June 30th, 2008 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “fog”

  1. While walking down the black paved road I noticed that the sun was barely coming up, the fog was thick, but I could see a glimmer of light shining up ahead. I walked and kept walking hoping to see him ahead. If only I

    By Nicole on 07.01.2008

  2. The fog rolled in silently that night. It stopped at nothing and spoke to no one, just continually drifting along to its future whereabouts. Where it lays now, no one knows.

    By john on 07.01.2008

  3. the fog is a thick, dreary thing. I cannot imagine what people have written about when they stare into a fog. they must have great inspiration. or maybe nothing at all. fog is scary to me. I realize that when I came upon this site I was trying to think of something meaningful to write, but that is not really necessary.

    By Emily on 07.01.2008

  4. Unknown. No that’s not true all I think of is that horrible movie. “What kind of fog goes against the wind… NOT FOG!!!” I don’t actually know if that’s the line, but it might as well be. How warped is that? You say fog, I say movie called, “The Fog”. God I need to find myself some original thought sometime.

    By carlo on 07.01.2008

  5. Fog sucks. Seriously, I hate it. I remember when I was little I asked my dad what fog was and he told me it was the clouds coming down to earth. I freaked out because I thought that he said the sky was falling. Oh man did I run and tell everyone at school that day. I told all my friends my teachers and everyone and they all just chuckled. Unbeknowst to me, the clouds had already gone back up.

    By Evan Cox on 07.01.2008

  6. its a cloud sitting on the ground makes it ha

    By mark on 07.01.2008

  7. Blackness.
    I can’t see anything.
    I can’t focus.
    All I feel is saddness.
    Whut am I to do?

    By Jem on 07.01.2008

  8. the darkness.. it spreads… almost as thought it were alive, but is it anymore dead then you or me…, have any of us survived? only time will tell.

    By Ty on 07.01.2008

  9. It’s so crazy how foggy Lloydminster gets sometimes. I drive down the back roads with friends and the fog is almost unbearable. Although a little fog is mysterious and at times very pleasant, I hate when it gets so foggy that you can’t see shit! So as you know now, fog is a hard thing to write about and quite an irritant in big cities where there are needles on the ground and creepy people walking down allies. How the fuck am I supposed to see them?

    By Torr3y on 07.01.2008

  10. fog… All i know about fog is that i see it almost every morning. In the village, it’s definitely seen every day. I am from Uganda where in the towns it is warm and in our villages it’s very col; especially the western part. Fog is an every day thing there. However, what is the difference between fog and mist?

    By Maryanne Tibahwa on 07.01.2008

  11. The fog was thick and decended upon them like a blanket, smothering them in darkness and confusion. The tailights of the car infront were no longer visible and it made Clare anxious.

    By Jo on 07.01.2008

  12. all senses come to an end. we meet each other through darker days and fall. we never meet as soon as it clear we leave again. This is the fog.

    By beep on 07.01.2008

  13. i was walking down worli one morning and this thick fog rolled in. A fog is not something one experience s in Mumbai city but this one took me back to a trip in Mahableshwar in Decemeber and we were in Febuary now. It was awesome. Wanna go to some place like Ireland to experience the fogs and mists there.

    By ad on 07.01.2008

  14. Fog is there corrupting the soul and distorting the vision and blocks the foresight and judgement leading to danger and deceit. We in this life have little to say yet a lot to see-fog will always be there in existence, bringing fear, fear that when upon us it has consumed us brings the darkness forward and we fall. Then we are dragged by our face in to war and violence, our blindness to see what we cannot be vulnerable, in the middle of the target and to be seen as less, is much worse than admitting it.. Or its just moisture in the air.

    By matt on 07.01.2008

  15. The street lights barely lit the corner. The fog was thick. Hiding the trash and spray paint. The street looked almost magical when you couldn’t see anything. Granted, she knew that meant she was even less safe than usual. She quickened her step as a stray cat knocked over an old box behind her. Her fingers playing lightly with the mace she always carried in her pocket.

    By Morgan on 07.01.2008

  16. The London fog laid heavy over the town, casting all aroung it in a murk of melancholy, no dreams able to surface through the mist. Every man droned on about the state of affairs, every woman trudged and gossiped empty thoughts. It was a foggy day, full of foggy minds.

    By cady on 07.01.2008

  17. Fog is grey and just hangs there like, well, like a fog. Or maybe its like pea soup, no actually I think its more like a light airy velvet than it is like anything else except of course, fog.

    By Dennis Turner on 07.01.2008

  18. and it surrounds and drowns us this fog of uncertainty and anxiety, whither to go, will this fog recede while life wastes away

    By monkenstick on 07.01.2008

  19. Voices in the fog beckoned. Disembodied corpses in it danced.

    Disappearing into its heavy blanket was too appealing to pass up.

    The entire town vanished that night.

    By Gleek on 07.01.2008

  20. nothing, just blank. seriously blank. Hmmmm… Now I’ve got something… I have a perspective of my life. I want success. I need success and I must success. Bless me Buddha. Amitofo.

    By Ken on 07.01.2008

  21. covered the island for two whole days. by the time it lifted, Piers and I were sitting outside, and an understanding began to grow between us.

    By Sisiter Pearl on 07.01.2008

  22. it’s foggy outside and the little cat from dickenson is meowing and sad. is she hungry? I hope not. Maybe she wants some milk? If she does, I cannot give her any. I don’t have any milk in the frigde. It’s all in my coffee. Coffee iced is better than coffee cold. it’s something exciting in the cold. Cold, foggy, condensation. Foggy coffee — foggy cat.

    By Christina on 07.01.2008

  23. misty effervescence. partially translucent clouds swollen and sinking making people sightless and mistified, if you will. It makes drives eerie and

    By B. on 07.01.2008

  24. Then he arose from the thick, sightless fog. Drenched in Jessica’s blood, but no Jessica’s body insight. Only him and her blood, all of her blood.

    By Ashley! on 07.01.2008

  25. Through the fog I can see it. A little glimmer in the little bit of daylight there is today. Just a little shimmer that picks up the light enough for me to see it. As I walk toward it, I see it’s a ring. Not just any ring, but a diamond ring, with a diamond so large.

    By lisa on 07.01.2008

  26. my phone number, a ring, the cheese knife, my physics teacher’s name, my children’s first words, my mother’s favorite food, 8×8 equals, why my father and I don’t talk anymore, how to get home, joy, gone in four decades — lost in a fog of distraction and alcohol

    By C on 07.01.2008

  27. Fog is kind of nice. It’s very mysterious, and shrouds stuff in mystery. It’s strange though, because in the mornings, it seems to be so solid, yet so transient at the same time. It gives each day which has it a bit of a mysterious feel to it.

    By Brian on 07.01.2008

  28. Whenever in the green that was grey I saw the child in you again and jumping after the ball, missing not a second, I was running and missed the ball again. I never saw it again. And sometimes, in the morning I’m waking up and see the fog inyou.

    By pedro on 07.01.2008

  29. Jimmy couldn’t clear his mind. The more he tried, the more the fog set in. It was like a living creature, taking over, invading and obscuring his thoughts. He tried doctors. No help. He tried herbal tea. No help. He tried visiting a massage therapist, but all she wanted was extra money to touch his buttocks. That helped a little, but not with the fog. Eventually, he realized that it would be something he’d simply have to live with, and if it would spell the death of him, then it would spell the death of him.

    By Eric Garcia on 07.01.2008

  30. same as yesterday!!!!!oh no – what to write about?!
    i remember running in the early morning (predawn)through fog.

    By laurie on 07.01.2008

  31. the fog rolled in, thick and dark. She walked around, lost, thinking of her lost life. Why did they do this to her? What in her karmic life had she done to deserve this back lash? Why should she suffer for the rest of her life because he had died. At that moment, the sun shone in. She knew it was simply a lesson she had to learn. She smiled. the sun was warm again.

    By Missy G on 07.01.2008

  32. fog

    By faisal on 07.01.2008

  33. There is a veil before his eyes; it is not something so tangible as a fog, yet it seems to have more substance than anything physical. He reaches out for the fabric of that which hides his eyes. The tips of his fingers catch on a silken cloth.

    By tv on 07.01.2008

  34. I’ve never actually, fuck, that’s a lie… I have seen fog. Just not in some meaningful, mystical foreshadowing sort of situation; nothing you’d find in literature or a movie. NOthing exciting or life-altering or even minutely memorable. Just. Fog. It’s what happens. I don’t even know why. It just is.

    By Rachel on 07.01.2008

  35. the fog rolls in on little cat feet…robert frost? or something like that. it’s misty and cool, and i haven’t seen much of it this year. it’s been too hot or too cold or something. it’s sort of mysterious, and i’ve written poems on it, but i’ve never gotten one of them right. i hope i’ll see some soon. it’s a clean feeling, walking in fog.

    By k on 07.01.2008