January 31st, 2012 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “festival”

  1. parties, good times, happy stuff, people meeting people, social interactions good and bad, friends, satisfied, hilarious, good and bad decisions.

    By Greg on 02.01.2012

  2. In sixth grade our class went to the Renaissance festival. It was a very cool experience. I remember braking a braces bracket on the delicious cinnamon almonds!

    By Mary Griffin on 02.01.2012

  3. Party
    Ice cream

    By Hunter Cabe on 02.01.2012

  4. Happy. Joyous. Carnival. Elephant. Music. Food. Cotton Candy

    By Mark on 02.01.2012

  5. The carnival is littered with lights and people and children who shake with excitement. The children feast on cotton candy and yell and scream with anxiety in line for the ferris wheel and such. This festival is the apple of the human eye, it is loved by anyone with a righteous mindset.

    By Shane Dodd on 02.01.2012

  6. food
    weird people

    By Ashley Morris on 02.01.2012

  7. Party, people, pinata, parade, young children

    A group of people at a street fair getting their faces painted and having fun.

    By Mallory on 02.01.2012

  8. fun, happy, glee, people, food, dancing, music, crowded, celebration, rides

    By Marie on 02.01.2012

  9. I think of parties, bright colors and dancing. I think of joyous laughter and happy people. I smile at the thought. So much happiness in one place where the world can’t touch you.

    By Jamie on 02.01.2012

  10. Festival = party balloons yellow balloons smiles people jumping around yelling dancing costumes goofy bean dip cupcakes :)
    happy people

    By Natalie on 02.01.2012

  11. parties life awesomeness i want to go to festivals allt he time and watch jesters

    i wonder what jesters life is like
    do you think id be good at it?
    i hate juggling so no
    i like guitar and lifting and psychology
    it’d be awesome if i had a job that did all of those
    waht do i want to do?
    i ahve no freakin clue
    but its all good
    so yeah festivals
    theyre fun and have pretty lights
    i want more lights on my house for christmas
    i want my house to be a freaking WONDERLAND YEAR ROUND

    i will make new holidays to do it too

    By Dan on 02.01.2012

  12. A festival is a gathering or celebration that takes place all over the world. The reasons for a festival are many- it can be religious, celebratory, whatever people have in common. It’s important to preserving culture and at the root of showing the connections between different people.

    By Emily Moore on 02.01.2012

  13. fun, rides, fairs, rides, food, drinks, friends, an experience to look forward to. I have never been to a festival, but I would really like to eventually. It seems like a good experience that I would like to encounter eventually.

    By Maggie Siebert on 02.01.2012

  14. I can’t wait to go to the 14th International Thessaloniki Documentary Festival that is going to take place at the port. I love watching documentaries from all over the world.

    By Jim on 02.01.2012

  15. party carnival lights colors people etc.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 02.01.2012

  16. the festival was near the park down the street. festivals can be about anything.

    By heaf13 URL on 02.01.2012

  17. there is a big festival on saturday at the park at 8:45. it is gonna be really fun

    By rainbow URL on 02.01.2012

  18. party time!!!! A festival is something that is like a paarty,that rarly happens.

    By loulou88888 URL on 02.01.2012

  19. I remember reading the book “The Gospel According to Larry” a couple months ago and about how there was a whole festival that was commited to getting rid of comercial merchandise or something of the sort

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 02.01.2012

  20. A festival is kinda like a carnival. There are games and you can win prizes.

    By shayna URL on 02.01.2012

  21. A festival is a time to celebrate something. Like @ the corn festival in taylor there is a lot of corn and a dinner and things like that,

    By mak!:) URL on 02.01.2012

  22. Isa and the boys were ready to go. Isa, dressed in her boy’s clothing, sword in hand, mounted her horse and called out to the others, “Come on! Let’s go already! I want to get there before the festival is over!”

    By ritajuanita URL on 02.01.2012

  23. Angie ducked underneath the Kamono Dragon at the festival. She searched the croud for her parents with no luck. she did see a tall building that looked like you would be able to see the whole peninsela from,”maybey I’ll look from there” she thought.

    By Amaryllis URL on 02.01.2012

  24. They say something like a festival is a great way to meet people. They’re probably right, if you’ve got the right tools. The best, of course, is the simple ability to walk up to an interesting person and talk to them. Sounds simple. Sounds easy. but it never is, and most of us would completely agree. And it’s a shame, think of the people you’re missing out on meeting because of the simple fear of saying the first word.

    By Jonat URL on 02.01.2012

  25. I went to the music festival to see my favorite band. I had an amazing time because the campus was smoke and alcohol free. They put on a spectacular show and I had a great time with my friends. I dances so hard that I was sore for days.

    By Amber on 02.01.2012

  26. We met all the bears at the festival, and they were carrying little flags like the paper flags you’d stick in a sandwich, pastel blue, pink, yellow. One of the bears had a little portable microphone and speaker that he carried over his shoulder with a leather strap, and he was wearing a party had and saying “Truth be told, truth be told” over and over again as he walked.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 02.01.2012

  27. They were dancing there in front of us. Two years! We were in the same spot and they were in the same spot, yet we never spoke. It was on the third year that we didn’t see them and so I went on reconnaissance. I found the one but not the other. Love was over, apparently, yet the Flaming Lips still played.

    By Bryan URL on 02.01.2012

  28. The festival was noisy and chaotic, but I couldn’t afford to be distracted by the lights and sounds of the Midway. I was here for one reason and one reason only; to find her. My eyes scanned the crowd. And there she was, standing by the ring toss game. I ducked behind cover before she had a chance to see me. Now that I found her, I had to find out who she was with. I had to find out who had stolen her from me. Just then the crowd parted just enough to see who it was. It wasn’t at all what I had expected. There, standing beside my sixteen-year-old daughter was my ex-wife, her mother. I turned and left before they saw me spying on them.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 02.01.2012

  29. The festival was of bright colors. Color everywhere, reds and oranges and yellows flashed in the sky. Hanging from wires strung between buildings were flags made from any scrap of fabric that could be dyed. Color everywhere, a celebration.

    By Jess on 02.01.2012

  30. The time festival is a week long festival where people celibrate time machines, time reversing machines, and other time contraptions. While the festival is only a week long it actually uses a machine to slow time down so it will feel like a month long festival. The human body functions unaffected by the time contraptions allowing one to stay awake for what seems to be extremely long amounts of time.

    By Nick F. on 02.01.2012

  31. The Festival of Ghosts. It was a tradition in her sleepy little hometown that she never really believed in. People would leave offerings of flowers and sweets to “appease the restless dead”. Of course she’d never left any out.

    She never knew how much the dead appreciated these gifts until her own passing. Those sweets were the only things they were allowed to eat.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 02.01.2012

  32. I ran throw the crowds, searching for him. He was here somewhere. I pushed people aside, yelling his name, frantically moving through the festival in search of his face. There he was. I stopped. Stood still. It’s better to know where your enemy is than to have him surprise you.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.01.2012

  33. Life is hardly a festival these days. There is little to celebrate, and no reason to wear party clothes or eat special foods. Why do we put our Winter holidays at the beginning, when we really need them in late January and early February as the cold and darkness surround us? True Winter starts at the Solstice, and though the days are indeed getting longer, the oppression of the season is just settling in now.

    By Andie on 02.01.2012

  34. Lights and paper lanterns dot the skies,
    Honey and roast-pig scents waft in and out.
    Children’s hands rattle noisemakers and tinfoil balloons
    Throughout candy wrapper-lined sticky streets.

    By mar pimentel URL on 02.01.2012

  35. The festival was always the event of the year. People from all four surrounding counties cleaned up, loaded up and rushed to be the first recipients of the “free stuff” the festival owners were known for distributing. Too bad that this year, the “free giveaway” was an enema for the first 200 festival goers!

    By Fender2010 URL on 02.01.2012

  36. I don’t like festivals. They are all super-happy and stuff. And they almost always have some weird theme. And everyone is like worshiping this totally weird theme and dressing up and stuff.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.01.2012

  37. The festival is here. Let the fun begin. No wait. we can’t have the festival here. It is against the law. The people in the area want nothing to do with fun.

    By teeda URL on 02.01.2012

  38. Their cloaks were midnight black as they billowed through the chilly air. Their eyes burned red with an insatiable hunger. No one could see their faces from within their hoods and they each carried a skinning knife. The night was young and they were on their way to a festival.

    By Andreo Bongco URL on 02.01.2012

  39. festival s are fun i love to go to the day of the dead festival in portland, or is it something else im not sure. but i went there last year and it was fun.

    By Sam URL on 02.01.2012

  40. festivals are fun like the Rose festival witch happens every summer or school festivals. There are even pie festivals.

    By pie on 02.01.2012