March 25th, 2012 | 320 Entries

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320 Entries for “temper”

  1. Control it or not? Keep it calm or flare it up? The necessity for argument. A fesity trait or an irritation in others.

    By lucy on 03.26.2012

  2. I swear i lose it too often. other times i feel like it is utterly inaccessible. like apathy. but i want to be angry. feeling something is better than the dullness. like a shitty fucked up memory i so horribly discarded. i want to be normal again.

    By Ramona on 03.26.2012

  3. Temper we meet again
    You had me a couple of times before
    But now Im never going back
    To that place I used to call my own

    By Jiana on 03.26.2012

  4. With his temper, he forgot who he was and what it was like to be in a room as cold as ice.

    By Jiana on 03.26.2012

  5. Temper. That boy has a mighty fine temper on him, that one. Bloody spoiled, he is. Always throwing his food about, who does he think he is, the bloody King of England? Someone needs to be teaching him a lesson.

    By Kimberly on 03.26.2012

  6. It rises in you like flame. It eats at your oxygen. It itches for something to snap in half; a chair leg, a finger, a word like ‘love’.

    By kate on 03.26.2012

  7. her temper blew. it always blew. we knew it was going to blow. at the drop of the hat she would get red in the face, her fists would screw up and her eyes would get all squinty. When that happened, you knew you had to run. There was nothing, and no one, on earth who could help you once you had managed to wind her up. God save the soul of those who tried.

    By Red on 03.26.2012

  8. people tend to lose their temper too easily and lose sight of everything else.

    By Freefall on 03.26.2012

  9. Temper tantrums are best avoided. it does more harm then good. If one is prone to throwing temper tantrums, it may be a good idea to practice anger management. This would be good for your stress level and blood pressure.

    By abhilash on 03.26.2012

  10. It’s unbecoming to have temper tantrums at middle age, but how to stop them? Things don’t go right. You plan them, plot the details, hope for the best–and still, fiasco. Who wouldn’t bawl and shout in such a circumstance? Turkey burned to a crisp, potatoes full of too much pepper.

    By Elizabeth on 03.26.2012

  11. My temper tends to cloud my judgement on many things. Yes, it is very common for people to think the harshest in their most irate times, but I’m not so used to it. Things have changed lately–my attitude, to say the least–and I feel that it’s time I stood up for myself. If that means telling things like it is during a heated situation, then I will gladly do so. I never regret a word I say because if I thought of it during a calm period then it was something that needed to be shared.

    By Desiree J URL on 03.26.2012

  12. i suddenly lost my temper, flinging my flipper towards the man in the mask. quickly, he scurried off into the distance. fearing his return, i retrieved my flipper, slipped it back on my elongated foot, and proceeded to sink back into the black abyss below

    By matt brooks on 03.26.2012

  13. Her eyes tempered the brashness of his tongue, leaving it to cut back on the harsh words that sought out the other boy. Her ability to mollify even the most turbulent of teenagers is why every teacher sought her aid as classroom counselor.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.26.2012

  14. The one thing that could be said about Bekka, if you truly knew her, was that she had a bad temper. Of course, she was independent, but it made her brave, and she needed people in her life. She was extremely fearless, but there were things that she was truly afraid of. But the one thing that changed no matter much was her temper, which Perren found was extremely, extremely short.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 03.26.2012

  15. “Don’t lose your temper. It’s your temper so keep it” It says on Mr. Tomsett’s wall

    By Akempen001 on 03.26.2012

  16. hhhvvtyftdrtdjk

    By mimi on 03.26.2012

  17. “You need to watch your temper.” I’ve heard this so many times before. It’s ironic, though, because I don’t really feel anything. I haven’t felt anything in a while. I’m not even passionate about anything. I’m just totally numb.

    By Mary Kate on 03.26.2012

  18. The temper trap.
    A wooden door in the floor.
    A bad temper
    trips and is trapped.
    Luckily it was the bad temper.

    By LotteZwo URL on 03.26.2012

  19. A storm from above carrying
    Thunder and lightening
    Hovering over the quiet meadows.
    Anger tempted the clouds to create
    A tempest so fierce
    That it swept the quiet off its feet
    And into oblivion.

    By Kenny H. on 03.26.2012

  20. my temper soars
    and drops
    and soars once more
    all that I felt, did he feel?
    I need him more than he needs me
    he’s my lifeblood
    and it scares me more than I know

    By Zoe URL on 03.26.2012

  21. Temper, temper, tied to a chair and never let to see the light of day. Temper in a woman’s heart that builds as she is told that ladies do not have tempers. No, instead we wait with our doilies and our baited breath, knowing that we are not allowed to be angry at anything, because there is so much to be angry about.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 03.26.2012

  22. Why do I keep finding me temper after I lose it?

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 03.26.2012

  23. When I think of temper I think of mad 2,3 year old’s.

    By Matt on 03.26.2012

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    By harjeevan on 03.26.2012

  25. Tempers flared in the dying hours of the deadline. There was nothing left to give, nothing to do but wait, and that was likely the most frustrating thing. That with a looming deadline, there was nothing more to do.

    By bryan on 03.26.2012

  26. I have a very bad temper . I easily get upset , sad , but then laugh in seconds after .. I can mock everyone when I got angry .

    By Muna on 03.26.2012

  27. Her temper sometimes gets the best of her, and it takes a while to boil over. Stomps. Bangs. Yelling at the top of her lungs. Then all is exhausted and calm.

    By Lana Jordan on 03.26.2012

  28. My sister’s blood boiled in such a way that, as she lost her temper, the strawberry’s mark of fury appeared between her eyes and upon her forehead. She was known to give herself over to these moments as a baby. And I, I knew better than to give in. In a moment, the storm would be over.

    By Meryt on 03.26.2012

  29. temper sounds like temple.

    By just582 URL on 03.26.2012

  30. the colour red. the idea of an emotional dam bursting and words tumbling out over tongues towards other people’s egos and a world of hurt. all that’s left afterwards is the ripple residue of rage.

    By Amie on 03.26.2012

  31. Sometimes I have a temper, but not often. I’m rarely ever angry… Calm cool and collected, but you mess with my friends or family… you’re gonna go down. Nothing gets my goad like Disrespect.

    By Anna on 03.26.2012

  32. My temper is growing because I can’t get my printer to print.
    I speak sweetly to it and dust it off. Come on I say, it’s not so hard.
    Please just print these few items. Now I can’t eject a CD. I love technology when it cooperates but now my temper is rising.

    By Robin on 03.26.2012

  33. she has a temper
    like nobody else i know,
    and i love that
    so much

    By Iffath URL on 03.26.2012

  34. He had a temper like a frenzied bull on in a park full of wasps. It wasn’t like this everyday though. Just when Laura decided to come out of her room.

    By ashbran53 on 03.26.2012

  35. anger

    By Neha on 03.26.2012

  36. The temperature scalded his palms. Smacking on the window pain, he realized he would die in that house. His skin still stuck to the glass, frying.

    By Kayla on 03.26.2012

  37. I lost my temper when my sister drew on my face with a marker. I was late for piano practice and had no time to wipe it off. She tried to say sorry but I pushed her away.

    By Amy on 03.26.2012

  38. got a bad temper

    By ehh on 03.26.2012

  39. fuck, getting angry is like a beet, the hard deep red grown underneath, becomes a tuber that can be sweet…

    By Homer on 03.26.2012

  40. I placed two fingers in the cool liquid, poling under my car. The temperature was unfortunately warmer than I would want to report to my dad. All I could do now was huddle like the pool and hope it disappears.

    By Krisi URL on 03.26.2012