September 23rd, 2008 | 787 Entries

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787 Entries for “feathered”

  1. Feathered boa across my neck. Why are you choking me?

    By V on 09.28.2008

  2. fluffy white and floating down from the sea of clouds that swirl above my head. i’ve seen this in movies a thousand times. the feather will glide softly down but will not land – it will sway about trying to find a direction before quickly changing its mind. i imagine this probably has some sort of significance.

    By Melissa Allen on 09.28.2008

  3. fluffy white and floating down from the sea of clouds that swirl above my head. i’ve seen this in movies a thousand times. the feather will glide softly down but will not land – it will sway about trying to find a direction before quickly changing its mind. i imagine this probably has some sort of significance.

    By Melissa on 09.28.2008

  4. feathered like a bird in flight
    feathered like a man trying to find his way

    the different color feathers of a bird are like the different ways of man.

    each and every bird like each and every man have different aspects

    By bryan on 09.28.2008

  5. sorta like an angel, like a fluttery delightfully wounded flight…sorta like a dizzy head, trama induced, sweltering crawl, is the creature i am for you. light wings carry us…feathered lover…fly.

    By cjstar on 09.28.2008

  6. …my world with you in it, my pillow, with you beside me. my hair, if you ask it of me…LOL.

    By chansgirl on 09.28.2008

  7. i had a pillow growing up, it was highly uncomftable. It may seem strange that i remeber a significant pillow. it seems like something someone would have a lot of. I had one. and the feathers came ou tof it when i slept. i would usually wake up and have them poking into my skin, little makrs would be on my face the next morning.

    By katie on 09.28.2008

  8. Hope is the thing with feathers, isn
    t that the poem? I also think of drag queens, who seem to have an unusual penchant for feathered boas and hats. It’s a funny word, though, feathered friends and all that…it’s not like furry animals get called furred friends. Regardless, one can’t beat a great feather boa

    By Jill on 09.28.2008

  9. birds have feather. I wish I was feathered so that I could fly.

    By m on 09.28.2008

  10. feathered. birds, cardinals. about seeing a turkey in the butthole. warm down blankets. pillows! having a pillow fight outside. feathered also can refer to clothing. cardigan sweaters. i used to hate those until i realized they could be chic and fun and layered. i want to jump into a pile of feathers and then swim around for a bit and pretend like nothing else exists, like it’s not monday, practically 1am, and that i have three papers due in the next 72 hours. feathers. feathered. something cozy and warm and hot cocoa filled.

    By rhee-soo on 09.28.2008

  11. maybe, but who can really know for sure. Upon discovering the truth, the kind gentlemen excused himself from the table and swiftly carried away from his company.

    By justin on 09.28.2008

  12. feathered hats are very nice. this may hurt some birds though, im not sure how they gather feathers to make things ‘feathered’ you know? i might look that up. well anyway that’s all i’ve really got time to say i think. feathered bowers are kinda cool, but they’re most oftenly fake yeah? so i guess it’s kinda like ‘save the birds’ instead of the whole dont wear fur from animals.

    By Amy Kendrick on 09.28.2008

  13. the mattress was feathered, soft but the action that she was suffering was anything but. he was rough, uncompromising as he whispered in her ear that death was but one heart beat away, if she did not comply.

    By T on 09.28.2008

  14. Sometimes birds have lots of feathers, like in the musical…seussical. the character i played was named gertrude mcfuzz and she had a one feathered tail. she was trying to impress horton the elephant and so took these pills to make her tail grow to be as big as mazie the bird’s huge tail. i like peacock feathers and think that they are the prettiest around. i also think it’s bizarre that pillows are stuffed with feathers, because it always happens that i will get a few nin my mouth after awhile.

    By allie on 09.28.2008

  15. I saw her feathered hair from the distance. She was beautiful. She was free.

    By Kelly on 09.28.2008

  16. the pillow was a feathered down to the depths of the earth. No one could understand how this came to be but it happened. Now if only that was not the only thing feathered.

    By Chris Gilmore on 09.28.2008

  17. The bird was feathered, and so was the girl’s hair. They had that in common. I think they both enjoyed Abba as well. Naturally.

    By Carolyn on 09.28.2008

  18. the beast of fallen stature raised by the wind and summoned by the gods. depleats the glory of the sun by its demise

    By Timothy on 09.28.2008

  19. having left behind all that could possibly hold her down, marry was sure her feathered friend would one day lead her to the same spot where the gold was. She knew that the mystical creature that now called her friend, would be her salvation.

    By melo on 09.28.2008

  20. The feathered serpent is difficult to find. Being a junior member of the draconic species, they are rarely seen in the day-to-day of the world behind the world. Travel as far south as the ancient Mayan lands and you should be able to make contact with one or two of them if you look hard enough. Unlike their European cousins, they prefer the rain.

    By John on 09.28.2008

  21. Like my hair used to be blowing in the wind … did i put enough hairspray in?

    bouncing as i walk down the street..

    By Jennifer on 09.28.2008

  22. guitared and feathered is a song by every time i die. when i think of feathered i think of feathers on a bird, a wispy, feathered, worn out bird, flying through the sky against a bright blue cloudy sky. when i think of feathered i think of an old man physically dirty and who has been through quite a bit.

    By eleanor on 09.28.2008

  23. feathered her hair lay against the back of her jean jacket. i stared ahead into space, trying to find the answer in her layers of hair, perfectly curled and teased, feathered into place and held with a great deal of hairspray

    By marie b on 09.28.2008

  24. psnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolvaniconiosis

    By N on 09.28.2008

  25. Unlit rooms groan
    making their way inside
    a feathered pillow

    By Dave on 09.28.2008

  26. when i think of your feathered neck, it reminds of when i used to be child, sitting in my room, contemplating nothing. Nothing of real importance to you anymore. When did I become so lonely, when did the world become so sad? Only now as an angel I can see you, and because of it I am glad.

    By Mike Fabano on 09.28.2008

  27. a beautiful white bird that is elegant and gracful that flys into the sky where the sun kisses its wings, free in the sky and away from the ground.

    By Heather Clevenger on 09.28.2008