him to say “Wow, well done”.

    By Sam McElgunn on 04.06.2013

  16. they twist and turn through our lives. in my dreams they weave into the fabric and control my vision. i follow them for sanity. we watch them when awake. never following.

    By natalie on 04.06.2013

  17. the vines hung from the ceiling—-they were scary and beautiful. i reached up and the vine grabbed my hand—forcefully and lovingly. it lifted–high. the higher i went the more tangled within the vines. i disappeared or was it that i became a vine myself?

    By Safon on 04.06.2013

  18. trees. leaves. vines are curvy. They can trip you. LIttle squirrels get caught up in vines. My friendships with most people get tangled up in vines because of my numerous lies.

    By Wahid on 04.06.2013

  19. you struck me with my vines and they fell down shuddering,
    your countenance freed the entrapped vines off me.

    By novera on 04.06.2013

  20. merp.

    By Wahid Ishrar on 04.06.2013

  21. Vines reaching superficially upward until out of sight. Hundreds, thousands of vines with nothing able to stop them. Please, please, somebody curtail these immortal growths from bursting out of my spin. The pain. Tt is unbearable

    By Diego on 04.06.2013

  22. On top of a high, steep hill hidden behind a foggy, eerie cemetery in a small quaint town sits a huge, gothic, creepy looking mansion overrun by vampires, werewolves, and other strange creatures. Running up and down this mansion are trails of spiky, black, evil vines that reach out and grab unsuspecting people who dare to cross paths with the mansion. They later become dinner for all the hungry monsters living there. Poor, silly humans. Never should have messed with the vines.

    By Randa on 04.06.2013

  23. The vines on the tree look so good. The vines on the flower are so pretty. The vines on or fave are not. Oh wait they are vines, there veins.

    By teeda URL on 04.06.2013

  24. Twining upwards,
    Slowly winding –
    Weaving –
    Bearing grapes,
    Or possibly tomatoes even.

    So, what are you waiting for?
    Eat (or possibly drink) up, Johnny.

    By Stephen E. Foxworthy URL on 04.06.2013

  25. These vines wrap around the fenceline at my neighbors house. We share one of the fence lines, and I follow the vines with my fingers often enough to know where each one starts and ends. I’ve often had dreams of painting them, and letting them wrap themselves around my heart.
    I’ve always thought that would be a better use of such a beautiful thing.

    By Hope on 04.06.2013

  26. Vines: Are on pumpkins, trees, and plants. Long and winding, and mostly green. There are many different fruits and vegetables that grow on vines that

    By Christina on 04.06.2013

  27. The vines climbed forever up the tower, once the home of thousands of people but now a home to ghosts. The vines penetrated hallways and rooms and lived forever.

    By Harry Steele URL on 04.06.2013

  28. The vines that creeped up the walls of our new home settled my anxiety and sadness about moving. They were leafy green friends growing outside my window, growing taller and taller and embracing our ancient frames.

    By McLean on 04.06.2013

  29. “I heard it through the grape vine. How much longer will you be mine?” That was by Amy Winehouse. She had talent, that girl. But tossed it for drugs. Miss her music <3

    By Mahdi on 04.06.2013

  30. thorns connect that prick your fingers and heart to make them bleed.

    By Jacqueline Susann URL on 04.06.2013

  31. Vine is a kind of grape vine. these plants are climbers and gardeners use it to decorate their gardens. It grows taking the support of the wall or rocks etc. Cucumber, grape, bottle gaurd are some kind of climbers which are seen. These are also called as the flowering plants. these grow as low shrubs. it grows quickly and is attractive.

    By Nupur on 04.06.2013

  32. My friend works at Vineyard Vines in Fashion Island. When I have a house, I want a wall outside to have vines growing all down it, but I hope my kid doesn’t use them to sneak out of the house. That doesn’t seem like it would happen because the weight, but you never know.

    By AM on 04.06.2013

  33. umbra. soare. natura si verde; prospetime. iarba. sa stau intinsa la soare si umbra lor sa imi deseneze modele pe pielea incinsa. miros de frunze si vantul adiind in jurul meu. la bunica la tara, vita de vie taiata.

    By no on 04.06.2013