September 4th, 2017 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “flannel”

  1. flannel, wish i could pull it off. fits well with my full red beard and general ruggedly handsome good looks. but can’t seem to find one that fits.. also, i want a wood chopping axe

    By tony on 09.04.2017

  2. man wears flannel for many reasons. the first of this is the honey-bee principle: as long as they stick to their favorite shirts and plaids, bees will give them sufficient respect and heed their calls for sweet kisses in the bushes, forever and always. it’s an old accord, but it has never disappointed the agreeants.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 09.04.2017

  3. She wore bright red flannel and old denim jeans. She was every lesbian’s happiest dream. She drank only dark stout and shunned IPA. Looking at her, I knew I was totally gay.

    We danced after drinking a beer or six. We went to her room, and she showed me her tricks. She told me in the morning that she’d be sure to call. The stereotype was complete: Time for the U-Haul!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.04.2017

  4. the warmth of the striped fabric reminded him of the wonderful times he’s spent with his grandfather in the cabin in the mountain ranges that he never visited anymore. the long days and nights full of adventure

    By escribe diario URL on 09.04.2017

  5. The shirt that Ed Sheeran is caught in. The shirt of a lumber jack.
    A little too warm, and too broadening in the shoulder for me. Saw a girl in H&M who was slaying my life away in a flannel with a dark grey under shirt. Inspiring.

    By Jacob Parcher on 09.04.2017

  6. A shirt for Ed Sheeran. There was a girl in H&M yesterday who slayed my life away in a red flannel with a dark grey t-shirt underneath. Maybe I should do some yoga so I can look like that…

    By Maxi Million URL on 09.04.2017

  7. The flannel of my bathroom, I can sense the creaking floor. The airing cupboards have towels and the the element of a flannel is the fabric.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.05.2017

  8. mum can you please go to the shop and bye me a flannel. I went to the shop and a flannel. I went to the bathrooms at school and there was a flannel so I picked it up

    By shyanna URL on 09.05.2017

  9. she used the flannel on her face
    then put it back
    in its place.

    By Steve O URL on 09.05.2017

  10. I quail through the land of buisness;
    and see that computers are zombies on this playing field,
    humans are the baloons in the ambiance
    that make up the color
    of most flanels in the room
    I’m groomed
    and ready to vroom
    into conversations.
    People, make a money movement, not pcs.
    Thoughts actions and values,
    are a tribute,
    to the new boot, that has my name written all over it,
    lets stomp,
    lets romp,
    every chump,
    until money begins to dump.

    By Milad URL on 09.05.2017

  11. Two new skirts to the wind. Nothing like a little retail therapy to round out day 957 of numbingly tasty weed induced sauce smothered nothing days.

    By 1000 splinters on 09.05.2017

  12. A flannel was wrapped around an old water bottle to keep the wet out and make me feel more comfortable. The customs where so different here. The rooms smaller, colder, but homey. I liked England.

    By jassy URL on 09.05.2017

  13. A flannel was wrapped around an old water bottle to keep the wet out and make me feel more comfortable. The customs were so different here. The rooms smaller, colder, but homey. I liked England.

    By jassy URL on 09.05.2017

  14. i think flannel is a hat, but if have no clue what it is. i wish i had what ever it is thought, because i like hats! i want a hat, but i like to game more so what i really would like cod ww2, but it is 60$, and i dont want to waste all my money on something that im going to have to buy 2 since it is only in the beta.

    By nikolas french on 09.05.2017

  15. shirts.blankets..soft….poop….no….onoims…bla..pounziggyzig

    By kamdin fox on 09.05.2017

  16. I don’t have it, It must be very cool,but actually I don’t need it, maybe I can buy one for my mom.

    By Jerry Chen on 09.05.2017

  17. my mother went to Thailand and bought a flannel for me . It’s a pink color

    By shertamp on 09.05.2017

  18. Flannel. The flag for lesbians everywhere. Well for girls who like girls anyways. I wear flannel daily and even have a rainbow heart tatted to my neck. It is on the left side and is an inch by inch. I am gay and proud. Would you let me lick?

    By Inno URL on 09.05.2017

  19. I bought a pink and grey flannel shirt at Atwoods with my Nonna. It was on the clearance rack and she decided on why not to buy it. It is hanging in my closet now.

    By Kaelyn on 09.05.2017

  20. I pulled the mud-caked flannel jeans out of the excavation and grimaced as a couple moldering bones toppled out of one of the pantlegs. “God-damn it,” I muttered, carefully lowering the jeans into an evidence bag.

    By Lee on 09.05.2017

  21. The creators were unsure of what fabric to use, as there was so many different kinds. Nevertheless, they banded together and chose to create a new material. Flannel was used in many designs by the end of the year, and was worn for fall fashions on the runway.

    By Crystal on 09.05.2017

  22. aww
    my first reaction wrapped in warm thoughts
    hugging cheek to cheek
    fresh breath
    cute death
    air in our hair
    flannel is the way to channel
    our sincerest behaviour

    By too stable URL on 09.05.2017

  23. Something about a flannel makes the seasons magical again.
    Crisp air.
    Leaves letting go of their spots on the trees.
    They sprinkle themselves around making the blank ground their colorful canvas.
    I can’t wait to walk in the fall again.

    By hannahnobles URL on 09.05.2017

  24. many thing are flannel, clothes, cloths towels any thing cold be

    By mom on 09.05.2017

  25. It’s so hot.
    Flannel stays abandoned in the closet, a reminder of better days.
    It used to get cold here. It used to snow.
    Now, snow is but a pleasant memory as the ocean levels grow higher and higher.
    What are we going to do?

    By stranger on 09.05.2017

  26. the autumn air was finally hitting which meant it was time for the flannel season again, my favorite season, you can wear it so many ways and it just makes you feel in the fall spirit.

    By Skyy Atwood on 09.05.2017

  27. He wrapped her up in it, swaddling her close and lifting her into his arms. She was perfect– bright blue eyes, dark hair, rosy cheeks. And she was his. She always would be.

    The doctor walked his way. “Congratulations, Dad.”

    By Courka URL on 09.05.2017

  28. Sam and Dean Winchester wear flannel most of the time. Their dressing room looks like a flannel fairy barfed in it. It’s disturbing.

    By Chasity on 09.05.2017

  29. Flannel, it’s warm, it’s nice- but you’ll look like a Lumberjack if you wear it. I like flannel though.

    By Billy Bob Jones on 09.05.2017

  30. I put on my flannel pajamas
    and my flannel robe
    wrapped up in these flannel sheets
    but I was still cold.
    Then I realized…
    I forgot my socks

    By just_write URL on 09.05.2017

  31. a plaid shirt that is gay,, i love wearing them

    By Dylan on 09.05.2017

  32. I do not know what flannel means

    By Renee on 09.05.2017

  33. Him and that fucking flannel shirt. I”m sick of seeing it. I wish he’d get rid of it. He’s had it since he was in middle school. It’s too tight. The pits are stained a grayish-brown. What can I say though? It’s his favorite shirt. You can make a man part with his favorite shirt, can you? FUCK THAT. He used to love those pants with the million fucking holes that he had me patch up over and over and over and fuck-ing over. That flannel has got to BURN.

    By Jo' on 09.05.2017

  34. Dressed in his flannel shirt, she can’t help but grin. “Thanks so much for the present, sweetie,” she gushes to the little grey cross stuck into the ground before her.

    She flicked away the flecks of soil clinging to his shirt – hers now. Then, dropping a soggy bouquet of flowers beside the grave, she spun on her heels and left for her car.

    By ethel URL on 09.05.2017

  35. Flannel. It was a cloth she associated with him, and it just looked wrong on anyone else. She pressed it to her face and breathed in the scent that was probably just psychosomatic at this point. It had been 2 years since her father last wore this shirt. He wouldn’t wear it again.

    By Kimberly Sheridan URL on 09.05.2017

  36. As the cold weather starts to creep up on us I realize it’s almost the best time of the year. When you can cozy up by the fireplace with your favorite old flannel (the one that should probably be in the trash can) and a piping hot chocolate in hand all day long, flipping through Halloween movies without feeling guilty about it.

    By Tana URL on 09.05.2017

  37. somehow it came back.
    he had thrown it away more than a few times: once he had dropped it on the way home, other times he thrashed it at someone else’s place, in the back alley, at the city dump. Nothing ever worked though. He was always finding it again, sitting on his bed or quietly folded, the infernal flannel that bore him no ill, but which simply didn’t want to stay gone.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 09.05.2017

  38. a flannel hugged her hips tighter than many men ever had, yet wishful eyes were always present. always wishing and hoping they could be as close to her as the sleeve knot that lie resting under her navel.

    By zac on 09.05.2017

  39. Flannel flannel flannel. I am not inspired.

    By Amy Lynn URL on 09.05.2017

  40. A fourteen year old girl went hitchhiking. She had nothing but a guitar, and a flannel nightgown…which she was wearing. She was barefoot.

    By Amy Lynn URL on 09.05.2017