September 7th, 2012 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “flex”

  1. Flex against the morning light. Open the battered skin of your palms, your dirty hands. I like the way the shadows fall over the words that drop from your mouth, like white snow and cold rain.

    By Kristina on 09.08.2012

  2. Flex wasn’t actually his name. He had been christened Jordan shortly after being born, but at around age six his strange habit of engaging in bizarre acrobatics had changed that forever and he was only ever called Flex since that one incident in the grocery store.

    By Tootles. on 09.08.2012

  3. He flexed his fingers, once, twice, trying to gauge for the amount of damage he’d done to himself in the dark confines of his own mind.

    What would Ceto think when he saw this?

    Nithin gazed down at his broken knuckles and flexed his fingers again, stretching the convalescent gauze wrapping.

    By Sierra URL on 09.08.2012

  4. I flex my feet to undo the kinks of the day. I sit on my butt and flex them as I watch tv and then I refuse to flex my brain any longer because it’s what I’ve done all day and I can stand it anymore more.

    By MJ on 09.08.2012

  5. flex reminds me of flexible. like bendingt and all that stuff. There’s also a little bar / disco in Vienna that’s called flex which is actually really great; they’re playing the most wanted underground stuff and all that…..aaaaaaaaaand they own Europes loudest hifi system!

    By Martin on 09.08.2012

  6. I flex my muscles before I do gymnastic routine. The lights are shining all around me, and i can hear the sounds of millions and millions of fans cheering and calling out my name. I bow, take my place on the mat, and then I fly.

    By Annalisa V. on 09.08.2012

  7. I want to flex this thing but I don’t know what you call it. If it was the beast in me, I think I’d know what to do. It’s a rebellious notion, I know, but I feel that there are some things that you feel and some things you say and some things you do. This is something that I do. I know how. I just don’t know when. I don’t want to quit trying ever.

    By wanda carruthers on 09.08.2012

  8. Jersey shore. Haha Sad to think that is what our society is coming to. My first thought is an insignificant

    By Jeffrey on 09.08.2012

  9. i dont know what flex means, but it could be flexible.. and thats a cool word.. who doesnt want to be it?

    By nya on 09.08.2012

  10. It was all about movement. That was all. People ask me what drove me to do what I did, and honestly for a long time I didn’t understand it myself. Then I realized what was really the reason. It was the thrill, and abject thrill of knowing that you could stay undetected, for so long, while the people living in the house continued to chalk up your actions to ghost and spirits.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 09.08.2012

  11. By noontime, I’m sitting on the edge of a bench, staring down the street. The sun bakes the pavement, my shoes, my feet. I stretch, I flex, I tap my foot impatiently, hoping that the bus will come and whisk me away until I can forget I walked these paths. So I can pretend I didn’t have to wait to escape.

    By cmsiena URL on 09.08.2012

  12. Between your flex and my break, there is a strange state. We are too bound up. Different directions. What we need is a box of very long rubber bands.

    By Lexopomorph on 09.08.2012

  13. You flexed. I swooned.
    Are abs really supposed to be so sculpted?
    Your rock-hard form and smoldering gaze set my blood ablaze and it’s all I can to do keep breathing normally.
    I stumbled, and found your steel-lined arms there to catch me. I look up.
    Are you really the same boy who bothered me in grade eight?
    Our lips meet. Here comes the meltdown.

    By aura.rayne on 09.08.2012

  14. Her smile broke oxygen. It poured syrup and honey and everything else thick and sweet and unbearable on it’s own straight down my throat. How do you impress such a beauty, a wonder, someone so apt and delicate but vicious behind a row of perfect teeth? I bent a muscle, nice and hard, so she could see my perfect form. The smile faded.

    By Treys URL on 09.08.2012

  15. I would like to achieve muscles that flex well.
    Some day…
    that will be a reality.
    If only I had the motivation.
    As I write this without getting up and doing it..

    By janelle on 09.08.2012

  16. He flexes his muscles and she is immediately all over him. I despise people who throw themselves at boys like those. I look away before I gag.

    By Katnaps on 09.08.2012

  17. Flex makes me think of yoga, when i stretch my limbs out, it feels like the bad energy in me is being released. I can feel the tendons and muscles in my body expanding and relaxing.

    By Emma on 09.08.2012

  18. I would like to have abs that flex and show off a perfectly shaped set of abs.
    For the enjoyment of knowing I worked out and I looked good.

    By brownjanelle on 09.08.2012

  19. stretch sweat breath into the balance that allows the body to move. In relations being flexible can prove to keep your life in sync with the movement.

    By ada on 09.08.2012

  20. I was walking down the sidewalk cuendo saw a group of young performing stunts were maybe a gym is not , But i go to the universiti because i think its all the day .

    By Edward on 09.08.2012

  21. I didn’t have time to think. I just went for it. Attacking with everything I had, but defending with the cunning of my yoga master. His hits never landed as he couldn’t have known just how far my flexibility went.

    By Ruben URL on 09.08.2012

  22. She flexed the muscles in her jaw as she sat still in her chair, legs perfectly crossed, hands perfectly folded. She couldn’t help but steal glances at him, and she also couldn’t help but noticing his dark eyes meeting her own.

    By Raelynn on 09.08.2012

  23. I flex my fingers because they are stiff and sore. Have I been holding on for that long? What is wrong with that being so wrong? Mistakes are the new normal after all, but when I catch you, what happens if I too fall? Nothing because like my brain, I’m on to the next, I didn’t even have a chance for another flex.

    By Anika URL on 09.08.2012

  24. I flex my neck to face you beacause i dont want you to think i want to talk to you. Im dying to, but you dont deserve to have me or my attention, you must earn it. Thats why i flex my neck.

    By lu on 09.08.2012

  25. Flex reminds me of a song that came out. It was called flexing and it dealed with flexing your muscle

    By niya bufford on 09.08.2012

  26. I flexed my muscles hoping to scare away any of the competition. After all this was a life or die situation for my career. If I lost then I would be the laughing stock of the whole wrestling community. Who would want that?

    By Rose Silver on 09.08.2012

  27. Morning muscles stretch out like a star
    Arching the back, the spine curves
    Upwards as back muscles twitch and twang, releasing
    Their pent up exhaustion. The bicep comes
    Next, growing out of unintention,
    Before the epicondyle twists medially, popping
    The ulna back into place.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 09.08.2012

  28. I guess it would be easier, if, like all things, I tried harder. Bending muscles, stretching them, pushing my limits. But I think too much, do to little, and flex nothingness, and get stuck and sore and tired and over exerted and wonder why I do it all again.

    By Sarah on 09.08.2012

  29. He flexed his fingers knowing it was the start of yet another dull and dreary day. Sure, something exciting could happen but who knows, when going to work

    By grainne on 09.08.2012

  30. The man began to flex his muscles ; obviously he was showing off, for the girl across the room.

    By bethannie on 09.08.2012

  31. I never liked muscles, until I met the muscle man himself. He can hold me down just by laying one arm across me, and I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate it. I go to the gym just to watch him work out. I don’t even mind killing myself on the cross circuit machine for an hour.

    By Rena on 09.08.2012

  32. Waka flocka always shouts “flex” in his songs. He is flexing his dollar bills, I believe. Most rappers do this as a sign of all their wealth. Flex can also be used to describe the tensing of muscles, but this is a lesser known use of the word. Mostly, flex ya dolla billz.

    By jim on 09.08.2012

  33. Up, down, up, down, streeeccchhhhttt. Okay, I got this. Right? Maybe. Working and churning muscles so they can be perfect. What else is there to do, anyways? After all, you need to be perfect. Up, down, up, down.

    By Chelsea URL on 09.08.2012

  34. He always wore those FBT singlets. I remember, they were navy blue. They showed off his arm muscles, biceps, were they called? He always used to tease me about how strong he was and he’d flex his arms right in front of my face to disturb me. It didn’t bother me, though. I was used to it. I liked him being himself around me. It was like he could trust me. Flexing his muscles, who knew? I didn’t think I’d remember this until I started typing.

    By Marissa Jamie URL on 09.08.2012

  35. He always wore those FBT singlets. I remember, they were navy blue. They showed off his arm muscles, biceps, were they called? He always used to tease me about how strong he was and he’d flex his arms right in front of my face to disturb me. It didn’t bother me, though. I was used to it. I liked him being himself around me. It was like he could trust me. Flexing his muscles, who knew? I didn’t think I’d remember this until I started typing. I miss him. Well, the old him at least. The old him who’d wear FBTs and a pair of basketball shorts and the old him who’d text me everyday to ask me out to dinner.

    By Marissa Jamie on 09.08.2012

  36. So, the other day my cell phone did not work at all. The screen was blank and I couldn’t get nor receive any calls. I had it seen at a store and it turned out to be the flex.

    By Ana on 09.08.2012

  37. Is an activity you can do to your muscles to gain public attention especially from the girls.

    By Reigen Fernandez on 09.08.2012

  38. flex your arms. oh yea you flex them well while she holds on to your bicep. but be careful, ur walking down the aisle and you dont want everyone to see you’re trying to impress her. better relax. but oh, now u cant, because she already felt u flex and if u relax, she’ll know what u were doing. damn. now just try to look normal.

    By santos on 09.08.2012

  39. I held my breath offstage, and bent down to touch y toes ones more. With my eyes closed I heard the announcer call my name, and then the music began. I ran onto stage with the grace I had been taught, and i flexed my toes when the count was at 5.

    By Bonnie on 09.08.2012

  40. flexing relieves stretching. comparing and contrasting. most struggle to put together heavy burdens while they flex. though many have a problem with subtle differences in situations regarding the flex, like in public, where they are concerned by their peers?

    By Dylan Soares-Kern on 09.08.2012