June 12th, 2013 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “flee”

  1. I run towards the cliff, breathing hard. I think of my life and my past and remember the reason I’m doing this in the first place. I take my last breath, and jump. I finally flee from this world.

    By Emma Summers on 06.12.2013

  2. бля, я не знаю что это значит. фли? в смысле муха. да вроде нет. ну наверное может этот известный бассист из рхчп. что еще сказать про это слово. слово из четырех букв. начинается на ф. заканчивается на е.

    By Миша on 06.12.2013

  3. скучно. бежать это прикольно когда у тебя ничего не болит. но хреново, когда болит спина. тогда особо не разбежишься. и какого хрена одно и то же слово дают по новой? я уже писал об этом.

    By Миша on 06.12.2013

  4. If I could flee from my problems, I would.
    But I can’t.

    By Moona on 06.12.2013

  5. Flee. I need to get away. Not forever…not running from anything. I just need a vacation. I need a breath of fresh air. I feel like a change is necessary.

    By Kelci on 06.12.2013

  6. flee you parasites you mean nothing to me. I inflict pain, and death where ever I go. I cannot love you, so depart. My love was tarnished by another. you must flee!

    By Sky on 06.12.2013

  7. …birds flee all the way towards the mountains and peaks…with an enthusiasm to enlighten their high spirits!

    By anita on 06.12.2013

  8. I ran as fast as I could and didn’t dare to look back. How could she? Why would she? I tried to make myself not care and just push forward. I had to get away. The farther I got, the better.

    By Lindsey Johnson on 06.12.2013

  9. Fleeing in a full gown, bustle and petticoats in all, was not Matilda’s greatest idea. No, spying in said gown had not been a good idea. Fleeing was just the necessary aftermath.

    None the less, climbing onto one of the catwalks, she slipped and fell. Her knees were bruised and she could tell that she had cut her leg on a shard of metal.

    By Megan on 06.12.2013

  10. is to run away from other things. it is used in battles and wars. fleeing is the past tense of flee. time is fleeing right now and i’m running out of time. flee is one syllable and is 4 letters long.

    By Aaron on 06.12.2013

  11. I ran. As fast as my tired legs could take me. It wasn’t fast enough. No matter how fast I ran, no matter how much I pushed myself he would grab onto my shirt. Pull it and me back. And then I’d be running again.

    By Jess URL on 06.13.2013

  12. I’m doing it again; that running thing. That thing called running. Yeah, you know the one. But this time it’s different. This time it’s serious. This time I’m FLEEING. In the process of being a flee. No, no that’s not right… wait up I think I am being told to click this button…

    By Jess URL on 06.13.2013

  13. i was trying to flee from the man who was chasing me. i didnt know where to go or what to yell. i felt like i was going through hell. who would help who would why away? i dont know all i know is i ran for dear life. i mean it was my life. i will put up a fight whats to stop me

    By lynx on 06.13.2013

  14. flee from existence. get away and figure out who you are. don’t give a damn what anyone thinks and just flee. flee from yourself and from people and from god and everything you know and you go little man you go. I hope you flee so hard that you never turn back.

    By anon URL on 06.13.2013

  15. Run! As fast as you can, get out of here! Don’t look back, don’t think of me. Be gone with you. If you go now you can reach the gate before its too late. Don’t stop for anything. Don’t help anyone on your way there.

    By Elizabeth on 06.13.2013

  16. flee. running away. my parents tell me that when i come across something bad, i try to flee from it, rather than fighting it. i can’t exactly agree. i try to fight, its just that i’m not good at fighting and i don’t like fighting, so when I have to fight, i tend to become very quiet, unlike my natural self.

    By thedarkestsheep on 06.13.2013

  17. We ran. So far did we run. Two thousand plus miles to the western coast. Freedom. Cold freedom that November. That was the water. Or just cold.

    By corey on 06.13.2013

  18. afraid of the truth oh my how we behave when all of this once was perfect. i could perfect freedom? if only you knew how i tried.

    By rara on 06.13.2013

  19. I had to flee from it all. Leave everything behind. Every bone in my body had felt the jump of adrenaline. I could no longer look back. Flee. Flee. Flee.

    By Fumi on 06.13.2013

  20. The wise know when to run and when to fight. Unfortunately, fleeing isn’t always that easy. Like at 3 o’clock in the morning when you’re gripped by an episode of insomnia. Lying there staring at the ceiling, wishing for anyone to talk to, but the world’s in bed and you’re on your own, kid. On your own to face down all the fears that come creeping out in the quiet hours. Pillows muffle pathetic whimpers as I wonder yet again, “Will anyone ever love me as much as I love them? Or will it always be me making the phone calls, sending the texts, initiating the get-togethers?” Insecurity runs wild on insomnia and I, for one, hate it.

    By aura.rayne on 06.13.2013

  21. I had to flee. The fight or flight cocktail was heavy in my blood. The terrors that awaited me around the corner, didn’t even bear thinking about. My mind screamed at me. RUN.

    By Keri on 06.13.2013

  22. The temperature dropped. My blood pumped through my veins, heavy with the fight or flight cocktail I was so familiar with. It’s hard being a predator, it’s even harder being the prey. I had gotten so caught up in chasing him, that I didn’t realise he was bait, I was trapped. The temptation to flee wrapped itself around me, but was quickly chased away by my curiosity.

    By Unholynight13 on 06.13.2013

  23. I want to run away. Run far far away. With you by my side. Although you are the reason I want to run away in the first place. What happened? You left me. Us. After all those things you said. I don’t understand. Not one bit. Nothing makes sense.

    By Alex on 06.13.2013

  24. I swam across the boarders and reached the shore after days. They captured me before i could lie my body in the sand. You must not run from your fate they said. You must do your duties, you have a country to run. They put me on a black unicorn and just as one of the men looked away I kicked with my boots and we flew away.

    By bluebooks on 06.13.2013

  25. It seems so easy here to stay within the comforts of you chauffeured car, moving from one building to the next, with a ten second interval with which to see the rest of this chaotic, polluted city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Instead I’d ask you to run from this privilege. Flee from this apparent first-class life.

    By Charmaine Poh URL on 06.13.2013

  26. the wind gushed through my hair as I ran faster, further, harder than I’d ever run before. i could feel the presence behind me, I didn’t want to turn around, I knew if I saw it i would be enticed in. I couldnt do it, it was so much pressure, I had to get away from it.

    By liz row on 06.13.2013

  27. Run away! don’t even look back, just go.
    Forget all the things, you do not have the time to go back for them.
    You need nothing else, just go. Now.
    If you don’t nothing else matters.

    By Paul on 06.13.2013

  28. run away. Dont stop, just keep running and dont look back. Dont think about anyone, not friends or family. Think about your feet, and give into the rhythm of the pounding of your heart, synchronised with the pounding of your feet agaist the dry earth beneath you.

    By Aoife on 06.13.2013

  29. Don’t think, just breath and run. Think not of the those you’ve left behind but of the pounding of your heart, synchronized with the pounding of your feet against the dry earth beneath. Just run, or nothing else matters.

    By Aoife on 06.13.2013

  30. dfg ffdfvd

    By summer on 06.13.2013

  31. I like my life, i really do. Although, there are sometimes i look up at the sky and see how amazing and vast it is, just at those moments, when i’m all relaxed and being the real version of me, i think i should flee. Yes, flee from the danger or becoming a dull and unhappy person.

    By Sare on 06.13.2013

  32. Flee the drudgery and the monotony of everyday life – shake off the shackles of mortgage and a regular job and income and go where your dreams take you!

    By Ara on 06.13.2013

  33. Running for her life, she ducked into the classroom. Loud footsteps echoed down the hall, and she could hear her breath coming in pants. ‘Please God, please”, she silently prayed. The footsteps stopped right next to the classroom door. She swallowed as the doorknob turned and

    By Soft URL on 06.13.2013

  34. Terror raced through her, followed swiftly by adrenaline that spurred her only to move quicker, run faster, lest they catch up. She checked behind her as she moved, bolting through life, dodging people, diving around the words they offered her, the feelings they felt. There was nothing to do but flee from everything.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.13.2013

  35. flee is to escape of run… it reminds me the word ‘fly’… isn’t it? sooooo what can i say about it??? in 60 secondes/

    By nuphar on 06.13.2013

  36. what. what.

    By nuphar on 06.13.2013

  37. This is my trademark. This is my gift. I know how to do this. I not only know how to flee whatever place or situation I’m in, but I have enough international contacts now that I can flee to a variety of continents, where I can understand the native language and thus live a relatively comfortable life. But I’m returning to the U.S. now, and I’m wondering if I can stem this impulse, if I can root myself, if I can stay. We’ll see.

    By Erin Anderson on 06.13.2013

  38. “Dudes, flee now!”
    The group of tall and bulky men sprinted down the stairs and through the hallways of the school. They ran into the taxi and it went off like a rocket.
    “Bye dudes, see you soon!”

    By Bianca on 06.13.2013

  39. Forced to flee for freedom, I found my self fenced in a funnel-like freeway, where with many fellow travelers also filtering down from forking footpaths we were channelled to the far end like a fast flowing river.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.13.2013

  40. Overhead the clouds had turned into gray muscular clumps, and the air was warm and damp with the promise of a storm. The birds were darting at the feeders, snatching seeds and then fleeing, only to a moment later for more.

    By mrsmig on 06.13.2013