September 7th, 2012 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “flex”

  1. He flexed his muscles for admiration. He took glory in the fact taht his brother David had not lost weight while he was down to 185 pounts, mostly muscle now. David watched Micheal flex and show off to the girls at the beach.

    By Jenn on 09.07.2012

  2. I was trying to be flexible was simply showing off to the girl sitting across from me. she was so beautiful with her green eyes. i think i love her.

    By Talyah on 09.07.2012

  3. I flexed my muscles in the mirror. Looking, judging. Are they growing? I turn to the side. Flex. Hold. Breathe. Can I do it? Can I make that vein bulge a little more? I turn again, bringing my right arm up across my body. I glare at the mirror; it doesn’t give me a flattering look. I soften.

    By Tina on 09.07.2012

  4. he reached up to flex his muscles. i look at him longingly, wondering if i’d ever find the chance i got one scandalous night last summer. maybe one day he’ll realize what’s in front of him.

    By Sarah on 09.07.2012

  5. anoche la luna rota entre el humo de tus dedos, la lluvia era caliente del fluido de tus labios, del incierto momento en que me desquebrajé entre tus sueños, la noche tan ilusa cuando ante la ciudad desnuda soy la anónima del alma roja.
    No sé donde escribo mis palabras, pero sin duda se que las guardo entre tu memoria, entre tu piel y el espacio de tus alegrías, en las sombras policromáticas de tus sonrisas

    By Paula Rojas URL on 09.07.2012

  6. These exercises flex the writing mind. It defines the writer, and weeds out the dedicated from the delusional. We are the writers who use this site to post how we think and how we feel without the fear of critique and just do it for the sake of doing it. Some of us post anonymously other under our real names but we are one. Forever linked together by pen, ink and the heart of our works we hold dear, as though they where our children. We consciously decided to flex this intellectual desire to improve on our talents, and grow our knowledge of our world beyond our current understanding.Knowing that we must hone our skills first and presented second. For that I salute you and will drink in hopes of your success.

    By alexfinan on 09.07.2012

  7. The mother octopus flexes her tentacles, reaching out from the small cave she had chosen into the open sea. She unfurls her limbs, letting them swish gently in the current.

    Then she feels a movement, and quick as lightning she is back in her cave, tense and waiting.

    By Libby on 09.07.2012

  8. she can’t move the way she use to. what kindof word is this even gslkgjskljgljk.

    By mady on 09.07.2012

  9. I had to weigh my options here. There was little flexibility in what this program was offering. It laid it out plain and simple. I can attend, get the degree, and work in the one field it provided. Everything else was out of the question. It was binding, and would it not offer to pay every dime of my tuition, I would immediately say no. But as it is, I’m just a poor boy…

    By Ruben URL on 09.07.2012

  10. He flexed in the subway as the people gawked, he was a hundred pounds of muscled flesh with half of that of fat and another equal portion of bone. You could see it upon him, a model made human, a statue amongst the people. Yet that’s all he aspired to be.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.07.2012

  11. flex your muscles or flex your heart? are you flexible? why not? time isn’t flexible. love is. love stretches life beyond imagination.

    By Sylvia URL on 09.07.2012

  12. the man flexed his arms as to prove he was on top only to realise that he wasnt muscular but small and frail but in his own mind he is boss he is what he wants to be and that is all the motivation one needs.

    By dustin ledford on 09.07.2012

  13. As She wakes up, She feels how weak her muscles are. Years of disease, which in itself is not awful; rather, overwhelmed by the lethargy and mental state that came along with it.

    By Cooper on 09.07.2012

  14. Rather than writing, I stole the first 30 seconds in order to perform the action. The result was calming, but somehow energizing.

    By Cooper on 09.07.2012

  15. what i wanted from your lips
    was perhaps not love
    but absolution.

    (i would let it pool
    in the lines of my palm)

    (i would forget to look
    you in the eyes)

    truth swelled unbearable
    from the knife wound
    sweetly curved on my abdomen.

    By tiffanylu URL on 09.07.2012

  16. I think of being flexible and how hard it is to be flexible for everyone. Then I realize that it is damn near, no, it is impossible! I am going to flex for me for here on out. So there. Like apples?

    By Lindsey on 09.07.2012

  17. Ah. Um.
    Well, hello there, Muscles.
    Is it alright if I call you that?
    Sorry, I’ll just- ah, be over there.
    Working. With the barbells.

    So, supposing you like coffee…

    By L on 09.07.2012

  18. Intimidation was key.

    “Oh, I know far better than to acquiesce to your imbecilic demands,” I stated coolly, flexing my vocabulary.

    He merely regarded me with a predictably blank expression.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.07.2012

  19. an important part of sliders cellulars.
    flexibilitie to do something and so.

    By Lhu on 09.07.2012

  20. flexing my feet so the cramp goes away it persists and I cant stop the annoying pull of the muscles under neath skin flexing my jaw trying to release the tension built up from life’s mind numbing regularities

    By dee on 09.07.2012

  21. She wasn’t afraid. No, not afraid.. more like tense? She had prepared for this moment for far too long. It was time to sever the thread, to flex the muscle she had been working so long to build; they would invade tonight. And that was the end of that.

    By Emma on 09.07.2012

  22. my muscles are so big and strong, I go to the gym all the time at least 3 times a week and work out. always lifting. always stretching. always toning. i feel like a real man afterwards with all my testosterone pumping I know all the women will swoon as soon as I step out of the gym and put on my nice crisp new ed hardy shirt. Bitches love Ed Hardy, what you dont know? psh… faggot.

    By grasskingdoms URL on 09.07.2012

  23. flex you fingers. flex your wrists. flex your hair. flex you brain. they told us to flex every part of our bodies until each one was perfectly molded to a shape that would make us interesting.

    By Daniela on 09.07.2012

  24. I’m not very flexible. Sometimes I wish that I was, because then I could have really awesome sex with people and my stretch marks wouldn’t matter. The fact that I have average sized breasts wouldn’t matter. But, I’m not flexible. I can’t bend my legs over my head.
    I’m also a virgin.
    I don’t know if those two facts are connected, but I feel like they are.

    By Amanda on 09.07.2012

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    By Alok Prakash URL on 09.07.2012

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    By Alok Prakash URL on 09.07.2012

  27. Flex–that’s what she did as she watched the Yoga instructor. She bent to her side, stretching the muscles in her back and arm. It was all she could do to remove the strain.

    By Adrielle on 09.07.2012

  28. Time to flex my mental muscles I suppose. Write, write, write, write, write, write, write – that’s all I need to be doing right now. Thinking. That too. Thinking and writing. Writing and thinking. Progressing. Working. Thinking outside the box. Writing outside my own.

    By Jed on 09.07.2012

  29. Flex–it wall she need to take away the pain in her aching back. But it couldn’t take away the pain in her heart.

    She had just woken up from an awkward position in bed, but the man she loved was no longer beside her. All she felt was emptiness–nothing could take away the pain she felt.

    By Adrielle on 09.07.2012

  30. You flex your muscles or you flex your mind. It is not easy, infect challenging and requires much will. To easy to go through life sometimes without flexing your mental muscles. But satisfying it is, disappointing sometimes but fulfilling most often!

    By Bhairavi Vakil on 09.07.2012

  31. She flexed her muscles as she came up in the push up. She had been working hard, and getting closer to the goal, 100 push ups in six weeks. Why does a 40 year old mother of two want to do 100 push ups? Because she can.

    By Joannah Miley on 09.07.2012

  32. be as movable and able to bend as a willow tree. falling for inflexable ideas and thoughts are the way to brokeness. talking is not stiff

    By nanny60 on 09.07.2012

  33. It’s not a feeling you get very often, sometimes it just comes along out of nowhere. But why would it have ever come to this? flexibility is not my strong point, not in a thousand years, but I never thought it would come to this. And now there’s nothing left to do but wait…

    By Jessica G on 09.07.2012

  34. flex a muscle like ya dirty dancing. the moon and stars that speak to you at night begin to spin and twirl the way that muscle contracts and holds and hurts. like a tiny little mouse full of sinew and spew and grime it’s funny to think of your mind.

    By Soso on 09.07.2012

  35. Flex. Flex has many words and means quite a few things. It can be used as a metaphor, literal definition, or a way to add better imagery to ones sense of setting. It’s not only a complex word composed of only four letters, but a very simple and elementary word.

    By Damon URL on 09.07.2012

  36. The flex of muscles, the athlete showing off the hours he had spent training. Under his skin, his gears ticked, his muscles flexing. Well oiled and well trained, they were ready, the machinery to his gah.

    By Tim on 09.07.2012

  37. show me what you’ve got,
    and boy had it better
    be good,
    because I don’t take less than that

    if you really want to know me,
    first you’ve got to
    let me see what you’re worth

    I may be a pitiful girl
    in need of a
    5-year growth spurt
    but at least I’ll have you
    to make me feel

    By kassandra on 09.07.2012

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    By parul on 09.07.2012

  39. His muscles flexed. He wasn’t trying as hard as he could. He didn’t want to come off as showy. He liked this girl and he wanted her to like him. So he put in some extra “umph” as he lifted her suitcase up the stairs into her room.

    By Miriam on 09.08.2012

  40. it is a flex . flex has flex nothign more that that and if you remember waht is flex please told me the value of flex other wise you are also same as me that i also dont know the meanign of flex how luck we dont no the meaning of dfl klfsdlkfj

    By sailesh on 09.08.2012