November 3rd, 2010 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “feud”

  1. we wer on the game family feud me my sister mom and dad we wher wining by a lot so as u can think it was exsiding we wher going to win a car.

    By Mr.Smile URL on 11.04.2010

  2. The reason for teh feud is long forgotten, held only by those too stubborn, too stupid, to evolve a new understanding and grow into soemthing better than themselves.

    By wildewood on 11.04.2010

  3. Feudale Sitten. Ich weiß nicht, wer meine Familie in der Feudalzeit waren. Sie waren wohl da. Es ließen sich von mir aus ich weiß nicht wie viele Linien in die Vergangenheit ziehen. Ein Baum, der sich immer weiter verzweigt. Vor mir zwei, davor 4, davor 8, noch davor 16, davor 32, davor 64 …

    By Lisa URL on 11.04.2010

  4. i have been in many feuds.
    None of them have been very nice, or ended very well.
    So what if we didn’t have any would the world be a better place?
    or would it just be boring having non of your own opinions?
    So in my case i thing feuds are just a daily thing that sometimes can get out of hand…but lets hope they don’t.

    By Hanna(: URL on 11.04.2010

  5. always fighting i’m sorry i was never good enough i miss you more than i can bear but i will never say i’m sorry i think i’m always right i can’t see where i’m wrong i love you more than i can say why were we even fighting in the first place? please don’t leave me i was wrong

    By lainee on 11.04.2010

  6. Every other day, my parents sit down to watch Family Feud. It’s a moment where I think, “Is this really my family?” and “We could do better.”

    I once texted my brother to ask if he would do the show with us if we were ever to apply. He said he’d be more than happy, as long as we didn’t say: “Good answer, good answer!”

    By Mallory URL on 11.04.2010

  7. i don’t want to be feuding with myself, or with my writing, or with my community, or with my family. I want to be at peace, grounded, clear, and loving. Feudalism is dead. Long live love.

    By la luna nueva URL on 11.04.2010

  8. The feud raged on into the night. Dishes shattered against walls, couches overturned for cover. A battle such as this had not been seen by man since before history began.

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.04.2010

  9. We never fought until the end. I guess that’s now i knew it was the end, when you still made my hands burn but not in the good way anymore. Well, sometimes in the good way.
    Your eyes did that thing they do when you’re fighting against something in your head. I know your secrets. I know who you’re fighting in there. I knew it was over when we stopped arguing and we stopped flailing and my hands stopped burning and it got all quiet. That’s when i felt my heart breaking, i guess. I didn’t even know i could feel that much stuff. Now you’re gone. I still know your secrets.

    By Kay URL on 11.04.2010

  10. I remember watching Family Feud. It was fantastic. Every day, I would look forward to watching that show. That is, if there’s no feud going on in my house, which on most days there is. I usually start a feud over petty stuff while being interrupted watching Family Feud.

    By Jack Arcentales on 11.04.2010

  11. Feud, Freud, Toy, Boy, Monday… this is where my train of thought has led me today.

    By Jhosy URL on 11.04.2010

  12. Feuds are fights between different kinds of people. My dad was in a feud once but it worked out pretty well for him. My wife loves to watch reruns of Family Feud especially the bits with the crazy families vying for their fabulous prizes. I personally think that people are feuding too much in our society even if “feud” conjures up ideas of Georgian mountain people wearing nothing but overalls shooting at one another.

    By Bart on 11.04.2010

  13. The feud had been in the family for centuries, being passed down from one generation to another. It had got to the point where no one knew why they were fighting, all they knew was that they hated each other and that was how it had always been, until they found the chest that started everything in the beginning..

    By Fran on 11.04.2010

  14. fighting between two people. anger and rushing around. swords being slashed through the air and romeo and juliette. lovers families fighting the cranberries song zombie missing the point of an argument and screwing up relationships with people you love.

    By Tessa on 11.04.2010

  15. Family Feud. I’ve never watched Family Feud before but it sounds really weird and stuff. Hamlet pwn’d everyone. Like not Hamlet Hamlet, but like the play pwn’d everyone in the p

    By Nicole Gordon on 11.04.2010

  16. “What are you talking about!? I have never done anything with him!” “Not what I’ve heard…” Leiko smirked. I rolled my eyes and made a disgusted sound. “Karma, cool down.” Jude took me by the shoulders, and we walked away from the tension.

    By Marissa URL on 11.04.2010

  17. Pulling tugging at the very seams that hold my sanity together. Supposed to be joined by blood, supposed to look out for each other. Instead, locked together forever in a heated feud.

    By Hayley on 11.04.2010

  18. It was always like this. One day they were the best of friends, the next day, Shui was so intolerable that Seth just wanted to punch him in the face. And on the worst days, Seth just couldn’t resist the urge.

    Blood flowed down Shui’s face. For a minute, he grinned, licking the blood away like some kind of feral creature, eyes bright and shining, then he tensed, muscles coiled then releasing and he tackled Seth to the ground, arms flailing, throwing punches that alternately connected and missed in a frenzy of rage, mixed screaming and laughter pouring from his mouth in a cacophony of madness.

    By Alex URL on 11.04.2010

  19. stretching, pulling, pushing. we are stuck in this thing like we are stuck on this earth. a fight barely worth having, but a victory worth everything.

    basically i just wish you would get the hell out of here.

    By helen lindsay URL on 11.04.2010

  20. What we were that Sunday and then the following week could hardly be described as a feud. It was war. Bitter and silent and unforgiving. But I forgive you. Still. Because it’s impossible for me not to.

    By Sophie URL on 11.04.2010

  21. Angry, words shouted fast,
    words shouted loud.
    Scowls, brows furrowed,
    lips grimaced.
    Things said,
    not meant.
    But there are no
    band-aids for
    these wounds.

    By Kate URL on 11.04.2010

  22. feud for food might bring the world together. feud in families might tear the
    world apart.

    By renana ve simcha on 11.04.2010

  23. The knight was kneeling on his knees. He killed the adversary in a feud yesterday and now he came to ask for her hand.

    By renana ve simcha on 11.04.2010

  24. The knight was kneeling on his knees. He killed the adversary in a feud yesterday and now he came to ask for her hand.She was sitting under the fig tree. Light soft clouds in the sky. It was in between seasons. She was looking down. The bleeding earth was whispering her name.

    By renana ve simcha on 11.04.2010

  25. Feuds sound ancient, but there’s no time period associated with this noun. A feud is a fight, or an argument that is ongoing.

    By Deb Smith on 11.04.2010

  26. Oooh! That a good one! It’s interesting how a lot of feuds are started over things that in retrospect don’t matter half as much as we thought they did then, yet they’re carried on for way too long! Forgiveness can be sooo relieving for both parties!! FYI

    By IrishFiddles on 11.04.2010

  27. Their feud was long standing, it separated them from the rest of the world. two souls destined to hate each other for eternity, yet are both madly in love with the other.

    By Jasmine on 11.04.2010

  28. “No! Josh get back here right now!” Debbie screamed. She was frustaited, annoyed, and dissipointed. She thought maybe, just maybe he may stay this one time.
    “Debbie, this is n going to work out, i’ve told you a million times, i cant be here with you and that baby.” He said storming to their bedroom and grabbed his brefcase.
    “You are the father of that baby, YOU!” She said. After 3 months of the same question, it still hurt the same. It broke her heart.
    “Tell that to the guy who keeps calling so he can talk to ‘his’ babys” Josh said running his finger through his shaggy stawberry blond hair. “Im to young for this. Im only 16 and i already have a gray hair.” He said sighing and stomped towards the front door.
    “Your to young?” She chuckled. “Ever since you got me pregnaut my life had sucked. If it wasnt for Shamali i would be out of here.” She said rushing to catch up with him before he left… again.
    “Your 14, big woop, stop whinning.” He said throwing open the front door ans storming out. Falling to the floor Debbie curled up in a ball crying. ‘Not again, not again.’ She thought to herself. The only thing that kept her from falling asleep and staying there to die was the cry of her baby. Her baby.

    By Michelle Rye on 11.04.2010

  29. Damn, I’ve already had this word. I thought it would have been a different one by now. Is there anyway to skip a word when it’s been repeated? My mind is drawing a blank right now, so there’s not much else to say.

    By Apollo URL on 11.04.2010

  30. apparently Steve Harvey is going to be the new host of family feud? sounds amazing!!
    I’ve always wanted to be on that show, my fam would totally own that show, maybe one day! Look out for me on the big screen!

    By Elizabeth Ola URL on 11.04.2010

  31. romeo and juliet
    or rather
    montague vs capulets
    leonardo dicaprio
    family feud
    3 X’s
    stop fighting
    i hate confrontations

    By channie URL on 11.04.2010

  32. I remember when there were simpler days. Days when people didn’t fight over the silliest shit. Days where there wasn’t all this commotion over who’s different and who’s exactly normal, the way the media sells normal. Not like, sit at home and relax normal, but coked out in a bathroom stall normal that seems to be the norm anymore.

    By Christopher URL on 11.04.2010

  33. its crazy when this happens. family, friends, co wrokers alike. just go with it and dance. dont argue, dance. and fight, fight with your fists if youre going to feud. make it worth while and make it entertaining. thats how we do it here.

    By dan on 11.04.2010

  34. Family Feud was airing on the television, as tensions grew a large bear appeared from behind mauling the host, you know the guy from home improvement…

    By Nicki on 11.04.2010

  35. honestly, this has been going on for way too long. I don’t even remember how it started. All I know is that every single day I have to check over my shoulder, then wonder what the hell he’s going to do next. And what the hell I’m gonna do to get even with him. It’s a never ending cycle, really. But it’s become second nature, arguing and fighting and plotting against each other. Feud has become synonymous with game.

    By Talur URL on 11.04.2010

  36. I have a feud go the last 7 year

    By Carol URL on 11.04.2010

  37. This actually makes me think of Family Feud, the tv show. I remember sitting at my aunt’s house while she would watch it. I’d sit in her living room in the middle of the day. I remember the old 70s carpeting. I never really cared for the show at all but I could sit there for hours just watching her and making up stories in my head.

    By Rachel on 11.04.2010

  38. this feud has been going for 7 years with my sister why she doesn;t want ttalk
    ny more to I can’t figure out,all because i divorced my husband

    By Carol URL on 11.04.2010

  39. A fight between the families of my father and mother. The Hatfields and the McCoys. Family Feud. Almost sounds like ‘food’ but isn’t. Something we all go through. Romeo and Juliet.

    By Blametheyouth on 11.04.2010

  40. someone was fighting. somehwere last night. i was bored, so i watched. they weren’t loud, they weren’t normally speaking. they whispered, soft words. It could have been love, it could have been joy. I don’t remember much of the content. I just remembered they died once it all was over.

    By cory on 11.04.2010