November 2nd, 2010 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “elixir”

  1. a mix a drink elixir of life harry potter happiness medicinal powers witches

    By Ellen on 11.03.2010

  2. He looked at the bottle. So plain this thing that held the mysteries of eternal life. One would expect something ornate, jewel-encrusted. Something worthy of such a distinction. Certainly not the brown glass vial in front of him. Taking a deep breath, he yanked out the stopper and closed his eyes as the cool liquid slid down his throat.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 11.03.2010

  3. He wished that some way, some how, he knew enough magic to make something, /anything/, for her to love him. He knew she never would. How could she? Look at him. He was a .. a thing. And she was a pretty little human. /His/ pretty little human .. he could only wish.

    He would wish until she loved him.

    By vivinyan URL on 11.03.2010

  4. i dont even know what this means. it sounds like a weird drink in some bar with a vampire theme. dont ask me where you find one of those. weird. if it werent for the x id ask if it was a spanish word. ya know, an ir verb. hmm. weird word. i dont even know.

    By Katie on 11.03.2010

  5. “So this is the elixir of immortality?” He asked as he held up the vial of thick, red liquid.

    “Yes sir!” His henchman replied. “Taken straight from a born vampire, sir. Can’t get any more pure than that.”

    “Excellent.” The man grinned.

    By Ninja URL on 11.03.2010

  6. elixir makes me think of eternal youth. You know, like in Tuck Everlasting. Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a copy (book and movie). It’s been awhile…and if there was a fountain of youth…

    By Danielle Sigmon on 11.03.2010

  7. “Drink it” he whispers to me. And I want to. I want it more than anything I’ve wanted before. The sweet, thick syrup dripping down my throat. But I can’t. My body won’t allow it… I’m paralysed by the thoughts spinning in my head. The what ifs and the what nots.
    “Drink it…”
    He pours the contents of the vial down into my throat…

    By Lou URL on 11.03.2010

  8. The elixir is a deadly thing, just thinking about the elixir will make a sane person insane. No one has ever been able to obtain this such elixir and never will it be done. Though, now you want to test my theory about no one obtaining it, it is a good thing. For when your hand so much as grazes the bottle you will fall away into your own mind. No one will find you for quite some time.

    By bree on 11.03.2010

  9. Booster of a physical state or a mental state. Happiness in a mixture. Occasionally, it may be dangerous object or path. It could cut into your content. A mysterious choice.

    By Taylor Soper on 11.03.2010

  10. The elixir glowed within the crystal goblet. Tired worn hands trembled as it carefully enbraced the vessel and drew it upwards. It was consumed in small measured swallows until it was all within his weathered body. Now time to wait as the elixir coursed through him and slowly metamorphed his broken body back into the young viral body of his youth.

    The elixir Worked! it WORKED!!… It…. urrrggghhh……

    By Chuck K. URL on 11.03.2010