June 11th, 2013 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “decompose”

  1. it is dead, gone, at least the soul is gone. The rest of it is decomposing and becoming minerals, molecules, atoms, to be the food of plants. Taking it all apart. returning it.

    By Deborah URL on 06.12.2013

  2. des unions composés des composés, des cons posés, des qu’on pose, compose.

    By clément-pierre on 06.12.2013

  3. She was so upset by funny fact, that she decomposed her life immediately. It seems to be impossible, but it’s true. trust me.

    By Sebastian URL on 06.12.2013

  4. His body decomposed. Smell of his rotten body surrounded her.

    By Aunni on 06.12.2013

  5. I think that’s what my brains are doing most of the time. Decompose… that’s also pretty much what most of modern musicians do. Decompositions. Yeah I’m cynical, so sue me. I happen to find joy in it, so suck it, wont’cha?

    By humanode URL on 06.12.2013

  6. If I put this together piece by piece then take it all apart, can I call it decomposition?

    By SolNikole on 06.12.2013

  7. i allready had this words 3 times but my imaginacion is never ending

    By Isolde URL on 06.12.2013

  8. “go back to the kitcheeEEENN”

    ha ha HA HA HA HA HA

    you were so funny i laughed
    i laughed for five minutes straight

    five turned to ten turned to thirty
    turned to twelve hours

    turned to three days
    turned to a week

    i laughed so hard my stomach ached
    and i fell to the floor and rolled over
    and started to convulse
    but i kept laughing

    i laughed until i couldn’t breathe
    until my blood ran cold
    until i died

    i was still laughing

    they took hours before they announced
    my TOA
    because i was writhing around
    with a slack jaw mouth
    wide open eyes

    rigor mortis set in and i was laughing

    they opened me up for an autopsy
    and my laughter smacked them in the face
    like the smell
    and the guts
    you know

    i laughed when they dolled me up
    for the casket
    when they put the glass over me
    and people filed past to look

    they looked like they’d never sleep again

    i laughed all the way
    to the hole in the ground
    i laughed and it echoed against the soil

    you didn’t have the balls to go
    to the funeral
    or even stay in the city where you killed me

    you drove far far away but i know
    you can hear me

    i am still laughing

    you will never stop hearing me i promise

    ha ha ha you were so funny
    HA HA HA

    By h. b. URL on 06.12.2013


    By SHANITA on 06.12.2013

  10. Decompose. To rot. To fall apart. The destruction of an object, usually once living, due to the assuage of time and influence of air, water, and the world around it. Relationships also can decompose, die to the passage of time and influence of people, places and the world around them.

    By Natasha McGregor URL on 06.12.2013

  11. i would like to enrich my vocabulary by decomposing the long sentences i speak to shorter more understandable ones so that i could communicate my feelings and emotions more effectively to people around me.

    By shubha on 06.12.2013

  12. I was the first to find the body in the canal, but not the first to smell him. The household woke up to that smell, amplified by the summer heat, and assumed at first to be from an unfortunate animal. We never expected the animal to be a person instead, and certainly didn’t expect it to be someone we knew.

    By B. Rhodes URL on 06.12.2013

  13. decompose a thing is the fact of breaking down and moulder or molder, and something which is break down.

    By lol on 06.12.2013

  14. It always confused me when people said there was a fine line between love and hate. How could two such polar opposites be neighbors? And what was that barrier that separated them? Since then I have come to understand exactly what they meant, in a fallen world like ours. Hate is what happens when love gets sick. When it is not properly cared for, when it is abused, when it is left alone to cry, it undergoes a terrifying metamorphosis in order to survive. Kept in the dark, left untreated, the affections that once rejoiced in the glow of a lover’s smile become a cancer that eat away at the patient’s heart. The heart starts to rot.
    Don’t take people’s love for granted.

    By aura.rayne URL on 06.12.2013

  15. The bodies lay in the street decomposing. No one had the tools or the will to remove them, so they just lay there. The smell was overwhelming, but it would soon pass. Soon the road would just be asphalt covered in dried bones of a society that once flourished. And then, it would all be gone.

    By Kristina URL on 06.12.2013

  16. Everything decomposes in life… Even human beings. The problem is when someone decomposes while living.

    By Cristina Iturriaga on 06.12.2013

  17. The wind decomposed as the noon sun powered down. It was thick with fog, the smell of human sausage lingered.

    By stumbler URL on 06.12.2013

  18. Jerry decomposed at night what he had composed during the day – he pursued and unpursued, promised and unpromised, was nice and un-nice – he was loved by day and unloved by night – and the days and nights built up and broke down, healed and festered, biodegraded, until one day Jerry found himself unmarried and unhoused

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.12.2013