November 4th, 2010 | 148 Entries

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148 Entries for “kit”

  1. a kit for a scrapbook or a journey or to learn or to make or to do…or to stay at the back of a cupboard getting longer and longer away from the origional reason until it is taken to a charity shiop for someone else to lose behind a pile of stuff in a cupboard.

    By Ingrid on 11.05.2010

  2. I love kits.
    They remind me of cats.
    Just in smaller form.
    I sit on a wall and a kit goes by.

    By Jpac URL on 11.05.2010

  3. I used my flag football kit when my cousin came over.

    By Caleb URL on 11.05.2010

  4. I have an emergency kit in my car for emergencies only.
    I have a makeup kit at home for whenever i go on long trips.

    By :] Garcia ..<3 URL on 11.05.2010

  5. I went to the hobby store today to buy a new do it yourself kit. The one I picked up was to build a tooth, out of real bone. Once I made the tooth I was able to put it in my mouth and finally smile again.

    By adam URL on 11.05.2010

  6. the rabbit her kit. the soft newborn body nuzzled with her movements. The mother and child loved each other more than anything.

    By Audery Fowl URL on 11.05.2010

  7. Sandstorm gave birth to two kits named Leafkit and Squirrelkit. She was happy because some day they would make fine Worriors.

    By tyler is better than donielle URL on 11.05.2010

  8. something full of multiple stuff

    By goku on 11.05.2010

  9. Sandstorm gave birth to two kits named Leafkit and Squirrelkit. She was happy because some day they would make fine Worriors and she was very proud

    By tyler is better than donielle URL on 11.05.2010

  10. Cleaning out the garage after his father’s stroke, the man found that plane he had built from a kit as a boy.

    Rotten a son as he had been, the old man had saved it.

    By h on 11.05.2010

  11. i do not know what to wirte, but i do like to burn the white kit of the most pathetic football club in the world. there is a royal crest, with a golden crown….how unroyal

    By ramy on 11.05.2010

  12. Mabel was very sick yesterday, so I had to stay home and tend her. Left Slump’s West Texas BBQ closed for the day, not that anyone would notice. I gave up trying to feed her, as each time she would just vomit the whole kit and kaboodle up.

    I have to say I am rather disgruntled with our president for this whole swine flu nonsense.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.05.2010

  13. I make kits. It’s my job, and it’s boring, inglorious work. Somehow has to do it though. Until they make computerbots that can, that is. The god damn computer bots are making the norms obsolete. They will soon make us all obsolete. The hubris, it keeps my up at night. Why was I cursed to be part of such a vapid race?

    By Mike on 11.05.2010

  14. A sewing kit. Maybe I’ll knit a baby fox! They’re kits too… But I’m not good at sewing or knitting at all. I’ll just get a fox plushie.
    I can’t think of a single animal whose babies aren’t adorable. Well, birds aren’t really, at least at first– they start out all wet and skinny. But then they dry off and turn into those cute tiny featherpuffballs.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 11.05.2010

  15. A kit’s a funny thing. I think about a trinket for some reason. It’s just a collection of things; items that supposedly go together to lug across great or small distances to who knows where. It claims to be helpful, this kit of everything you’ll ever need, but I’m still just not quite sure. What’s it hiding? What’s it missing…

    By Jordan URL on 11.05.2010

  16. I had a kit, not a kitten but a kit to help me learn how to tie my shoes. Carson came later bugt he did not know where he was going in the great mountains of the west. However, Kit came in handy because he had a kitchen to cook in. He did not cook chen but reather cooked for him.

    By John G Williams URL on 11.05.2010

  17. i bought a tool kit the other day to keep in my car. fun stuff. the cool part about this tool kit is it comes with a flash light and i love things that light up. this way if i break down on the side of the road, i’ll be able to change a tire, check plugs, or whatever else may come up. my tool kit is the greatest! yeah, it is.

    By Tripp on 11.05.2010

  18. Split apart my heart and take what you want
    I am an open book for your sweet looks,
    I’ll let my blood spew forth as by a font,
    Using it to ink my pen once again.

    It’s this kit that I use when I write about love.

    By Siege URL on 11.05.2010

  19. shoes, tennis, netball, football, car, nice piece of kit, kitkat, money, sweets, choclate, sugar, kit kat club, London, writing, coffee, intellectuals, shares, banking, magazines, johnson

    By sar on 11.05.2010

  20. Kit?! Kit?! You mean the emergency kit?! Oh, it’s under the seat! No, you idiot! It’s under the back seat! The kit is where you put it after this happened last month! Why can’t you ever remember where you put the kit?

    By Laura on 11.05.2010

  21. kit kat
    paddy yack
    knick knack
    give that back
    you lack
    that knack
    of tic tac
    toe yo.

    By Hanna(: URL on 11.05.2010

  22. I had a kit. A shaving kit, but that was before someone stole it. It’s missing it’s Kat: it’s other half. Someone’s really quite good at their craft.

    By TJ Bokovoy on 11.05.2010

  23. So, I’m deckt out innis kit, see, and all the mollies are scopin me loike snipahs.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.05.2010

  24. “Kit.” Deviant smiled, patting the orange tabby on the head. “I think I’ll name you Kit.”

    By Ninja URL on 11.05.2010

  25. My potion-making kit won’t be enough to scare away the ghost of you that lingers in my heart.

    By Jhosy URL on 11.05.2010

  26. was a girl with a blond set of bangs while the rest of her hair was like this horrible purple color. no one knew why she dyed her hair such unflattering colors, but it was certainly getting really annoying. like some horrible outcry for attention that no one wanted to give to her. poor creature. oh well.

    By Emily on 11.05.2010

  27. It appeared that the human race had finally done it this time — they broke the planet. And there wasn’t a tool in my tool kit to fix this situation.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.05.2010

  28. I would really love to know when the word changes each day. I’m pretty sure it’s been about twenty four hours since I clicked for the word, yet it’s still the same one. I don’t live in some crazy time zone, so I don’t understand the unevenness of the word updates.

    By Apollo URL on 11.05.2010