July 9th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “expecting”

  1. im expecting, accepting, my place of eternal resting.
    on my gravestone
    write “man of many blessings”
    with that being said
    ill return to being dead
    ill return to this comfortable, placed, earth-bed.

    By gerald on 07.10.2011

  2. I was expecting nothing less from such a prompt. Usually it’s some vague, or a noun that makes you go “wait, what, what am i supposed to write about that?” but the prompt “expecting” is quite easy. I simply write about what I was expecting from a prompt. Oh, God, I think I’m running my brain into a circle. Is this the part where I see forever? Or is this the part where I just get up and go get some cookies because I broke my brain again and it’s time for cookies? I dunno. I wasn’t expecting that.

    By Hildred URL on 07.10.2011

  3. I was expecting little from the very start, but hope filled my dreams above the chart and now, expecting. I wait and wait just looking for a change that could break the chain, and fill my day in a way expecting to find the answer to my least favorite question.

    By Cola URL on 07.10.2011

  4. dillusions of granduer….and a new dictionary…maybe just maybe.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 07.10.2011

  5. She’s always wanted a baby. Even at a younger age than she should have been wanting one. He wanted to wait, so they waited. And they waited, and waited some more. Now they are trying, but having no luck. She still wants a baby more than anything. Not being able to get pregnant, never expecting, is really breaking her heart.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 07.10.2011

  6. Expecting. Similar to expectation. It holds pportunities, promise. That is exciting. Chance is an element too. The expected may not be as one hopes. It could be a pleasure, or a disappointment. Hope. Expectation will always thrill me.

    By Anna B on 07.10.2011

  7. For the longest time I’ve been expecting a change. I’ve been waiting for some crazy thing to happen and change everything. Everyone expects that though, always more for the good part of change, but everyone expects change. But does anyone really set out to make it happen? Very few brave people do. It’s like, we want a change to come to us so bad but when we’re asked why we don’t chase it ourselves, it’s because we are afraid.

    By Maddie on 07.10.2011

  8. I am expecting a cat to eat my liver this morning. my mom said that it would. I don’t know if shes lying. do you think so? whatever. anyway, the cat came last night too. it walked into my room and started biting at me. I was So scared. So yeah. I really don’t want to even think about it. My friend Cloe saw it too. her mom didn’t believe her either. So I guess it’s kinda like, MIA. You know? I can’t even fall asleep at night. Gosh. That makes me uncomfortable.

    By Sienna on 07.10.2011

  9. Life to be better. better job. easier life that I can understand. Expecting a baby. Expecting tomorrow t be better. Expecting myself to let go of my fears. Expecting things to be a little more than just ordinary. Expecting myself to stop hiding in a room. Getting out into the world of my own. The things that have happened to define me less. The love of my life to always be true to me. The best for myself. Worrying of failures.

    By manju on 07.10.2011

  10. Expecting things can get complicated. You need to remember to live in the now. You can’t change the future or the past, only the now. Let that which does not matter truly slide.

    By Jon on 07.10.2011

  11. To bepregnent. To be expecting something to happen. To believe that somehting will happen. To be

    By leeann dancy on 07.10.2011

  12. I didn’t know what I was expecting. Maybe I was expecting a rush of new sensations. Maybe I was expecting business as usual. In any case, I wasn’t expecting it.

    By Anthony on 07.10.2011

  13. I’m expecting your text messages. I’m waiting for my phone to vibrate. I’m waiting to continue feeding you lies.. wondering if I can live without you. What we have isn’t real, but I’ve become far too emotionally invested to give this up. I don’t know how long I can keep this up. I’m not real. I wish that I was, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

    By Anonymous on 07.10.2011

  14. I fear pregnancy. I of all people could never have a child. I would be an awful mother. I care about my art too much and It would be so difficult to just let it all go, be completely selfless and bring another into this world.

    By Stormy on 07.10.2011

  15. I´m expecting a lot in the next weeks. I´m starting to work at a lawyer and make my first money after finishing school. Hope thats getting good :) I will miss my friends a lot, even if they´re in the neighbourhood.
    Frauke . <3

    By Frauke on 07.10.2011

  16. I am expecting my Brother and his family to visit at Christmas. I love to have them visit because we have so much in common and we enjoy each others company. I look forward to their visit because we have so much to talk about. His sons are full of life and very different. My brother and I have always been close and now he lives in Pennsylvania so it makes it hard for us to see each other. He still is very active in church

    By estherleasellers on 07.10.2011

  17. I never expected this to happen. I suppose its true that it is out of my control, than a higher Power governs all that is and all that is to be….but at the same time, I am blind to my future, never knowing what it is that may occur next.

    By Marie URL on 07.10.2011

  18. Expecting something is something which we long for or which we expect the thing to be happen as per our wish.

    By Sylvia Thomas on 07.10.2011