September 6th, 2012 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “stillness”

  1. Beautiful. A single tear drop, pin drop, noise stops. The Earth’s rotation at a standstill, The Blue pill. This is a place of dreams. Reality doesn’t live here anymore.

    You’re welcome to join us.

    By Tobi. on 09.07.2012

  2. stillness is an awkward awesome thing…specially u r left alone infrnt of ur lover in a closed room, n u dnt knw wat to do….there stillness of that moment defines a thousand emotions…….wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! dats d buty of love

    By chaacha URL on 09.07.2012

  3. My heart is in stillness
    Probably due to the fact that everything I once had is now
    I feel numb all over
    Thank you for making me feel this way
    Love of my life

    By hanisha URL on 09.07.2012

  4. Stillness…. staying still and calm. Certainty. Stance. Fear. Many emotions can create such to happen : Stillness. Thought, control… And so much more. It’s a reaction.

    By RachaelMuch on 09.07.2012

  5. i am still. new born. simply dead to the world when there is no light in the sky. no light in my eyes. Stillness. Just another newborn, or newdead? A slap to the ass but no avail. This tiny soul will know peace too soon. Oh well. Thats life. Death. Whatever. We all fall down.

    By Fish Reyes URL on 09.07.2012

  6. as fast as I run, away from all of this.
    stillness is still all around me.
    I keep trying to get away from it,
    but it’s chasing me.
    I’m getting nowhere so fast,
    but I keep trying, keep going,
    because I can’t just be still…
    This life can’t always be mine.

    By Dominique on 09.07.2012

  7. Stillness? An illusion. The world is forever in motion. Everything changes. Through the present, the future plunges into the past.

    By Lester on 09.07.2012

  8. Stillness. Can we understand it apart from stale-ness. Apart from musty, old, cold, and what we’re most scared of: loneliness? Can we know – come to find – seek out – Stillness. Perfect peace, loveliness enjoyed, life through eyes at rest. Souls at rest.

    By Shyla Marie on 09.07.2012

  9. All the color is drained out of my eyes. It’s the stillness I’ve been waiting for, been dreaming of….it sits on my skin, a dragon’s armor. I’m begging the stillness to sink into my pores, to drip into my blood, to silence the scream I can’t make, to finally stop the painful thudding of life into death.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 09.07.2012

  10. Stillness can’t be defined by anything, because technically nothing is still. Ever. Of course we think that things are still. When people sit. When they sleep. When a tree just stands. But things are never still. Not really.

    By Hoellenbrut on 09.07.2012