September 7th, 2012 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “flex”

  1. haha. Big, bad, tan, oiled body builder. That’s what i think of when I hear the word flex. Or a little blond girl who’s daddy say’s – “Flex!” haha.

    By Shyla Marie on 09.08.2012

  2. He flexed his muscles all the while keeping his eyes on the gorgeous woman behind him. The gym was filled with women swooning over him, but he had to choose the one who wouldn’t even give him the time of day.

    By Beatriz Zafra on 09.08.2012

  3. He flexed his muscles all the while keeping his eyes glued to the woman behind him. The gym was filled with women swooning over him, but he had to choose the one who wouldn’t eve give him the time of day.

    By Beatriz Zafra on 09.08.2012

  4. The intake and outtake of a breath. One that takes and one that gives. Prisoner and Freedom.

    By Alyson on 09.08.2012

  5. I flexed my muscles. Then I went to eat some cereal, beacause I was hungry. So I poured the cereal and the milk and ate them. They were delicious. I love cereal!

    By Apzterz on 09.08.2012

  6. Whenever someone flexes, I think less about them. What are they trying to prove? that they have muscles? Do I really care? I want a man who can love, not lift. I don’t care about how you look, I care about how you treat me.

    By Caroline on 09.08.2012

  7. The man smiled brightly at me. I grinned back. He scooted a little closer to me. I felt a tad uncomfortable. “Hi,” He said, flexing. I felt disgusted and got on my bus, thinking about anything other than the flirting man.

    By Caroline on 09.08.2012

  8. Jess flexed her arm muscles. The hours of hard work surging through her body. Lumps appeared like boulders glued to her arm. This scared me. I hid my slinky noodle arms in my jacket. I liked to stay inside.

    By Alexa S URL on 09.08.2012

  9. Thirteen posts above me are about the gym. Splashed with colorful language and overcomplicated sentences describing people at the gym, flexing their writing muscles a bit too hard.

    By StatiKink URL on 09.08.2012

  10. My muscle were sore from working out the day before. I started to stretch my shoulders, flexing them to hep release some tension. Why does working out have to be so painful? Man, I need a day off.. This pain really isn’t going to let me concentrate on my work if it stays like this all day.

    By Amarie URL on 09.08.2012

  11. Jess flexed her arm muscles. The hours of hard work surging through her body. Lumps appeared like boulders glued to her arms. I could see the tan lines peaking out from pushed up sleeves. This scared me. I hid my slinky arms in my jacket. I liked to stay inside. And it showed.

    By Alexa on 09.08.2012

  12. I flexed my muscles in front of her. She looked at me strangely. “hmmm… How can you help me,” she asked. I looked at her, puzzled. “as you know, I am a ghost, and to get to the ‘other side,’ I am going to need your help. Help me figure out how to gain my peaceful rest in the grave. You are the only person who can do this.” “but we are in this terrible hurricane and I am going to die. ” I feared. “if you help me I will make sure you and your family are safe. “

    By Tiffany on 09.08.2012

  13. “Sexy flexy” is the nickname I gave my sophomore English teacher. she was the best teacher i ever had. I became such a good writer because of her. It was hard work though. She had us write three essays a week. three very long essays but sometimes hard work really pays off.

    By Natalie on 09.08.2012

  14. james was the kind of guy she could instantly hate.she could neither see his boldness and his tenderness.she could only see him as a an arrogant ‘full of flex ,drained of any emotion young man.

    By fay on 09.08.2012

  15. When I’m in the weight room, I like to flex my arm to Gerry Moore to give him a giant ginger boner. He enjoys it most of the time and then puts me on the varsity team if only I do dirty things to him and his kids.

    By Dante on 09.08.2012

  16. Felix, the cat, disappears in a flash,
    perplexing felis, never where you should be,
    Shout and demand, flex your linguist babble,
    But she will come with saucer of warm milk

    By Mahatma on 09.08.2012

  17. Flex, esta en inglés. Haces deportes, te ríes de los señores que se doblan. Arriba, abajo, arriba, abajo, de lado, del otro, de lado, del otro. Rodillas, codos, cadera, cuello, muñecas. Flex.

    By Andrea URL on 09.08.2012

  18. i’m really flexible in many ways, i think. physically and mentally, but not emotionally. once i find something or someone that i like i can’t really change that. i can’t stretch my feelings until they aren’t there anymore. it just doesn’t work. i’m really open minded and stuff just not when it comes to getting over things. i care too much

    By deirdre rose URL on 09.08.2012

  19. He flexed. She winced. They always tried it. As though big muscles were all she looked for in a guy! So what if when he flexed continents shifted on his torso and a volcano wiped out a whole country on his back? If he didn’t have a brain to match it was all useless. Why, why, why were they drawn to her? There were so many other women around in their bikinis and cloth suits so why HER?

    By Mairead URL on 09.08.2012

  20. Muscle, strength, the feeling when you finish a work out and your body is showing you what you have achieved. Be bendy, be powerful, be free. Show what you have done and be proud.

    By Katie on 09.08.2012

  21. it was 2 am in the morning, after considerable pain in my forearm i woke up. i started to flexing it but to no avail. “Eeh” i said to my self, took a painkiller and went to bed again.

    By Faizi on 09.08.2012

  22. i was flexing in the mirror while I was at the gym. I wondered how my muscles were getting to be so big. Then I realized, it was because of the hard work that I was putting into all these months. Whenever I start to feel like I have no motivation, I begin to think about how I felt seeing my muscles flexing in the mirror.

    By victoria torrez on 09.08.2012

  23. He flexes his muscles as he talks and punches. I try not to laugh as he continues talking and looks at me to see if I am watching him.

    By jehaan on 09.08.2012

  24. I watched the puddles glitter on that cold Saturday afternoon. Even though the rain poured down, I was glad for the break in the heat. The waves would flex and shimmer, and the sweat dripped down my back with every step. I liked the dreary weather, if only for the sweet breeze licking my face.

    By Marissa URL on 09.08.2012

  25. as I breathe, stretch, and hold positions
    I strengthen.
    I flex my muscles
    I exercise my gifts
    and breathe
    defy disease
    and create beauty and transformation with ease
    while getting to know me
    I bend into flexibility
    I tie my spirit to my mind to my body
    and the three enter twine in comfort and new familiarity
    flex and shine

    By Stacer on 09.08.2012

  26. Flex.

    I flexed my muscles as I looked at the girl. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. What I’ve been told is beautiful, what I should be wanting to impress. But my flexing muscles are for someone else. The reject. The girl in the corner. I want to impress her. But the world doesn’t agree.

    By Julia on 09.08.2012

  27. He looked normal. Just an ordinary man walking off the platform of a space ship that just landed in my backyard. The word flex spelled across his space suit.

    By Patrick Prejusa URL on 09.08.2012

  28. I guess flexing your muscles is what comes to mind. I have been flexing a lot recently because of soccer. Flexing makes you stronger. Sometimes when I go to bed I flex and then relax all my muscles and it helps me sleep. Muscles are an amazing thing. I think it’s amazing that you can control them and flex them and use them and do all this other stuff too.

    By hannah on 09.08.2012

  29. Flex. I don’t know, haha. When I think of flex I think of flexing a muscle to strengthen it or make it look bigger. But I guess you could also flex objects by bending them.

    By RachaelMuch on 09.08.2012

  30. dudes that are too cocky…. get a life you flexing your muscles wont impress me. only make me think you are a douche.

    By rachael anne damage URL on 09.08.2012

  31. is when I was smaller than an axe and my weapon of mass destruction was purple and bent as a button with 25 sides. If all the other children could see how much I loved it, they would know that purple is my favourite shade of happy.

    By Nada on 09.08.2012

  32. פליקס הינה סדרת אנימציה לילדים ששודרה בערוץ הילדים בשנות השמונים. דמותו של פליקס הייתה חתול צהוב שקיבל תכונות של בן אנוש לכל דבר, האנשה. והייתה לו מזדווה צהובה שהייתה הופכת לכל חפץ בעולם. אצל ילדים מקובל שדמויות שהן חיות יעברו תהליך של האנשה. זאת על מנת ליצור אהדה וחיבה בקרב הילדים וגישה חיובית לגבי בעלי חיים.

    By keren on 09.08.2012

  33. Flexibel musst du sein. Sie rufen dich an. Du sagst. “Ja, ich komme sofort.” Du zwängst dich in den Anzug. Du setzt die Kapuze auf. Sie rutscht über dein Haar, denn du hast es seit Tagen nicht geschafft zu duschen. Wenn du heim kamst, bist du ins Bett gefallen und irgendwann klingelte das Telefon wieder und du musstest los und Menschen sammeln, solange bis du wieder zum Umfallen müde warst. Zum Glück riecht man es nicht, wenn du den Anzug an hast.

    By Lisa URL on 09.08.2012

  34. Flipping moving around and bending for the benefits of those around you I twist the ideals as they become strung out by limitations small changes and concrete ideas of others. I desire to live a life full of the simple desire to live. I’m pushed and pulled and learn to adjust my course of action till I’m stopped in life and made to turn around and rediscover my identity.

    By Rebecca on 09.08.2012

  35. And then in a brief moment of synesthesia, the colors became sounds and I could taste every delicious great song I’d ever heard. I was living out the exact moment of perfection and reality had completely manipulated itself and framed me there, a chance to relive it how I was meant to, if only to savor having the chance to do it all over, the right way. Then it would flex. Everything was normal again, and there was nothing I could do about it.

    By Karoline on 09.08.2012

  36. Flex is a dirty word, gross sounding, like something squishing or unfolding, stickily. I guess it comes from the image of a muscle flexing, up and down, fibers moving together. That’s not really gross, that’s life, it’s gears and shifts, the movement of it. But life is gross, too. Most things that nature creates have a gross side. Why is that? Birth, death, sex. Hmm.

    By Haley on 09.08.2012

  37. He flexed. Some guys are shy about it and some are all about it. And girls usually don’t give a single ….. You know. But flexing can be a turn on or just a players addiction. Annoying. Flex is also fun to say

    By kris on 09.08.2012

  38. Flex means like flexing your muscles, which is commonly associated with guys who are full of themselves. Like jocks. I hate guys like that. They have no respect for women…

    By Gina on 09.08.2012

  39. His arm went wild as his arm showed me the power he wielded, and how much control he could have over me, I had no say. He lifted his arm even more and the strength consumed him and I no longer recognized the man standing in front of me. He was a stranger.

    By Noah on 09.08.2012

  40. supple straight, curved skin taught.. knuckles crack, stretch and yawn. morning.
    move, feet, toes and sinews, feel the world beneath feet

    By kimba on 09.08.2012