September 6th, 2017 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “broken”

  1. Like a shard of crystal, handed down through the ages from a family full of “haves” and “have-nots”.

    Broken like the bow of a ship that lay silently on the shore.

    By Maxi Million on 09.07.2017

  2. The day was quiet, and morning had broken without ceremony. The blond boy stood in the archway leading to the garden, leaning with no thought as to what he must look like, on duty as he was. His charge — nearly as old as he was — was sitting under a tree with the girl of his dreams, and the light coming up meant that she wouldn’t be going home for another entire day… no matter how dangerous it would be for all of them should she stay.

    By Smokingbomber URL on 09.07.2017

  3. again a cycle was broken
    because she leapt rather than cowered
    because she smiled and grinned when before
    she hardly dared uncover her teeth
    no matter how undamaged they were
    pearls of laughter had long ago abandoned her
    she stood and swayed
    and hunched her back
    but now
    where it matters
    she laughs and
    her mouth is wide open

    By thefrenchcrayon on 09.07.2017

  4. The clock lay on the floor, broken from the fall. Glass was spilling out onto the hardwood, and the edge of the pieces landed against the girl’s bare toes.

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.08.2017

  5. Broken is nothing to do with fixing, it is merely broken down , broken off and broken up . Fixing is far more constructive, but broken is finished.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.08.2017

  6. She lay there like a broken doll. Long black hair spread out underneath her, skin pale and transluscent under the moonlight, in a dark,blood red dress.

    Rain fell around her softly. She never stood a chance.

    By liyasaha85 on 09.08.2017

  7. The boy broke his toy; it shattered everywhere like glass. It was messy. Quickly, he rushed upstairs to tell his mum.

    By AP CAE on 09.08.2017

  8. So many lives broken by outside events and internal emotions. If we could fix one life, if we could help someone. If we could help ourselves. Broken implies, can be fixed, there is hope, Humpty Dumpty can be put back together again. Hurray!

    By Robin on 09.08.2017

  9. She was broken. The car had hit her at such a speed that the front bone of her leg was shattered through the skin.
    THe car drove off but a kindly woman stopped and picked her. Lily mewed pathetically.
    ‘Oh you poor thing. Let’s get you to a vet.’
    THe woman smelled of biscuits

    By Becca Boots on 09.08.2017

  10. It seems that growing up is lying, but if you don’t grow up, all instruction will get lost in translation – to those who can’t operate without it, cannot make their own. …In the end, something will be wrong.

    By dareka on 09.08.2017

  11. She sat and waited, waited for her favorite show to come on. But she quickly grew impatient and threw her phone on the floor; where it broke.

    By Crystal on 09.08.2017

  12. “My ankle! It’s broken!” His little sister sat on the gravel clutching her ankle, crying. “No, it’s not. It’s probably just sprained.” He told her.
    He stayed standing. Can you even break an ankle? Isn’t it more likely sprained and at worst, fractured? He imagined an ankle, broken, hanging limply at the bone, going the opposite direction, outwards. Hmm I guess it IS possible, but it would have to be a freak accident.
    As he stood musing, tears would not stop flowing from his sister’s eyes. Dirt had stained her white leggings. I hope it’s not broken or fractured. That would be expensive and I don’t know if I can afford that right now.
    With a sigh, he swooped her up with ease and carried her inside

    By Najwa Hossain URL on 09.08.2017

  13. I have done this word before, i think this website must be BROKEN. I like the idea of this, but I wish they would get different words. This is getting old.

    By Secretcommander on 09.08.2017

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    By Hans14G on 09.08.2017

  15. They were shattered. They covered me like a soft snowfall. The glass table had broken. Just like my heart, it shattered into a million pieces.

    By Kait Garro on 09.08.2017

  16. When I think of broken, I think of hearts and the way a comical heart is two hearts sewn together. When you break a heart or have your heart broken, it hurts and it’s not fun. Everyone can only hope they don’t break their heart too bad.

    By Nic URL on 09.08.2017

  17. Her throat is filled with the sound of glass when she speaks, harsh and loud, like it scrapes it way up from somewhere deep inside her stomach to balance on her tongue. I wonder how she keeps from bleeding, bright and red and awful, and wait for her to press bandages to my lips.

    By InkedConstellations on 09.08.2017

  18. i have been living a lie. everything have done has lead up to the moment of my falure. i have been internally shattered by the desiscion everyone has made. i tried so hard.

    By Sara McLeod on 09.08.2017

  19. This was a broken world, with broken people and a broken government. So broken that no one tried too hard to put it back together again. When someone finally sprouted from the rubble with a plan for redemption, they were quickly quieted- pulled like a weed from the dirt. There was no redemption here. This is no-man’s land, Hell brought up to earth.

    By Isabella on 09.08.2017

  20. broken backed dreams left him seething
    returned to peace past the evening
    nothing quiet nothing quite like it
    he’s reminded of the time when he tried it
    left behind in the storm of undecided
    she wasn’t meant for you
    she was a broken truth

    By matt m. on 09.08.2017

  21. is this website broken? i thought it was one new word each day. this is the same word as yesterday. which i have already done twice because my mind is broken. maybe that’s the point? to have broken twice to make you write about how broken this word broken is.

    By anne on 09.08.2017

  22. Broken; I honestly dislike the word very much. I imagine something shattering and never getting repaired when I think of the word. Though, that is not true, many things can be fixed once broken. I suppose that shows that many people see things in many different ways.

    By Chasity on 09.08.2017

  23. When is this word going to freaking CHANGE?! Oh, I still got like a whole minute left to type. I forgot about that. CAUSE I’M BROOOOOKEEEEEN! WHEN I’M LOOOOONESOOOOOME! I DON’T FEEEEEEL RIGHT…. WHEN YOU’RE GONNNEEE AWAYYYYYY…. YOU’VE GONE AWAYYYYYYYYYY-YEAH…. MM..

    I’m so fucking weird. And my minute’s not even that close to being up. Okay, it.. should be… over…. NOW!

    By Lee on 09.08.2017

  24. The android twisted across a chair like a broken doll, creepy but tolerable, the morbid atmosphere of a present corpse absent.

    By Acin URL on 09.08.2017

  25. in the way that limbs from trees hang
    gently and sway
    gently the morning after a thunderstorm
    that wrapped it’s arms around
    foliage and homes with windoews glowing
    gently and people inside whispering

    By peri on 09.08.2017