March 24th, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “exquisite”

  1. Quite the site
    of the girl with blue eyes
    walking down Grand.
    She only looked at the sky,
    up at the stars,
    because she was one of them.

    By Kenny H. on 03.25.2012

  2. Myself as I try to write. My whole being, my inner thoughts, the way I look, the way I am, the way I sing , I speak. You are exquisite too. My love. You are my all and you’ll always be. Try to think this way yourself. Come with me, Don’t let this end. Never.

    By Magda on 03.25.2012

  3. Fine dining in the tropics
    a balmy breeze blows between palm trees
    my lover kisses me
    everything is fine

    By luke on 03.25.2012

  4. It begins.
    He: You have the most exquisite feet.
    It’s the first thing he ever says to her. As chat up lines go it’s a conversation breaker before the rest of the discussion has even been embarked on. She glances up at him intrigued and disturbed.
    She: How on earth would you know? You can’t see anything underneath these thick tights and heavy boots.
    He: I can imagine.
    She: Well stop right there. I don’t really want you imagining anything more about me.
    He: But I’ve only just begun.

    By Laura Notley on 03.25.2012

  5. Her body. Oh my GOD, it’s absolutely exquisite. Her skin was this beautiful light gold, her auburn hair tumbled down her back. Her body flowed from one luscious curve seamlessly into the next. This creature, water running in gentle rivulets down her body, was the definition of exquisite. And she was mine.

    By CNou91 on 03.25.2012

  6. Better than average. Just like that. Takes my breath away. Wow. Just wow. That’s what it was. I overheard a posh woman say it. Couldn’t have put it better myself. She was talking about the jewelry, I about the wearer.

    By selzilla URL on 03.25.2012

  7. One of a kind beautiful wonderful amazing out of the ordinary stupendis

    By thahal may on 03.25.2012

  8. “It’s lovely.” Anna said, looking at the diamond ring on my finger. “Exquisite.” I laughed.
    “Just one small diamond, but it’s good enough for me.”
    “there’s something just to beautiful in a simple ring. No flaunting, just pure, real love.”

    By Delilah on 03.25.2012

  9. exquisite

    By A on 03.25.2012

  10. The strawberries were exquisite and the ship was sinking.

    By corinnele on 03.25.2012

  11. sheer fabric, sparkling. british accents. formal rolling waves of green fields cascading along the hillside. powerful hooves belonging to steeds beating the broken soil. skylit paths.

    By madeline on 03.25.2012

  12. Exquisite wieners. Oh what a nice wiener you have. It’s the weeniest wiener I have ever seen wienered. Wiener you, my chum. Wiener your wiener.


    By wiener on 03.25.2012

  13. anything can be exquisite. its how you find things that define if that thing is simple or complex. i don’t quite see many things as exquisite except maybe certain simple pleasures in life like tacos. or special people in my life. Megan is exquisite. so is my family. so i guess exquisite is whatever is important and beautiful to you, the individual.

    By tyler URL on 03.25.2012

  14. Exquisite.

    Some use more blunt terms:
    Hot. Babe. Sexy. Totally rockin’
    Exquisite has a nicer ring to it. It helps hide the fact that I’m just another pervert.

    Truth is women ARE sex objects.
    I mean they’re a whole bunch of other things too…

    but also, a sex object.

    Mighty fine ones.

    By mickyt on 03.25.2012

  15. The feeling of silk sheets gently caressing your body as you drift off to sleep. The way your heartbeats as he holds your hand. The look of the perfect shade of red lipstick. Champagne with strawberries.

    By Andrina on 03.25.2012

  16. I don’t really know what to say. As a matter of fact, exquisite is a pretty word. Why is this so? It sounds old and classy. Reminds me of victorians. Chimney sweeps! No one? Okay then. Exquisite is a pretty word.

    By Michele on 03.25.2012

  17. Looking into her face I knew the meaning of beauty. Her eyes that shined like some sort of alien light coming from the stars. Her skin, so pure and exquisite.
    Finally, I knew love.
    Only to have it ripped from me, like an arrow through my heart.

    By drodi on 03.25.2012

  18. As the sun was setting behind the hills, a delicious colours absorbed the blue sky. A dance of rich orange and yellow, pink and even purple filled a beautiful evening sky. Soft breeze whistled through the forest and sang its lullaby. No man neither woman could describe what a splendid scenery it was. And that was how it is supposed to stay. Hidden from words an indescripable beauty.

    By Seven on 03.25.2012

  19. It was exquisite; it’s flavour, it’s sound… it was magical. They could not stop him now; now that he had found his dreams, now that he had lost his thoughts.

    By Andrea Rueda on 03.25.2012

  20. exquisite is what one would describe armchairs and other sort of fancy furniture and finery in the 1800’s also it would often make one sound like a british deuschbag like I just did.

    By Mackenzie on 03.25.2012

  21. exquisite is the way your lips feel as they meet mine, no international top chef can make a meal more delicious than the taste of your kiss

    By PM on 03.25.2012

  22. Her hands were exquisite. Painter’s hands. Looked like they’d been carved with a potter’s needle almost. Cracked and creased and molded with age and experience. But nothing so beautiful I’d ever seen. And the colors, oh the colors. Reds and Oranges and Blues and Greens of life and love, forever melted into her skin. Been there too long to wash out.

    By Ren on 03.25.2012

  23. The thought was still exquisite, but it’ll never happen. Even as hard as I may try and as true as my intentions may be, you’ve been scorned by too many before to give me a chance.

    By agloe on 03.25.2012

  24. The nose the follows below your eyes.
    The change you’ve brought within me.
    The way you make the word exquisite finally make sense to me.

    By Marge on 03.25.2012

  25. jackson, darkest eyes, brightest smile, smooth dark skin and waves of black hair. my love, my light, my life. My beautiful boy, my king. I love you.

    By MissAdore on 03.25.2012

  26. Exquisite. Executive Quisenberry. Jamberry, Jumberry. Quiz Kids at the top of their game. Quisset, brisket, bundle of joy. Exquisite se pronuncia con otra vocal más en español.

    By John Oliver Simon URL on 03.25.2012

  27. a word that describe things that are awesome like food… elegance and good taste. seems like royalty…. or ME!!!

    By MARIA MELENDEZ on 03.25.2012

  28. If I could find myself totally comfortable with being so utterly myself, so raw and yet so simply me, wouldn’t it be exquisite?

    By mere URL on 03.25.2012

  29. unique, beautiful. you need to dig a little sometimes to really see the beauty in it. lovely beyond belief. delicate, fragile yet with hidden strenghth

    By malory on 03.25.2012

  30. something that is rare, unique ,,,like myself.

    By adriana URL on 03.25.2012

  31. Exquisite is what I want people to think when they see me; but no matter how hard I try, I don’t think I’ll ever be “dainty” enough for it. My thighs and hips are far too wide for exquisite. So I’ll have to stick with classy.

    By M'ai Vox URL on 03.25.2012

  32. Your eyes or perhaps the way you smile. No, no that’s not exquisite. Exquisite is more like the cherry blossoms outside. Exquisite is too much of an ugly word to describe anything about you. Why am I always thinking about you anyway?

    By Wendy on 03.25.2012

  33. I pushed the spoon full of steak into my mouth, enjoying the flavor of expensive restaurant meat. I could even call it exquisite if I must, it was such a taste of the higher-class.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 03.25.2012

  34. How can a word of beauty sound so ugly on my tongue? This is not what I want our love to be. I only ask for simplicity.

    By Cat on 03.25.2012

  35. Silly girl with her silly, empty smiles and silly need for constant attention. She’s a few years too old to not know any better. Fake-lashed eyes, sequined attire, lips painted red, trying to look like an adult. Perhaps she succeeded. If one squints at her in the right lighting, she does look a bit like a twenty-one year old hooker.
    Sometimes, she makes the mistake of wandering too close–close enough that I can hear the empty drivel being defecated from her empty red smile. She simpers words like “sale” and “silver” and “shoes” and, finally, in what I am sure must be an exhausting amount of sylables, “exquisite when they catch the light”.

    And, yet again, I wonder what she has to gain by acting this way.

    She stops her monologue to smile her silly smile at a boy, and, like a moronic moth drawn to a self-absorbed flame, he makes the mistake of smiling back.


    By WearyWater URL on 03.25.2012

  36. The most exquisite thing is a mothers love,
    like a gossamer string
    or a chord from above.
    she’s the brightness in your smile and the joy in your laughter
    she’ll always try to give you a happily ever after
    and even when things take a turn for the worst,
    she’ll always be there absorbing your hurt
    a mother’s love is neverending
    it gives so much,
    but doesn’t request anything
    it’s a light thats always there,
    a hope, a triumph, a hand on your hair,
    a sign that someone cares
    so cherish those gestures,
    hold on to that love,
    for it will soon be in the past,
    and again never heard of…

    By Melanie on 03.25.2012

  37. radiance a man and a woman walk into a party like one of the Fitzgeralds, there is fancy decor, the finest of food and liqueor and people are dancing and speaking omst elegantly EXQUISITE!!” they all say… Thank you Scott for such a wonderful evenging

    By danielle Kleiman on 03.25.2012

  38. Currently it feels like nothing in my life is all that exquisite. With sisters gone and grandpa sick and myself slowly drifting into mental illness. Far from exquisite.

    By Lor-n URL on 03.25.2012

  39. She was a very stylish and dainty woman. she held her teacup as she took a drag of her elegantly smoking ciggerette. Her eyes were very tantalizing and she had a very unique look to her.

    By brooke on 03.25.2012

  40. something refined and confusing, exotic. not available for me or anything close to me. honorable, excellent in a good way. untenable yet physical at the edge of the sphere

    By Dustin on 03.25.2012