November 3rd, 2010 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “feud”

  1. Does this mean that your mad. Im just going to rhyme feud peud leud ceud. Ya im such a great typer haahahah.

    By ash on 11.04.2010

  2. I am not sure what feud means but I think it could be an argument. But I think
    I am wrong?

    By Charlie1 on 11.04.2010

  3. a feud is a argument. me and my brother get into feuds all the time i win because of my good reasoning.

    By Dudley on 11.04.2010

  4. A feud is a kind of fight. I have had many feuds, usually with technology. I have had feuds with a computer, a cell phone, a laptop, which is pretty much a computer.

    By haileyp825 URL on 11.04.2010

  5. Feud is a big argument and a fight. I would like to see a feud because fights are sometimes funny I think. Feud sounds cool too. It sounds like “food” kind of.

    By Karina URL on 11.04.2010

  6. Feud is a game where you have to answer questions. On the TV if you get the answer right you win a prize.

    By Remington URL on 11.04.2010

  7. Feud is a fight between two living creatures that do not like eachother very much at that moment and thats why they are fighting in the first place.

    By Jared URL on 11.04.2010

  8. Our family allows seems to take part in a feverish and ferviente feud at holiday gatherings. They are fueled by a good feud and I can’t say that I don’t enjoy partaking myself. I mean, a good feud always makes for a memorable holiday gathering.

    By Laura on 11.04.2010

  9. I think that feud is a type of food. food is good. it keeps you alive and you wont die if you eat healthy food.

    By Remington URL on 11.04.2010

  10. When I moved back to town the family feud began. Today we are strangers, living in a strange land…tomorrow? Who knows what tomorrow shall bring?

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 11.04.2010

  11. The second I stepped out the door, I knew something was wrong. It was dark. I looked at my watch. It was 8:20 am. I could see a glowing bulb in the sky, which I assumed was the sun, but it was covered with clouds, and there was noise. It wasn’t natural noise; it sounded like engines humming. And that’s when I realized; America was at war.

    By Emily on 11.04.2010

  12. a argument or anger between two or more people. This can happen through many thing such as something some one did to an other one. feud, battle, anger, fight, or just an argument.

    By Zac on 11.04.2010

  13. Family feud. People, bickering. No solutions. Pain. Absence. Missed possibilities. Both sided, no faults just being.

    Attraction. Denial of attraction. Energy mangled and pushed. Uncomfortable. Missing. Empty. Hope? Lost. Vibrancy? Escaped. Lost, lost, lost. Fighting battles unwinnable.

    Mrs. Morrissey, yelling at next door neighbors. The first time I saw an adult screaming at someone, I think. We didn’t yell or feud or emote much in my house. Did we care? Did we cover our caring in lunches with too much food or stuffing what we wanted to say or tears that stayed in our throats and well off our faces, thank you very much?

    Cheery whistling rather than feuding, perhaps? I get lost in this word, with its surflike feudal overlord sounds.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 11.04.2010

  14. feud is a long-running argument or fight between parties—often, through association fallacy, groups of people, especially families or clans. Feuds begin because one party (correctly or incorrectly) perceives itself to have been attacked, insulted or wronged by another. Intense feelings of resentment trigger the initial retribution, which causes the other party to feel equally aggrieved and vengeful. The dispute is subsequently fuelled by a long-running cycle of retaliatory violence.

    for all those out there who have absolutely no idea what feud is, here’s a definition for you. haha, cos i wasnt sure what it meant and i got it checked out. yeaps, all under 60 seconds.

    By Jessie on 11.04.2010

  15. It wasn’t a grudge. It wasn’t revenge. It was a feud. It was me doing everything within my power to not only kill the ones who wronged me, but to wipe out their entire family; their entire existence. And I would have succeeded had it not been for those round, brown eyes innocently staring up at me as I took aim on the last of their progeny.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.04.2010

  16. A feud is like a fight. Most teens have feuds with their parents over grades or attitudes.

    By Lexi Chambers URL on 11.04.2010

  17. Jake and Woody crouched in the bushes, shotguns at the ready. They were waiting for those MacFields boys to come through. “Why we doin’ this Paw?” asked Woody. Jake replied, We don’t want no MacFields stink on the path that leads to the path that leads to the road that leads to the path that leads to the path that leads to our shack.” He looked woefully at the remains of his decapitated sock monkey and continued “If those boys want a feud,” Jake whispered through his tears, “they’s gonna git one.”

    By richpee on 11.04.2010

  18. I have many feuds in my life. Feuds with my mom, friends, teacher. The biggest feud i have is with myself. I argue with myself daily. I can honestly say i hate myself. Thats why i feud with myself.

    By caitlin on 11.04.2010

  19. The Hatfields and MaCoys comes to mind as a famous feud but also my dad’s brother – my Uncle Lynn who one day just didn’t pick up my grandpa for an appointment and said that he was done with that he hasn’t spoken to the family in years – years! No one knows what happened but his 4 kids talk to me or at least 2 of them do.

    By gaiaellyn URL on 11.04.2010

  20. fighting, mis understanding, incompatible, unwilling to listen, agreement, feeling frustrated, passionate, and needing someone to understand your side. loving something so much you will fight for it. loving an idea

    By jill on 11.04.2010

  21. When I think of fued I think of Family Feud. I love that show. I kinda wanna be on it. I love how at the end they do those question things between two players. I would really want to be on that show for some reason. I also think about the war.

    By Gillian on 11.04.2010

  22. fighting until the last breath; he wills her to see his side; reluctantly she accepts his vision; backed into a corner; no way out; pretending to agree; when all she really wants; is freedom

    By Abby on 11.04.2010

  23. There has always been a feud between them. They were brothers, after all. They always squabbled and fought, it’s what made them them. The things had just been escalating recently. bad blood had been spilt, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it, their childish feud had taken a new toll.

    By blackfirexd13 URL on 11.04.2010

  24. How useless and wasteful is to it fued
    This occurs when people are rude
    Why can’t we all just get along
    Life is so much easier when we don’t do eachother wrong

    By Alexandra Shuey on 11.04.2010

  25. The feud. The feud. It started 6 months ago and they called it the feud. The bloody war that left citizens on the side of the road. Dead. And one of those bodies, was me.

    By Jake on 11.04.2010

  26. There was a huge family dued going on in the text hotel room. It certainly served to damper the honeymoon I was attempting to have with my new beautiful young bride alexa. There was a father yelling profanity at his young 16 year old girl. She seems to have misplacen their car keys are were about 9 hours from their home in Vermont.

    By Katherine on 11.04.2010

  27. Being from the mountains, I get a lot of jokes about the Hatfields and the McCoys.
    It gets old. The mountain people are not naturally violent –
    That feud was about money and stupidity and power.

    Now I’m a teacher
    Teaching “Romeo and Juliet.”
    And my students relate it to gang violence.

    Guess I’m not in the mountains anymore.

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 11.04.2010

  28. Feuding, fighting, babbling, yelling, cursing, stumbling and then gripping each other in hugs. Smiling in each other’s ears. Whispering secrets to each other and sharing everything again. Then accidently shoving one another, gripping,s tumbling, cursing, yelling, babbling, fighting and feuding once more.

    By LessThanNine URL on 11.04.2010

  29. A family, one family, with a greater problem then all of the world wars combined. A five year old boy, stuck in the middle of it all.
    He sits at the dinner table and looks suspiciously for the next person to speak. wondering what fight will be started this time.

    By James W. Johnson URL on 11.04.2010

  30. I stared at him and he stared at me. It didn’t seem so long ago that we hardly noticed each other’s presence, and now he seemed everywhere, his eyes haunting me. I felt like he’d won everything I’d ever wanted, or craved, or tasted. It was all his now. She was his now. And I would never let go, would never forget.

    By somedays on 11.04.2010

  31. Their feud raged on, across decades and well beyond sanity. It got so that no one could remember why all the fighting started. And they could barely procreate fast enough to keep warm hands on each one of the guns in their vast collection.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.04.2010

  32. Next up on family feud, we have the Hatfeilds and the McCoys. Who can guess what Americans think of first as excuses to get out of work? Here on Family Feud!

    By Heather Jackson URL on 11.04.2010

  33. My siblings and I feud over almost everything,TV remote, the best clothes, computer time, and almost everything else.

    By Jolt URL on 11.04.2010

  34. feud is were u fight with another person

    By chewbaca URL on 11.04.2010

  35. a feud is when you fight with someone but not like a fist fight. I think of it as a family feud.

    By random kid URL on 11.04.2010

  36. when i think of feud i think of when i fight with my brother or my stepbrother. So when i fight it means im feuding

    By cmoney URL on 11.04.2010

  37. Last night I was watching family feud in my sisters room with my sister, and my brother. That show is a good show to watch

    By Kayla URL on 11.04.2010

  38. What i think feud means is that is an argument. feud is when u and your family has a argument for an example:my family and i had a feud.

    By bodoque URL on 11.04.2010

  39. oneday afamily got in a feud and that went on for the rest of ther lifesand for ever more

    By yoda URL on 11.04.2010

  40. feud is when you fight with your family is a argument that what feud means

    By ardilla URL on 11.04.2010