January 31st, 2012 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “festival”

  1. The festival was great, what am I talking about; it is our very own crop-over festival, held each year in the month of July and ending on August 1st, celebrating the end of the sugar harvest and the hard labour that it represent.

    By victor walkes URL on 02.01.2012

  2. i love goin to the county festivals and other parties. these types of public gatherings give me great joy to see people have fun and enjoy.

    By august on 02.01.2012

  3. Festivals are a part of every single culture. In each culture, festivals make up celebrations for the populace. They bring a community together, as they all get to celebrate one common idea.

    By Savannah Arnette on 02.01.2012

  4. ride, food, caramel apples, carnivals, animals, cultural,

    By Amanda Hammond on 02.01.2012

  5. A festival is an event where people are celebrating something and having fun. Festivals can be celebrating a holiday, or anything really. When I think about the word festival, I picture balloons and streamers and bright colors. I picture a huge party with people laughing, rides, and candy.

    By Caitlin G. on 02.01.2012

  6. party colors bright colors emotions darkness luminous lights loud music people dresses skirts kids games loud noises festive. The streets are crowded with people. People are happy. Kids are crying.

    By Kira on 02.01.2012

  7. cultural, Disney World, clowns, my sister crying on this thing that went upside down and backwards, dancing, music, carnival, rides, funnel cakes, food, laughter

    By Katie Elkin on 02.01.2012

  8. It’s a party with a lot of eating and fun. Like the renaissance festival. There is eating, fun, and entertainment.

    By Winston Haddock on 02.01.2012

  9. Fun. Bright. Cheerful. Children laughing and running around. Candy, popcorn, cotton candy. Balloons. Streamers. Food. Friends

    By Katelin Grimes on 02.01.2012

  10. What people have when they celebrate something special. It could be for different religions like Jewish etc and can be for different cultures like Hispanic etc. They celebrate birthdays and different special holidays.

    By Demille on 02.01.2012

  11. party
    kids running around in circles and being annoying and loud
    tons of children

    By Shannon on 02.01.2012

  12. I went to a festival once. It was filled with fat, drunk men running around, eating funnel cakes. Farris wheel. My favorite part. Soaring high above the rest of the world, seeing everything. I saw people that looked like ants, tiny ants.

    By sean on 02.01.2012

  13. A celebration in which an event has occurred. Like the corn festival which features many different types of corn. It is quite delicious.

    By Chase Wilson on 02.01.2012

  14. potatoes!!!!! this is fake blah blah blah

    By blah on 02.01.2012

  15. “Vacation from Love}, my romantic comdedy avaialble on Kindle for 99 cents
    is a festival of love and fun!

    By Joan Conning Afman URL on 02.01.2012

  16. “Vacation from Love” my romantic comedy on Kindle for 99 cents is a festival of run, as three
    friends take an amazing road trip. Is Duff a stalker, or just over-protective?

    By Joanie on 02.01.2012

  17. Maradi Gras is coming up. At least I think it is…. I’ve been to a maradi Gras festival in Florida when I was on vacation at universal studios. There were a lot of beads being passed around and crazy decorations all over the place.

    By ape224 URL on 02.01.2012

  18. Fun stuff there and in Louisiana the Marty graw my sister came back with beads and cool stuff. Peopled look like freaks. Celebration Picture colors

    By Caroline Dixon on 02.01.2012

  19. Festivals are fun. They remind me of the summer. Summer festivals with rides and cotton candy and snow cones. They bring back people’s youth. They bring joy and excitement to the air.

    By MFeldman URL on 02.01.2012

  20. Fun word. I wish I was at a festival right now, sure beats school. But then again I wish it weren’t 60 degrees outside. It puts a damper on all of my dreams of a snow day. A snow day would be great. Here’s a thought if I get a snow day I will go to a festival.

    By Graxx URL on 02.01.2012

  21. When we were driving a cross Nebraska we saw the national corn festival. We took a break from our long drive to enjoy some fresh corn.

    By AJ URL on 02.01.2012

  22. When I was young one of the highlights of our summer was the County Fair. It was a sad little small-town fair, but I didn’t know the difference at the time, and it was certainly more interesting than hanging around the elementary school playground or, if you were older and already on the road to delinquency, sitting on the steps across from Dairy Queen and smoking as the cruisers went by. When I was sixteen my boyfriend and I spent the week on the Zipper trying to beat our previous record for number of full 360 degree rotations in a single ride. I don’t remember our best, but it was high enough that my 1/2 bottle of TJ Swann “Mellow Days” almost came back up. The fair was like an oasis of life, a blur of dancing lights and loud music, charged with exuberance and speed and risk taking. Against the backdrop of flat, still, dusty fields it was heaven.

    By Angie on 02.01.2012

  23. Festival season is my favorite season. Outdoor music. Thousands of colorfully dressed, or not so dressed people. Beautiful, muddy landscape. 112 degrees. Tents. Spiders. Woo!

    By salix URL on 02.01.2012

  24. The best music festival I has ever gone to wasElectricZoo! Wow was that the most amazing time of my life! I knew we shouldn’t bought the three day pass damitt, but instead bought a ticket to see David guerra ad skrillex and supermash and th dirty south….aka it was all amazing all sick and couldn’t have asked for a better time. Btw did imention we all dressed up like retards in neon and stuff …..oh boy did we blend in.

    By SRBC URL on 02.01.2012

  25. There were empty bottles and wrappers littered the streets. A truck had begun to go around and take care of the the port-a-johns that were necessary this weekend. The rides were mostly down and the air lacked the familiar scent of zeppoles we’d grown a-costumed to.

    By ceeeees URL on 02.01.2012

  26. The lights danced around the tent as the sun faded over the horizon. The sparks in the sky bloomed into flowers and other fun shapes. I think I saw a cowboy hat at some point.

    By David URL on 02.01.2012

  27. Celebration, cultural, fun, music. The thing that all festivals have in common is music and food. You know by the name that by the end of the night you will have learned something new and has a new experience.

    By naghs URL on 02.01.2012

  28. There’s a mothers day fair in Great neck, so I guess that counts as a festival. All I remember is that camp&campus holds their biggest sale that day, and it’s swarming with 6th graders that are wearing too much eyeliner, and the high schoolers tended to avoid going into town that day because all the kids rides were cramping their style.

    By Jackie URL on 02.01.2012

  29. The festival of lights are amazing. The common name for it is Hanukah.

    By Chris URL on 02.01.2012

  30. I love the food at te festivals. Funnel cake and sausage and peppers. The atmosphere is lively and fun. Cotton Candy too! It is a real treat to eat out at a festival. Don’t forget the sweet treat: ice cream!

    By Jeanine on 02.01.2012

  31. A festival or gala is an event, usually and ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community and the Festival.
    Among many religions, a feast is a set of celebrations in honour of God or gods. A feast and a festival are historically interchangeable. However, the term “feast” has also entered common secular parlance as a synonym for any large or elaborate meal. When used as in the meaning of a festival, most often refers to a religious festival rather than a film or art festival.

    By Stefanie URL on 02.01.2012

  32. Shakespeare Festival…Renaissance Festival…Hmmm…I am thinking of a story involving a midget (ok, little person) who works at a ren fair…loves the beer maid…she loves the jousting knight…the apothecary loves the midget…the flame swallower and the knight are having a secret affair…Oh, yes–this is good stuff.

    By S. Welsh on 02.01.2012

  33. Down in New Orleans
    we found hot electric nights
    with chicory coffee
    and a cigarette in back of your car
    with the world turning around us
    in blue and red neon

    By mere URL on 02.01.2012

  34. The harvest festival in Camp Nelson, California is a lot of fun. I went there (to the festival) for the first time last year, and between the food there and all the antique clothing and jewlrey, it was awesome.

    By Emilia URL on 02.01.2012

  35. Ajka a forró nyakamhoz ér… kiráz a hideg.

    By Tyna on 02.01.2012

  36. I think about a carnival. I see all the carnival rides. I see people getting together, and I see them laughing. I see people eating funnel cakes. I see air balloons and b

    By Sierra on 02.01.2012

  37. renaissance
    time spent with friends and family

    By Tara on 02.01.2012

  38. party balloon aquamarine street festival parade festivities fun carnival rides games celebration food family friends stuffed animals summer

    By Karin on 02.01.2012

  39. crowd, renaissance, excitement, fun, plays, activities, adventure

    By Jesse Long on 02.01.2012

  40. happy
    not a care in the world
    spending time with others

    By Tim Melton on 02.01.2012