September 2nd, 2017 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “burning”

  1. The fire was burning in his eyes. This was a power he had never felt before. It was frightening. He felt so alive, and so angry at the same time. There was no other way to let it out than to avenge the wrongs that were done to him.

    By DraconianWriting URL on 09.04.2017

  2. It hurts so much to even think about you. I used to think you were a godsend but instead you were the snake. I can see things so much clearer now and I hate myself for overlooking your fangs. now I’m tied to a tree and the fire fueling my hatred lights me up in the darkness.

    By KABY URL on 09.04.2017

  3. my eyes are burning my nose is burning the woods was burning

    By elijah on 09.04.2017

  4. “You’re burning up. Don’t go into work today,” she told her.

    “I have to,” came the reply, “They already don’t take me seriously as it is-” she burst into a coughing fit at that. “They don’t like that I’m gay- if I miss one day, I’ll get fired, or worse,”

    By Katy URL on 09.04.2017

  5. Overwhelming sensation.

    By CJ URL on 09.04.2017

  6. The world fell from the sky and applied the weight of itself to her chest. Underneath it her burning heart constricted and lapsed. She wondered if the words on the screen were just words on the screen or if they were the end of her. It was hard to reconcile the two. She looked down again consuming each one carefully. Then she began to put them back together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle hoping that once assembled they might create a different picture. But no.

    By bb333 URL on 09.04.2017

  7. It was all ashen- the sky. The trees. Even the grass under our feet had returned into the dirt it had once been. As we stood, staring at what the fires had left for us, I saw only what it had taken away.

    By cat on 09.04.2017

  8. LACK

    We do not lack choice. This morning for instance I could walk down to the ocean and throw myself into it, allowing myself to bob and float at its will. Or I could put my body on the bus and take it to the art gallery and stand in front of my favourite Brett Whiteley painting. Either of those things would most likely make me feel as if life was worthwhile. I could embark on a new career or finish the one I started. But predictability, I will make the incorrect choice and allow myself to sit here and seeth over the endless piles of vomit you continue to leave at my feet.

    By bb333 URL on 09.04.2017

  9. There was something burning in his eyes. Lust? No. Not that. He wasn’t that kind of person. He looked at her and his eyes burned with adventure.

    By Brianna Wilson on 09.04.2017


    You must always move quickly, she said.
    For even when things seem calm, the vultures will still be at your back.
    You can not see them coming.
    Stay alert. And never leave yourself exposed in the morning sun.

    By bb333 URL on 09.04.2017