June 12th, 2013 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “flee”

  1. I don’t know what is a flee, but it can be a verb probably. I think I will check it later in the dictionary, because it seems to be a useful word.

    By Karola on 06.13.2013

  2. We flee from the meaning
    as if it were the plague because
    we don’t want to know why
    or when this life’s going to make

    because to live is to die
    no matter who you are
    and we spend the whole time
    just to feel
    we just want to

    By HoldenLyric on 06.13.2013

  3. I want to flee my life it’s just so boring and I feel like I’m stuck in a room my whole life I’d rather be outside traveling

    By Shahznk on 06.13.2013

  4. In another attempt to get away from all the things that once taunted me, I realised I had no option. To stay in the town at which you broke me was just a constant reminder of how much I’d changed and how I could never go back to how I used to be. I need to flee. I need to run away and find a place that I can call my own.

    By Yasmeen on 06.13.2013

  5. Why was it that he had to run away every time I smiled? Or every time I ever looked his way.

    Maybe it was fear, or despair. Or maybe he just couldn’t see. And I think those were the most unfortunate moments of my life.

    I was ten.

    By Megha on 06.13.2013

  6. Flee this realm into a world unknown. Traipse the banister to a haven of own. Lest not be encumbered by thoughts of nay saying, rather to be lifted up to another world where yes is all that exists. Let’s flee this world that is dying together – and be reborn forever!

    By Li-Anne McGregor on 06.13.2013

  7. The mirror fleed in horror at her reflection!- oh wait, no, shes no longer a teenager to have such ridiculous thoughts. Yet did she really feel different?

    By stumbler on 06.13.2013

  8. Short, curled hair and polyester dresses with slow pulling zippers, wet from running through damp grass. These are the nicer, pre-horror images I have in my head when I think of people having to flee under the cover of nightfall for fear of being shipped off to camps.

    By Camille on 06.13.2013

  9. Fleas, fleas, fleas! Flee, flee, flee.

    By !ioi! on 06.13.2013

  10. A flee leaped from the cat’s fur, screeching as it catapulted along with the warm tides of a summer’s wind. It yelped, flinging it’s body over in circles before reaching an untimely end in the murky depths of an unforgiving ocean. Suffocation isn’t the nicest way to go, and for a flee, such an ironic one. A death fitting for any animal, large or small, given to the smallest of them all. Never had a flee had such a wisdom ridden thought.

    By Naomi Faye on 06.13.2013

  11. Our souls are transparent and as we live, we flee from responsibility, but stain them never-the-less.

    By Naomi on 06.13.2013

  12. His grabbed me up in my blankets out of bed, and flew down the breaking stairs and out the door. I watched the house burn behind us as we fled. Snuggling my head into the crook of Josh’s arm, I fell back to sleep.

    By Juliet on 06.13.2013

  13. flee is to run away, like burglars run away after stealing a bounty, like we sometimes run away from our duties. i confused flee with fly, although both mean the same in some way.

    By aravind URL on 06.13.2013

  14. We had this word yesterday! Or the day before. That’s stupid. I was excited for a new word. But whatever. I guess this word could have a different meaning. It can be a verb or an animal, a very small one on dogs. I like dogs. Especially ones with big black spots that need to be cleaned because white hair does not look good on black. His name is Sarge. He is the best thing ever.

    By Cara on 06.13.2013

  15. The evil government people had caught me again. I was lucky they were too stupid to guard me properly. I still had that tiny bomb in my pocket. When the guard left, I made it explode. I could see the ocean through the destroyed wall of my cell. The alarm rang, the guards were back and would probably kill me. I laughed at them and tried my luck with the ocean. Freedom was worth every risk.

    By Julia909 on 06.13.2013

  16. run, run run run. Come to think of it, Row row row your boat is just a song about drifting away and never turning back. FLEE THIS PLACE NOW. or suffer the consequences

    By Evan on 06.13.2013

  17. i want to flee from this situation. i want to flee to the past, to when my mother and father were “friends.” to when we could all sit down and eat dinner together. I want to flee to the future, to when hopefully all of these problems are solved. to when i dont have to worry about the people who gave me life hating eachother. i want to flee from the present.

    By sara on 06.13.2013

  18. I need to flee from this life. It’s not for me. I thought that by this point i’d have everything figured out but it becomes more and more apparent each day that I’m falling into an abyss of nothingness. I have plenty of blessings though, Need to remember that daily.

    By Beez on 06.13.2013

  19. The man had to flee from his turbulent past. He did not care to see where he went, but all that he knew was that he wanted to progress towards the future. It was not fleeing because of fear – it was fleeing because he wanted to see the light in his own heart that had been covered by the lies of human society. Fleeing is not always wrong.

    By PB on 06.13.2013

  20. fleeing from his parents he hid behind a tree. His covert op just getting underway he heard his father call out “Mikey, Miiikey” His dad came rushing up behind trusted him upward into the air, as they laughed. His mother calls across the park , “Come on you two time to go

    By margret on 06.13.2013

  21. It’s all these flaws that keep me from opening up to people. What if they don’t like my little quirks, that I ask too many questions or get interested in the littlest things? They might run away. That’s probably why I usually keep my thoughts to myself.

    By Trishia on 06.13.2013

  22. The princess was running–fleeing from what or whom, she knew not. All she knew was that if she stopped her fate would be worse than those at Traitor’s Gate.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 06.13.2013

  23. one hour of worship down
    and one hour of sermon left

    all i can think of right now
    while everyone prays to god

    is how i’m itching to go home
    and write a bible’s worth of porn.

    By h. b. on 06.13.2013

  24. He fled the darkness forever, always searching for a way to keep the light from fading. He tried to steal the sun and the moon to keep in his silver chain backpack so he would never be without the light. He tried to flee those faded memories of all the dreams that hurt him in the dark nights of his past.

    By Emily Little on 06.13.2013

  25. She fled light and the distant desires of that one boy 10 decades and 2 worlds away. She fled the light of his sunflower eyes.

    By Giselle Acquaviva on 06.13.2013

  26. You can’t flee the thoughts in your head. No matter how hard you try to pause your stream of consciousness, gray colored thoughts are always flying through your mind. You have to face the chaotic unspoken words, or they will consume you.

    By veronica on 06.13.2013

  27. why stay when you can go. flee. don’t stay. don’t do. you don’t need to stay here. just go. i don’t care if you don’t stay. i’ll come. we flee.

    By trishaunta burshimonier on 06.13.2013

  28. He ran in the opposite direction when he saw you coming. This woman had berated him so much that he could not stand to shop at the same grocery store as her. He ran out of the store with a jar a pickles with out paying.

    By Paige on 06.13.2013

  29. Sometimes fleeing is a good thing. Yet sometimes it may be a bad thing. Fleeing from problems sometimes cause even more problems. People just want to get away from everything and relax.

    By Kim on 06.13.2013

  30. I woke gasping. My eyes were looking at my surroundings immediately. It was a pristine white room. It was beautiful, but my mind was more busy figuring out where I was than noticing the beauty of the room. I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts. My eyes moved to the door before I could stop them. I jumped out of the bed I realized I was sitting in, which was very comfortable. I ran to the door on the ball of my feet not making a sound. I reached for the doorknob. “I wouldn’t do that I were you”, a voice from the far of the room said. I wore a startled look on my face and jumped at the voice. The figure came forward and stepped into the light. It was the same man who attacked Davin. I studied his face. His dark blue eyes showed no emotion, but his handsome teenage face portrayed someone who was playing a game. His hair was cut the same way as Russel, only man made it look professional even though it was black as night. He was walking slowly towards me. My hand crept to the door handle and I turned it quickly. The door opened an inch before it was slammed shut by the man. My eyes moved to the hand on the door. My eyes trailed over the muscular arm until I reached his shoulder. My eyes moved quick to his face. Our faces were about a foot apart. I stared into his eyes. The room suddenly felt cold. I shivered. The man smiled. The smile was more a smirk and he flashed brightly white teeth. I slowly backed up towards the bed, keeping my eyes locked with his. He took his hand off the door and walked forward. My heart quickened and I turned and dashed to the bed. Instead of laying down, I tucked my head in and rolled over the bed with my feet landing on the other side with a loud slap. I stood up with my head down and noticed I was wearing a silk pajama dress. My focus returned to the man.

    By Secret on 06.13.2013

  31. Gotta Run. Gotta book. Gotta get up and go ,get me outa this place, pronto , now. There’s nothin’ like the present to flee the past. It will all be behind me soon.

    By marylee on 06.13.2013

  32. fleeing isn’t running, it’s more like galloping or skipping. it’s not just an action but an action plus a feeling. what are you fleeing from? why are you fleeing? are you fleeing from something bad or are you fleeing from something too good for you? why should you flee, why don’t you just stay? if you ever have to flee from something, take a second to think about why you’re doing it. what is so important or dangerous to make you wish to escape it?

    By Jennifer on 06.13.2013

  33. i would hate to be a dog because if I had a flee in my fur i’m pretty sure i would jump into a pit of fire. I would hate to have that never ending itch.

    By Mary on 06.13.2013

  34. she flees the castle, never looking back. she never wanted this life. most people would kill to be in her place, always put on a pedestal, always idolized. but not her. princess life is like a bug under a magnifying glass on a hot summers day, as cliche as it may sound. paparazzi following you everywhere, never being able to do anything that isn’t “acceptable”. so she ran away from it all. away from the person she never wanted to be.

    By Dylan on 06.13.2013

  35. She put her injured arm around his shoulder, leaning on him for support. He looked at her with fear in his eyes and at that moment they both knew they were never getting out alive. She started to cry.

    By Michelle on 06.13.2013

  36. In the midst of the blackout he started running across the prison yard in a desperate explosion of sweat and breath. The darkness partial hid his attempt to flee when his left shoestring caught under the man next to him. The stir of dust and his grunt on the ground were lost in the sound of sirens.

    By Andrew on 06.13.2013