September 7th, 2012 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “flex”

  1. flexing is a muscle term. it shows if you have strong muscles or not. bodybuilders love to flex. I have no muscle, so i have no meaning to flex.

    By TT on 09.08.2012

  2. Motionless, and listless she watched her foreign parts. Flex!

    By Louise on 09.08.2012

  3. I flexed my arms with all the strength I could muster. I heard a bone crack and detaches itself from my feeble joint. I winced in pain as my foe approaches me, weapon in one hand, the other balled into a fist. I shut my eyes and wait for the blow….

    By Jacqueline on 09.08.2012

  4. And point, and flex, and point, and why the fuck can’t my feet get as arched as everyone else. They’ve been here for six months and I’ve been here six years.

    And point.

    And flex.

    By Mickey on 09.08.2012

  5. flex is made up of 4 letters. F, which is the first letter of some obscene language, and many very normal every day words such as fiddle-sticks. L is a nice word, it’s the first letter of the word love which is an amazing thing. E is the first letter of the word elephant, I like elephants. And X is an unusual word, it doesn’t begin many words except xylophone, and it’s in the word except which is pretty cool oh and it’s used a lot in maths.

    By Nicky URL on 09.08.2012

  6. Adobe Flex is a software by Adobe that is used for developing state-of-the-art websites. It is so simple to use and the results are amazing. I had a chance to attend a flex workshop in my college but I didn’t. I am regretting it now.

    Flex might also

    By Krishna Prasath Subramanian on 09.08.2012

  7. Tony stretched, his muscles aching after a long session down in his workshop. (Long even by his standards; he hadn’t left the shop for somewhere around five or six days.) Gathering up the new gadgets that he had made for the other Avengers, he wandered towards the door.

    By Kathryn on 09.08.2012

  8. flex. flex my brain muscles…It’s friday night. All the young and green ears are out. hormones raging. drunken brawn hootin and hollerin. look at me flex these gym toned muscles baby. nothin but protein

    By bitter panda on 09.08.2012

  9. flex a smile. put on a leg.
    red lipped and rouged.

    you charming man, you.

    By lgrey on 09.08.2012

  10. Reflex is such a fascinating phenomena in our body. It helped us in our lives even though most of the times we just didn’t or couldn’t notice it. It works like just like the janitors in our society. Small and easily ignored, but substantially important.

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.08.2012

  11. the metal flexes as the pillars try to take the weight of the building. Several hundred tonnes on a few meters of new-age steel. It just didn’t seem possible. James looked at the metal. There were cracks starting, and they suddenly ripped across the beam, neatly servering it in two. Then the ceiling came down.

    By DerekY on 09.08.2012

  12. burning stretch of exquisite motion… fire born of bodily dance…… curving movement of loves embrace

    By Matthew Goss on 09.08.2012

  13. He flexed the thin plastic plate back and forth, looking at me.

    “I think this one will do,” he said, dropping it to his side, the matter decided. The next move, of course, would be to head to the cash register and finish our trip.

    But all I could think was how I was about to end it with him.


    By globusgeckus on 09.08.2012

  14. flex a muscle and see where it takes you practice it now and then to see the strength you didn’t know you had where the creases are the weakness strengthens where the vision gets stronger there is our strength in our dreaming in our being in our ability to know the potential that is boundless

    By dayna fischer on 09.08.2012

  15. flexibility could be considered to be the way someone is ready to face life and its hardships, the way a person is able to adapt to those things in life which don’t always go the way we want them to. Sometimes one has to flex to become who one is meant to be.

    By Elina on 09.08.2012

  16. He was flexing his muscles trying to show off how strong and manly he is. But that was not the thing she was looking for. It wasn’t the right way to impress her. She smiled in a gentle way and walked away, leaving the guy with idiotic look on his face. It was the first time his muscles failed him.

    By Omnix URL on 09.08.2012

  17. Flex? I don’t know what to write. I guess the first thing I think about when I see the word ‘flex’ is flexing your muscles. I don’t want to write about that. So I’m just going to sit here patiently waiting for the next work and hope it isn’t too stupid. Anyway. Flex flex flex flex flex

    By Sofia on 09.08.2012

  18. When a guy wants to mate with you, normally he will do this to his muscles.

    By Allie on 09.08.2012

  19. I wish I could flex but I have this pain
    In my arm. I am trying to direct my
    Body, Do this, do that, I command you.
    we are one mind and body.

    By Robin on 09.08.2012

  20. Flex your muscles the man said and I did, and yet they were nothing like I hoped they would be. Under nourished, underused, I mean what was I expecting, I hadn’t eaten a proper meal for 6 months. Just grabbing at whatever I could. So I flexed those muscles, or lack of, but a new determination came over me. I wondered

    By Jo URL on 09.08.2012

  21. Dear love, you just closed to me. But why me?Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron & Wine
    See The Sun (Alternate Version) The Kooks

    By Yana Burke on 09.08.2012

  22. He was stunning. Bright eyes, huge shining smile, strong jaw lines, and muscles that rippled as he flexed.

    By esky1118 on 09.08.2012

  23. He stepped into the gloom, the brightness of the glade behind a spark over his vision. He flexed his sight, adjusted to the subfusc shadows of the forest, and took a deep, shuddering breath. He knew that if he tried to leave, he’d only be turned about again by the will of the forest’s ghosts.

    By Fia on 09.08.2012

  24. The boy looked at himself in the mirror. He liked what he saw. In fact, he thought himself quite good looking. With that thought, he made a deal with himself and nature. If two hours of pain made his flexed muscles look like a greek god, then so be it. He would work out every day until those girls were chasing after him. Oh, it would work all right and he’d be the most popular boy in school.

    By Jane URL on 09.08.2012

  25. flex
    flex flex flex flex flex flex flex flex flex flex
    flex flex flex flex flex flex flex flex flex flex
    flex flex flex flex

    By Georgia URL on 09.08.2012

  26. To flex is show muscle
    However weak
    a show of strength
    and life
    after a long illness
    to give one final uterine flex
    and push life
    into the world

    By Cathy on 09.08.2012

  27. She flexed her muscles — not because they’d asked, but specifically because they’d asked jokingly. Because they thought it would be something she wouldn’t want to do, something she would shy away from, and instead it was something that proved exactly how strong she was.

    By icfasntw on 09.08.2012

  28. bend, move. Flexible body, beautiful, intricate, fascinating.

    By Anna on 09.08.2012

  29. i have a great passion of flexing my body. and i have started gyming for the same. in the end i realised that i need to flex my mental energy to one and that is when i started taking meditation seriously.

    By Vix URL on 09.08.2012

  30. I flex my muscles as I stared intently at the computer screen. It has been 6 hours. 6 hours of grueling hard work. My boss, Sarah, gave me an assignment 7 hours ago during the meeting. She said that I had to compile a list of names of all the employees in our company from the past to present in order to be able to sort out the information more precisely and accurately. How nice. Not.

    By nothingtodo on 09.08.2012

  31. If you flex you are a pest. No one is impressed. Put the weights down. Take a rest.

    By johaha on 09.08.2012

  32. flexibility!!! acrobats and gymnasts!!!

    By tavleen kaur on 09.08.2012

  33. Flexing is what you do with your muscles, yes? Muscles are made of meat.
    You know what else is made of meat? You. Me. Everyone you love. They’re all meat.
    Meat rots. Everyone you love is made of meat and they will all rot someday.
    So flex those meat-tubes while you can, boy.

    By Justin on 09.08.2012

  34. She flexed her arms and legs out over her head. Thinking, breathing…just breathing…deep…sighing. “I can let it go, breathe in with the pain and breathe it out. Flex”
    Again and again. Repeat.

    By Danaé on 09.08.2012

  35. flex it
    flex it good
    flex it like you’ve never flex it before
    flex it till you’ve flexed it all.

    By Alice on 09.08.2012

  36. Flex Alexander? From that show that I cant remember.. But he played basketball or something. I think he was famous. The actor’s name is Flex in real life too. I think he’s related to the Wayan’s or something. Or else they are just BFFs. It was a good show though. My sister and I loved it. I know the mother lived in like Alaska or somewhere. Novascotia! Or however it’s spelt.

    By Aoife on 09.08.2012

  37. The muscles upon your face, just flex them. Make them curve into an upward smile. It hurts. It causes such great pain to flex those muscles because in doing so, your heart flexes, too. Your entire body is flexing, trying to create that moment in which you seem like you are happy.

    By Sarah on 09.08.2012

  38. Flexing through the space. Like a caterpiller, bending backwards. Flipping upside down . Free and untethered. Like a bird. Limitless. Then a sudden start. And I feel heavy and I find my feet are on the ground.

    By devan on 09.08.2012

  39. I flex my body and my entire being just thinking about having to write about myself. I can’t seem to find enough words to describe what is going on outside of me. I guess it’s a lack of understanding

    By andrea on 09.08.2012

  40. a haiku about “flex”

    no you can’t make me
    i won’t write about this word
    no just go away

    By Diana Mooncrown on 09.08.2012