September 23rd, 2008 | 787 Entries

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787 Entries for “feathered”

  1. i feathered on the brake in drivers ed and mr dente said i was doing a good job. i was really nervous cause it was my first driving hour with him and aaron hunt was observing. but i got less nervous about how i drove when aaron started driving because he almost killed us a few times. he can be really awkward. he talks like he’s extremely uncomfortable being talked to. i felt bad.

    By charlo on 09.28.2008

  2. i already had this word. is this the only word? but anyway i talked about drivers ed. cause that was the first time i heard the word ‘feathered’ and i had another lesson with mr. dente yesterday. it was in the rain and no one was observing me so i wasn’t embarassed when i messed up the three-point turn. mr. dente’s so nice.

    By charlo on 09.28.2008

  3. It may have been because I didn’t know you very well, or maybe I am a petty person. Either way I wish I would have been nicer to you. But seriously, that feathered hair of yours was too much not to laugh at. But if I knew you were so sad, I like to think I would have laughed a little quieter.

    By Bailey on 09.28.2008

  4. on that happy day, while i was strolling though the grass, i came across that beautifully feathered bird.

    it was dead.

    By emily on 09.28.2008

  5. I thought there was more than one way to progress. You have your ups and downs. The sideways, the frontways, the middleways. There’s also the middle ages and the dark ages too. Everything’s in there. Just a big simmering pot of magic boiling over to move the human race forward. That’s what it is, isn’t it? The flight of the human spirit towards something greater? Something free? This progress… or does it chain us further?

    By paisley on 09.28.2008

  6. the feathered manifold was beautiful, consisting of elaborate and beautiful colored feathers. what the fuck is a manifold? id really like to know, and i am starting to wonder if feathers even go into it? now im curious, im going to check that shit out…

    By andrew on 09.28.2008

  7. feathered serpents divinate my fatality.
    if only i were well versed enough to believe it

    one way or the other, I suppose I’ll find my truth
    in the ever approaching future
    i will find myself in the present.

    whenever this peacock color array displays itself
    i find it difficult to show others what i see.

    it’s impossible to show my mind

    By Dan Bouquillon on 09.28.2008

  8. I think that i want to be a in a soft safe warm bed. One of feathers that you can just float away in your dreams. It would be a great dream one of rainbows and clouds and pefect.

    By deb on 09.28.2008

  9. I have a memory of pillows at my grandmother’s that supposedly had feathers in them. I always thought about sleeping on geese. It was weird. I don’t remember feeling the ends of the feathers but supposedly it was made of real feathers.

    By Brian on 09.28.2008

  10. pillows have feathers and so do birds.
    one day some birds flew past my house in a V formation, i really wish i knew where they were going but i know that when they come back next year. they will have been somewhere. i wish i could fly, and go with them, on their journey to another place. just to feel for one day like i can do whatever i believe i can

    By devin on 09.28.2008

  11. i think of a feathered pillows and comforter. i feel us wrapped up together as i wake up next to you in the whiteness of the space. floating on a cloud, lighter than air, loving you. I miss that comforter.

    By jess on 09.28.2008

  12. He was tarred and feathered. Every single part of his skin was in his own version of hell. He let out a scream but nothing came out. He was like a chicken of death, a cruel mockery of the grim reaper. He was death. There was nothing anyone else could do. THis was his fate.

    By Alfredo Molinas on 09.28.2008

  13. I don’t know what means, but I thing it’s the quality of something who have feathers, like chickens. Chickens don’t fly, even though it has feathers. So there’s no logical sentence between having fathers and flying.

    By helana on 09.28.2008

  14. feathered hair like in the eighties. it almost looks like it’s fried, or should be. i want to dance with somebody! yeah, that’s what it reminds me of, even though she didn’t have feathered hair. feathered hair makes me want to dance. feathered dresses make me want to fly. birds in my hair… that’s not fair

    By liz on 09.28.2008

  15. josh. life screws you over. how ca nlove disappear in such a little amount of time. i hate it. i hate him. to some degree. how could he. how could he hurt me. i thought it would never happen. but it did and i want to scream! fuck him. im going to do what i want. i don’t care about after effects anymore.

    By Caroyn on 09.28.2008

  16. Pillows. A soft, cushioned door into another world. One of peace and tranquillity, monsters and nightmares or whatever else you so wish.

    By Rock_The_Ice on 09.28.2008

  17. The feathered white object cleaned itself, poking its beak at each nook and cranny.
    The woman beat the feathered pillow.
    The feathered object was more strange than anything he’d ever seen.
    She feathered the art with such amorousness.

    By Amber on 09.28.2008

  18. feathered is the feeling that hits you when you know that staring into this bright light and turning blind. But not from the intenseity of the bulb, but from the white beauty that is held within this glass case and is just dying to be set free, just stare all you want.

    By chris cordova on 09.28.2008

  19. Feathered makes me think of bangs. and feathers. in fact, I really disliked feathered hair. reminds me of the eighties, and as much as people like the eighties these days, I hate them. They were sleazy and cheasy. nobody knew how to dress, and all the colors clashed. very very obnoxious.

    By Rachael on 09.28.2008

  20. I loved to wear her feathered dress to make me feel glamurous like a holywood star from the 30’s.

    By Julianne on 09.28.2008

  21. He walked down the street with a red feather connected to his purple hat. His matching purple suit with yellow highlights caught the eyes of everybody in eye-sight. He walked down with pride and enjoyment.

    He simply loves getting people to freak out over nothing. And here, with this outfit, is doing just that. Giving people something to talk about.

    By Andrew on 09.28.2008

  22. Flying is not their strong suit. In fact, they can barely perch themselves atop the six foot fence without extreme effort, but when they do, their pride is profound. That is, until they find themselves stuck, unable to leap down, afraid, longing for their coop, needing to lay the day’s egg.

    By Sarah A on 09.28.2008

  23. Do you wear your feelings or do you just wear your clothes?
    I wear my feelings…they are quite obvious what feelings I am wearing at any given moment if they are feelings of depth. If it is pain…maybe not so much as I do the Scorpio thing and go into the distance…secret keeping mode.

    By Pats on 09.28.2008

  24. flying feathered friends
    bid adiue
    to you
    its time to go
    they said
    its time to fly
    so bye

    finely flying forward
    they dont tend to
    look back
    its time to go
    they said
    its time to fly
    so bye

    By Mar on 09.28.2008

  25. Feathered….angel wings are feathered.
    Fairy wings are feathered.
    you needs feathers for your wings to fly, don’t you think? White feathers are the best….like light…they will take your HIGHER!

    By Pats on 09.28.2008

  26. birds are feathered, but so was the hair in the 80s, at least the bangs were. So is the hair from the old couple on the amazing race. boas are feathered and it alwyas seems to add a little pizazz to a situation. Feathered things are soft and pretty, usually.

    By Suzanne on 09.28.2008

  27. his hair was feathered back in a mullet like fashion except this feathered hair went over his ears like a gust of wind in a children’s book. the mark hammill poster on his wall shone brightly.

    By jim dandy on 09.28.2008

  28. moonlight oh god don’t you see the crows. one murder. another flying in. im floored by the masses oh spectacular!! feed them throw the crumbs. frenzy. frenzy. how wonderful it must be to come back.

    By Tatum on 09.28.2008

  29. Feathered … reminds me of my down comforter and a really bad haircut from the 90s. Such a simple word that reminds me of two completely different things. Down comforter solicits happy feelings of comfort and warmth. Even security. But the haircut … oh, that haircut. Word of advice, don’t try to feather your hair. Ever. Especially if you have fine hair to begin with. But man, I love that down comforter! Speaking of which, I think it’s time for bed.

    By Andrea on 09.28.2008

  30. we brush past each other
    like strangers on a crowded subway
    like the feathered whisper
    of a wing.

    (do you remember me?)

    we smile awkwardly, painfully
    and move on.

    (i remember you.)

    By Jen on 09.28.2008

  31. the feathered beauty caressed the sides of the fats mans lumps and bumps.

    By Annie on 09.28.2008

  32. Are the wings of birds like wisps of hair on a beautiful girl.

    By Kristen on 09.28.2008

  33. Birds have feathers. Feather come in all colors, and they are soft.

    By M on 09.28.2008

  34. my wings floated through the spring time air and i flew far above the city in a gust of hot air. as i started to look below, i noticed feathers falling off of my wings. little did i know that i hadn’t feathered my wings so!

    By gearson amherst on 09.28.2008

  35. i hate this gay ass word i wish it was dead omg i wish it would just jump off the page and die omg i wish it would and then i would be so happy that it was dead that i would run around in circles for hours and then i would die and then i would be very sad.

    By dj on 09.28.2008

  36. birds with microscopic peanut overalls, eating giant cockroaches with their yellow beaks. forget about whatever you think you know about birds and giraffes…it’s all a lie, it’s a protest thing. don’t forget that without birds you cannot have trees. without trees there are no papers. gimme paper. movie birds bloody eyes scares my child.

    By joel on 09.28.2008

  37. Feathered . . .birds. They fly high and free. They are also quite smart. How did they figure to do their triangle formation? Instinct is interesting. Nature vs. nurture? Who knows. It’s probably both. One can follow instincts, but also overcome them.

    By Ana on 09.28.2008

  38. Is feathered a word for being tarred and feathered like in the 1800’s when people were humiliated publicly for committing a crime? Or does it mean to lessen something? I don’t know?

    By seedon on 09.28.2008

  39. The flaming feathers pierced her skin so fast she would hardly have know they were there, but for the searing pain she suddenly felt as fire consumed her body.

    By Beth on 09.28.2008

  40. floating slowly
    falling softly
    traped in time
    traped in space
    out of mind
    out of place

    By Stacia on 09.28.2008