March 23rd, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “residue”

  1. that shit when you try and peel off stickers and it stays on. such a pain in the ass.

    By regina on 03.24.2012

  2. The residue of last nights rain lay gently on the newly grown spring grass early that morning.

    By Brie M URL on 03.24.2012

  3. Icky scum stuck to the side of the tub makes me squirm with revolt. What is left behind is often disgusting.

    By Suzann on 03.24.2012

  4. As she stared at the residue in her eye lids, left over mascara from the night before, she smiled.

    By Rebecca on 03.24.2012

  5. The residue on the bottom of my shoe was pink not unlike bubble gum
    but when i pushed my nose towards the splotch it realized it wasnt gum at all but a putrid sticky stench not human or manmade
    it was something all together different….

    By beth on 03.24.2012

  6. it’s something that’s left behind after something sticky was there, like glue or spilled juice or something like that. it doesnt sound good and i dont want residue on my counters. maybe somewhere else.

    By Nicole on 03.24.2012

  7. There is still some residue left on my skin, in my hair, under my nails. On my clothes, in my bed, in my room. In my house. I’ve tried to scrub you from me a thousand times, till my skin is raw and fingers hurt and my house smells like bleach. But I just can’t seem to get rid of you.

    By Elin on 03.24.2012

  8. She rubbed at the residue all over her body. Disgusted but also liberated. That was how she was feeling and it was all she could do not to leap for joy. Swimming through the pool had been necessary for achieving freedom and she had done it without a second thought. They would be loath to follow her through there and she had discovered the way out. They coudln’t hurt her any longer. The residue was just a symbol now of the fact that she could wash it and her previous life away and enter into a new age.

    By Ally on 03.24.2012

  9. Residue has got to be the worst thing ever. New bowl? Crap. can’t use it. theres Residue! Arrgh. Oh well. Got to use a cup. That was short cause i was interrupted

    By Lexi on 03.24.2012

  10. You heart left residue on me. I can feel it… I thought I’d always be able to hear you breathing when I fell asleep and woke back up, but I don’t hear you anymore. I miss you. I miss your heart. Your breath is no longer near.

    By Baylee on 03.24.2012

  11. It was dark and cloudy outside when i wandered off my house and and stumbled my dogs residue. I was hungry…there was no time….

    It was delicious.

    By roy on 03.24.2012

  12. it is the leftover part of a material that was being used in a process . For example residue of a reagent in a chemistry experiment.

    By Amul Garg on 03.24.2012

  13. what we show, it isn’t us, it’s our thoughts and we’re not our thoughts. We’re less than we think we are, because what we think we are is too much and unnecessary. It’s important to always back off, and be contempt with little. because little is what we really are.

    By shega on 03.24.2012

  14. Paroxysms of incredible joy wracked his body and sent him shuddering, laughing in whimpers, to a contented pile on the ground. His mind opened outward into the breeze and was carried on upward gusts into the passing jet streams of the upper atmosphere. This was some months ago, and now, coiled and grimacing behind a slab of cold desktop, his wondrous mellifluous memories are simply a hazy residue on the back wall of his mind.

    By mattlock URL on 03.24.2012

  15. water on windows in houses, caravans, sheds and other places.. on grass in the morning

    By tory URL on 03.24.2012

  16. I woke up in the morning to feel something sticky in my paints and i ilked it. i liked it a lot. and their was no one to stop me from eating the delicious residue.

    By John on 03.24.2012

  17. Carefully, I peeled back the the blood soaked gauze around his back, fold by fold. As I came to the last layer, I held my breath and braced myself for what may lay underneath the rust stained fabric. Axel inhaled sharply as I removed the last of the gauze, ripping part of his skin and leaving behind a sticky residue. The gash was deep; you could still see the ivory of his rib bone peeking beneath the ripped layers of skin and tissue. But that’s not what worried me, what made me gasp.
    “What?!” Axel moaned, “How bad is it?” My hands quivered over the black scales, that had started to line the wound and make its way up his spine.

    By Taylor K URL on 03.24.2012

  18. residue is that stuff stuck under all the nasty porceline in the bathroom. Its the ugly under the beautiful. Its sticky and stinky, and hard to get rid of. If like the truth under the mask. Its something that stains and sticks for a long time, it leaves a lasting imprint.

    By Jessica on 03.24.2012

  19. The leftovers. Usually sticky or gummy. usually gross…
    And then there’s the residue of your smell, left on my clothes when you leave.

    By Jazz on 03.24.2012

  20. There was a thick black residue coating her tongue in the morning. Of course, with her being who she was, a raging hypochondria, she immediately thought to sit down and write out her suicide note. She refused to go out from this obviously long and painful illness that was now facing her. If she had only read the side affect label of the pepto bismo she took the night before….

    By Trista URL on 03.24.2012

  21. the residue
    left of you
    on my bed sheets
    the sweet smell
    nobody can tell me
    that i am wrong
    to think of you
    during all hours of the night (day)

    By adrianna URL on 03.24.2012

  22. i dont know what does this mean.Having not even the way to ran over and try to catch the meaning itself.

    By viviankk on 03.24.2012

  23. Residue remains from the unkind things people say. We can try to scrape it from the bottoms of our psyches but still there will remain the stain.

    By Desiree on 03.24.2012

  24. When everything that can possibly burn up has had its due, then comes your turn to stay behind,

    By Rajeshwari on 03.24.2012

  25. Not usually a disgusting word, but has some disgusting connotations.

    All I can think of is puddles. Rain left over from the night before, a quasi-holographic collection of oil remnants in a parking lot that refracts light in a certain way. That’s what residue is, isn’t it? Something “residual” that’s a part of whatever it was a part of. . . but isn’t.

    By Travis URL on 03.24.2012

  26. Powerful rain beating on the windows. Dreams Becon me. The scent of you filled my nostrils, to a new day

    By rhonda on 03.24.2012

  27. Residue builds like words on top of words as I think of what to say but can’t. I am choked by residue of what I thought and when I thought it, and knowing that I will never be able to sift through all the debris is what kills me. Knowing that I cannot separate what I was from what I am now is what kills me.

    By Isabella on 03.24.2012

  28. The filmy film that covers the exterior of an object. usually cloudy or viscous.

    By Mitch on 03.24.2012

  29. _________

    By Rajeshwari on 03.24.2012

  30. I had to ask my boyfriend what this word was but now i guess i know what it is, A residue is a substance left over by something else that can be sticky or slimy. I dont know what else to write… I guess thats it.

    By Melissa on 03.24.2012