September 7th, 2012 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “flex”

  1. Flex is to show ability to do something, especially skill or power
    The new role will allow Delaney to flex her acting muscles.
    flex your muscles

    By Mohi Uddin on 09.07.2012

  2. Yeah, I work out a lot. I can’t help it, its addicting. I like to flex in the mirror and see how much better I look every time i go. I even flex while i walk around. I’m also very flexible. I think my middle name should be Flex. I would be flexin’ errythang.

    By Chris on 09.07.2012

  3. He flexed his muscles subtly as he leaned down to lay sweet candy kisses on my lips.

    By Angelina on 09.07.2012

  4. She watches the muscles in his arm flex and his eyes twitch on the operating table.
    Her heart beats and she tells herself to relax, and stop shaking.
    “Scapel,” says the blue clad doctor beside her. She doesn’t respond.
    “Scapel,” he demands again, impatient and slanting a look at her. She knows that she’s supposed to do something with her arm, pass him the tool, but her hand’s shaking so hard, and there’s so much bloodbloodblood.
    Silently, she storms out of the room, even as the echoing shouts erupt behind her.
    She didn’t sign up for this shit.

    By Annie on 09.07.2012

  5. Take heed to the will of God, make sure you are obedient to his paths. You must not search out your own way, His way is perfect and much easier to travel, even though at times it may feel most difficult: this is your flesh–follow Him in the Spirit!

    By Veronique URL on 09.07.2012

  6. The man flexed his muscles menacingly, wishing he was as confident as he looked. He tried to effect an intimidating air, never letting on that he had no idea what he was doing. He just wanted to go home.

    By MM on 09.07.2012

  7. He flexes and I just can’t think about anything else. Right in front of me. Absent mindedly making me swoon over him. Oh lord.

    By Monica.x on 09.07.2012

  8. The wings flexed and bent slightly in the wind. The shuttle dipped slightly but stayed in the air.

    Alex pulled back on the stick and left the atmosphere.

    By GM Hill on 09.07.2012

  9. flex those muscles as you push the pedals hard up the hill and flex the feet to pull them back again. Don’t forget to slow your breathing and take in every deep push from within.

    bikes forever

    By sexybikechick on 09.07.2012

  10. She flexed her muscles. They were definitely getting bigger. Pushing lines of six shopping carts around parking lots all day had it’s benefits. But what good are muscles when buried underneath fat? Megan pursed her lips and stared longingly at the carton of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer. “Well, maybe just a bite,” she thought.

    By khakicat URL on 09.07.2012

  11. Flex those muscles in your’re head
    And think you’re little heart out
    ‘Cause one day all that thinking will come in handy
    Flex those muscles in you’re feet
    And go somewhere
    ‘Cause you need to move

    By Jordan on 09.07.2012

  12. When you are walking around te gym and see big burly men pumping iron and looking pleased with themselves. They are flexing their muscles and thinking oh so highly of themselves.

    By Amy on 09.07.2012

  13. Flex. Flex do those who think the strenght is strong whithin themselves, just to prove their point. Flex is for the weak. It’s in those who don’t that lies the true strength.

    By João on 09.07.2012

  14. He tightened the muscles in his arm so she could see how strong he was. She giggled and told him he was strong if one was into that kind of thing.

    By Charity on 09.07.2012

  15. there once was a boy who flexed his muscles for a girl. He flexed so hard that his skin burst and got all over the girl. she never fell in love with him and he never grew his skin back. tis a sad life with no skin.

    By Ryan Yaeger on 09.07.2012

  16. flex your muscles of your mind, which leads to flex your physical muscles. all leads up to your true health.

    By kaorita on 09.07.2012

  17. To flex the mind is the best way to spend time.
    To think about what is to come is even better.
    To fall in love with someone is gold,
    As long as its not cold and you wear a sweater.

    By YaegerBomber on 09.07.2012

  18. it’s what you do with your muscles. I believe a lot of people do this when they are like “oh look how big my muscles are” and they hold out their arm, but they are totally flexing their arm at the same time. Flex is also part of flexible, the ability to easily change.

    By Christina on 09.07.2012

  19. flex and flay. swish and sway. the rustle and bustle. all become one in the light of the day yet monsters at night.

    By Charlotte on 09.07.2012

  20. Flex. And point. And flex. I am in my ballet class. nothing is going on at all. Just flex and point. And flex.

    By Lauren on 09.07.2012

  21. there i was with a friend walking through venice beach when we saw a couple of dudes flexing their muscles a at her like if they were trying to impress her

    By mauricio chacon on 09.07.2012

  22. “The muscle guy in the corner is looking at me. Look, right there did you see him look? OOO he’s flexing his muscles.” She winks at him, “Look at those girls, they’re swooning over him. Why must I be so shy?”

    By Astrid on 09.07.2012

  23. Flex.

    The girl sighed as she sat under the tree, where, innocuous behind her book, she could watch her fellow students leaving. Of particular interest to her were the boys, just the previous night she’d had a discussion with her mother over her choice of solitude. As the girl watched, the boys pretended to fight each other, confirming the argument she had put forward the previous night.
    “If I were to meet a boy who could flex his intelligence, or his personality, as well as he could his muscles and masculinity,” she had told her mother, “then perhaps I would consider company.”

    By Chrissie on 09.07.2012

  24. At camp this one time we had a bonding game. We all got shirts of a different girl and had to write a n adjective describing her. One girl, Sarah, flaunts her flexibility all the time due to her 12 years as a dancer and subsequently is known for it. However, her shirt has the word “flexible” on it but was spelled wrong. She doesn’t care that it’s spelled wrong because it was made with love. Plus, no one is really looking at the “a” in “flexable” but rather her leg in split against her head.

    By Sophia G. on 09.07.2012

  25. He flexed his biceps like a peacock fanning it’s tail, trying to attract attention. A few girls tittered excitedly. They didn’t say anything though, just looked and blushed, and he smiled back at them. It was some strange courtship ritual, difficult to follow for an outside observer.

    By Nicki on 09.07.2012

  26. I hate boys that walk around flexing their muscles. Flex your brain. I don’t particularly care how buff you are, but I really care how smart you are. Please, please, read a book. I can’t date you otherwise… But I’m not upset if you are muscley too…

    By Allison on 09.07.2012

  27. When I am at the gym i am consistently flexing. it is my being. I am so self aware. I always watch the people around me and wish I had what they had. I am the green jelousy monster. There is nothing better then a man with arms flexed.

    By Amber on 09.07.2012

  28. flex as in… flexible? i guess? i don’t know. never heard of it before. maybe it’s the fact because I’m not english or american or australian or people who use english language as their daily basis. so i’m not really sure

    By Audria on 09.07.2012

  29. The boy flexed his arms while stretching. Timothy couldn’t help but stare. DAMN his hormones! It wasn’t his fault his next class has the window view of the track team….which happens to have Jeremy in it….his current crush.

    By Sevystorm on 09.07.2012

  30. You have to flex to become open you have to explore the world with your curiosity, you must try new things to discover joys. You have to be flexible.

    By Kirsten URL on 09.07.2012

  31. she opened her hand. her tendons nearly ripping. ripped like her heart, ripped like her mind. ripped like that stupid necklace her mother gave her so long ago all that she has left of her. all because that man flexed one finger.

    By Callidia on 09.07.2012

  32. I can feel the vibration of his humming through his shoulder. We’re dancing a swing, and both of us have been doing it so long that our breathing doesn’t even pick up anymore. One-two three, one-two three, one two, one-two three, one-two three, one two. I don’t know the song, but obviously he does, and the pleasant vibrations of his humming reach my hand, which tightens slightly around his shoulder. He spins me, and we face each other, in a two-hand-hold, and as he passes me, I can hear his humming, too. It sends goosepimples up and down my arms. Dancing with him is like nothing else in the world. It makes my heart flex just to think of it now. He’s otherworldly, too. Not just handsome, but somehow beyond that. He has what my grandmother would call ‘the jaw’. Or, at the very least, he’s got the feet. We dance.

    By Catori on 09.07.2012

  33. I’ve already used flex…. STAHP IT!!!! STAAAHHPPPPPPP! come on…..STOP

    By Sevystorm on 09.07.2012

  34. Be flexible try new things, go new places. Explore the world with all of your curiosity. Find joys in the world.

    By Kirsten on 09.07.2012

  35. flex and stretch. flex and stretch. ease those aching bones and muscles into a good place. bend over. groan, good for you. jean – also good for me. cannot bear to go back – too big, too creaky, too unsure – is this right, or is the chiro right- is she???or is he???

    By bett on 09.07.2012

  36. I watched his back tense up, his muscles flex briefly before turning around to look at me. His eyes were dark brown. Not in the friendly, inviting way, but in the mean, dark, mysterious way. Making you wonder what you don’t know about him.

    By Sunny on 09.07.2012

  37. I flexed my arm for no apparent reason.

    By Baraa Hamandi on 09.07.2012

  38. Randy flexed the muscles in his arms. Then he flexed the muscles in his legs. Then, with great determination, he flexed every single individual muscle in his neck. I watched from a distance as he stepped over to the stack of dumbbells, sucking on a slurpee and narrowing my eyes.

    “Well,” Anna murmured, “as long as he’s not trying to flex the muscles in his a – ”

    I shot her a warning glare. “Don’t. Even. Say it.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.07.2012

  39. I enjoying flexing my brain muscles more than any other muscle on my tiny body.
    It’s rejuvenating & although I’m not as strong as I would like to be, I know I can hold my own in a conversation.

    By Britty URL on 09.07.2012

  40. Flex? I love flexing muscles. If I happen to have them. I like to work out, just to build muscle. The toning of my body is nice too, but I also like to know if the zombie apocalypse started, I could outrun a few zombies.I hope. Or at least flex my muscles at them. Ah well.

    By Laura on 09.07.2012