June 13th, 2013 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “wrath”

  1. I feel like it has controlled my life. Anger both felt and buried have defined my existence. I consequently am one of the most negative people I know, and I hate that about myself. Furthering the cycle.

    By Brooke on 06.14.2013

  2. The wrath of the lizard king. Those were black days in the kingdom of Mysth my dear friends, gathered round the campfire. I’ll tell you the story, but you may miss a nights sleep. And tomorrow is another dangerous day, so?

    By Wouter Drucker on 06.14.2013

  3. Even though he was there before, he had no idea about what was about to happen to him. The wrath of all gods all striking upon him. A little bit more than his body could ever imagine to hold. Still he was up for it, fantasizing about a small hit he could sneak on his way running out of the battle field.

    By Stef URL on 06.14.2013

  4. A powerful entity, invisible and inaudible, held me over the edge of a dark abyss that was the world. I saw everything in nightmarish clarity and shrinked at the overwhelming sight. The truth of the world had revealed itself for a brief moment and I felt tremendous fear as the solid ground beneath my feet slipped away.

    By Doulton on 06.14.2013

  5. That’s all he had to say. “Begin.” And he had my wrath for life. One utterance. I focused my eye on him, from in the pit, there were thirty of us at least, absolutely crammed in. And this man, this devil, stood above us and called to the auctioneer “begin.” I loath him.

    By Babushka on 06.14.2013

  6. A powerful entity, invisible and inaudible, took me and held me over the edge of a dark abyss that was the world. I saw everything in nightmarish clarity as though a curtain over my eyes had been lifted. The truth of the world had revealed itself for a brief moment. I felt tremendous fear as the solid ground beneath me slipped away.

    By Aletheia on 06.14.2013

  7. anger. red in face shouting. swearing. scary. tricky pronunciation. revenge. mur

    By Amna on 06.14.2013

  8. you incurred my, what with your backstabbing, your lies and your complete and udder shamelessness. I want to go biblical on you. Had I something to smite you with I would, but i guess I’ll have to just

    By Lee on 06.14.2013

  9. Tick tock, tick tock, the wrath of the clock.

    Over and over she hummed these words tuelessl.

    I want to hurt her. T crush her skull for some peace.

    Shut UP!
    SHUT UP!

    How quaint she’s invoked my wrath over her stupid rhyme.

    I’m sorry little sister. I’m sorry.

    By Babushka on 06.14.2013

  10. The grapes. A brilliant novel by a brilliant man. A feeling terrible. Something that is noble; if kept inside. Wrath. w-r-a-t-h. Grapes. Fruit. I have not read the book therefore I cannot know the link between the fruit and the feeling…

    By Valentine Moscovici on 06.14.2013

  11. when i speak what comes out
    instead of poetry
    is a cocktail of hydrogen and propane
    soaked in crude oil
    a forest fire waiting to happen

    who could blame me when half
    of what i inhale everyday
    come from exhaust pipes and the other half
    from bigot mouths
    toxic hatred about how the world is skewed
    in favor of certain kinds of people
    and how it should stay that way

    from birth i have been bathed in
    and consequently learned to swim
    in gasoline
    books light up like birthday candles
    at the first glimpse of my skin
    i know societies are bigger and harder
    to burn, their flammable qualities
    but i have my sights set on their softer insides.

    By h. b. on 06.14.2013

  12. what

    By Anastasia on 06.14.2013

  13. She was shaking from what she saw. How could she dare talk to her own child like that?
    She walked briskly toward her as her mother reached for her son’s shirt and yanked it.
    ” Don’t talk to him like that,” she said.

    By ouissem on 06.14.2013

  14. again? I did this one anyway…
    wrath is scarily like really
    like not matter where are we,
    youll never escape from it really.

    By sowhat2013 on 06.14.2013

  15. the wrath of the mighty is flowing into the minds of the common people.thw wrath of the educated is casting a shadow,an unpleasant one that we common people cannot recognise with.

    By irwinashishcoelho on 06.14.2013

  16. an evil man with a unibrow stirs over a blueprint. he is smiling the kind of smile that makes your cheeks hurt for hours afterward.

    By stevie on 06.14.2013

  17. reminds me of the word wrap, like a gift wrapped nicely, or fresh flowers wrapped in see through fabric with colorful ribbons tied neatly yet efficiently. What kind of a gift are flowers anyways?

    By Azi on 06.14.2013

  18. this just what I was feeling when most of my friends deserted me, just for achieving what i don’t know!

    By Ayush Ghimire on 06.14.2013

  19. The wrath of the vixen was deadly, but even worse incomplete. She raised her fist one last time, this time her foe was not only prepared but more afraid. He was expecting it this time, unlike the last time when her vicious attack came from his blindside. She swung and missed, her terrible eyesight getting in the way of another dinner. The deer sped away.

    By James R on 06.14.2013

  20. melina laughed at the notion of it all. feel his wrath? what time did he think he was from. melina wasn’t afraid of him or anything he claimed he could do. he was a man. nothhing but a man.

    By Panzie on 06.14.2013

  21. wrath of gods brings terror and horror. strawberry stains on grass, seeds spilt in vain. I don’t see the point of this, the word or the exercise. malfunction. malfunction. malfunction. we all suffer god’s wrath, whether we believe in a god or not.

    By mik on 06.14.2013

  22. Agrily he got out of the car. The curse of a thousand generations welled into one. the wraths of the forfathers creeping into his veins, he began his quest to find her.

    By Gouri on 06.14.2013

  23. My wrath was complete. I finally took off the kit gloves and did not hold in my feelings. I no longer had fear of loosing her or what I might say was wrong. It felt good to at last be myself and not reserve my feelings because I was unworthy or undeserving of my own feelings.

    By Andrew on 06.14.2013

  24. his wrath was something she had never seen befofre. the magnituid of it terrified her and she trembled in his presence.
    “how dare you.” he cried and the very earth seemed to cshake with his roar. she huddend further in to the corner trying to escape.

    By kk on 06.14.2013