September 4th, 2017 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “flannel”

  1. i recall the pajamas that i wore as a child. the soft fabric. that made me feel safe in my bed at night.those cold winter nights.there is somethign so comforting about flannel. it reminds of our youth and innocence.

    By SmokingBishop on 09.05.2017

  2. pants are the cutest on babies and on adults and they are old fashioned and cute. I already said that. cute. where did cute come from I wonder who was first to associate it with something that was appealing.

    By vincenzina care on 09.05.2017

  3. The cosiest of cosy pajamas, but I’ve torn a hole in the elbow. We have a September winter here, and it has returned in a flurrying maelstrom of navy-greys and silvers. We huddle in bed with the new sheets as the rain falls on the back porch outside, and he glows like a fire beside me. I’m trembling – as I always am – deep inside, but outside the world is howling, and it’s nice when the noise outside drowns out the noise within.

    By Archanza on 09.05.2017

  4. Flannel shirt wrapped warm around her, Rhylean padded into the living space behind Mykael. He found a white t-shirt on the back of a chair, and pulled it on, ran a hand through his sleep-ruffled hair, and came to sit next to her with a sigh. She pulled her bare legs up to her chest, refusing to meet his eyes. He reached one hand out, laid it against hers, and waited for her to get up the courage to speak.

    Instead, she started to cry. Mykael reacted, pulling her close to his chest, and wrapping his arms tightly around her shoulders. Her tears were staining his clean shirt, but he couldn’t have cared less in that moment.

    No words were exchanged for several long minutes, but an understanding passed between the two of them which sealed up the cracks in their relationship and made it whole again.

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.05.2017

  5. I had to google it. It doesn’t excite me or make me write much about it. I think I am done.

    By Jaideep Rajesh on 09.05.2017

  6. I often crave the cold weather. I reminds me of snow, getting cozy next to the fireplace, hot cocoa and cuddling up with the softest thing in my closet. That one item has become a staple in many closets; it used to just be something that my dad and brother wore. However, I am now saddened by the thought. The world right now is not what it used to be and insomnia is at its worst. As I still crave the cold weather, I cringe at wanting fire. Something that was once so beautiful, peaceful and serine is now being destroyed by what I used to be memorized by. Irony also at its best. How can I sleep? How can I pretend that it’s all OK? It’s not; I just want to mourn the loss of the one place I felt my happiest. Perhaps, I need to do just that. I have held back tears for so many meaningless occasions because of self pride……sometimes, not so meaningless. Why do I hide my emotions? I feel judged. I feel weakness. I feel pain. I hate all of that. I feel so helpless. It’s only fair, when the world is drowning and burning, I am sleepless with them. They are not alone; we all suffer in the end.

    By Kari on 09.05.2017

  7. pajamas warm and soft. I felt safer there in bed with all the softness protesting me from the sharp worl

    By Laurel Souza on 09.06.2017

  8. flannel oceans. like carpet weaving, floorboard ships and skies of my ceiling. Towers of funnels. animal of angels and beautiful dry and moisture places. I wake up.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.06.2017

  9. Flanela. Há lá coisa mais confortável que este inóspito tecido! Perfeito para tardes douradas que recheiam o Outono.E que cores tão dinâmica carrega no seu leito!

    By Lefay on 09.06.2017

  10. my brother has a very special flannel shirt. He doesn’t let anyone touch it except for himself. It has special powers that lets him fly.

    By Cristiana on 09.06.2017

  11. As I looked her in the flannel towel that was wrapped around her waist, I felt lost – there was no way this could be the shy, silent, geeky girl I met two years ago – there was no way she couldv’ve undergone such a transformation… But then, I remembered, that i, too, was just like her – we changed ourselves… Through corny pick up lines like “I love you, what is your dT/ds?”and stuff..

    Editor’s Note: dT/ds in maths represents the *curvature* of a *curve*

    By Rohit Dwivedula on 09.06.2017

  12. He ran the flannel over his face,
    quickly at first, doing the job,
    Then again, slowly.
    He felt the soft-rough fibres comfort his pores with their heat and their homely touch.

    By Sarah Kiddle on 09.06.2017

  13. Flannel is the thing you wear during cold weather. It keeps you warm.

    By IHEARTCHIPS on 09.06.2017

  14. At the doorstep, there is usually nothing. But accompanied with the strong gusts of wind that embody a time of reflection today, is a flannel at the doorstep. It is innocent, yet a powerful gift.

    By y on 09.06.2017

  15. Again??? give something new, I don’t like flannel. hahahahah

    By Jerry Chen on 09.06.2017

  16. my flannel is pink color. my mom gave me yesterday. I love it because today is very cold and i used it !

    By javier on 09.06.2017

  17. I love flannel. It reminds me of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s the best time of year to wear flannel. Flannel is my favorite because you can layer anything with it. Flannel is great.

    By Brittany on 09.06.2017

  18. Flannel keeps showing up. They only have one word per day. I am highly disappointed in this website. Why oh why does it do this. I do wish it would stop. Everyone on this site is sick of this word today.

    By BrittNic on 09.06.2017

  19. She made a beautiful sparkly yellow jacket out of flannel; it was even featured in some of the top fashion magazines.

    By Crystal on 09.06.2017

  20. I have a flannel on right now it is a Hawaiian themed flannel it has pink flower’s on it i got it from my grandma on Christmas when we were at hawaii and i love it.

    By Rurouni URL on 09.06.2017

  21. A flannel nightgown was lost. it turns out, it had just ran off in the night with a nylon string…not that it makes sense…

    By Secretcommander on 09.06.2017

  22. soft material
    can be shirts or pants

    By alex on 09.06.2017

  23. She pulled his flannel closer to her and smelled him in the fabric. This was creepy. She knew it was. But it made her feel better.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.06.2017

  24. The flannel shirt was blue and pink. It was checkered. It had a large rip down the side. It had a coffee stain on the other side. It lay on the bed. This was bad. Really bad.

    By Jaci Crawford on 09.06.2017

  25. Her black and red flannel was taken off in a minute. I could see her from my window. I felt bad for doing that, but it was the only thing that would cure my boredom, since i couldn’t leave my room.

    By Alice Bittencourt on 09.06.2017

  26. The nights had gotten colder. The flannel sheets and the smell of wood burning in the wood stove were the symphony of comforts that allowed her rest. She was alone now, but for the first time, alone was good. A gift.

    By Lea on 09.06.2017

  27. “gosh i’m so hot,” she thought as she tossed the flannel blanket off.

    “much better!,” she wiggled her toes around and stretched her legs out before sitting up.

    By Ty on 09.06.2017