July 9th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “expecting”

  1. I was expecting for the word of the day to be slightly different than ‘expecting’. Oh well. Tomorrow I am expecting to tweet, make a YouTube video, write and drink lots of Diet Coke. Other than that, my life is unexpectedly boring.

    By Adam URL on 07.10.2011

  2. it means nothing but it means everything. i shouldn’t have waited for you to tell me i should have waited for you to show me. i wanted so many things from you but i was given nothing and so i expected nothing and every time i was disappointed. you are so beautiful and you are so ugly and you are so heartbreaking and you are a heartbreaker. i don’t really know what i was expecting from you.

    By sarah URL on 07.10.2011

  3. Expecting things from one or another could lead you to wrong track. Expectations may lead to fake illusions.

    By miss URL on 07.10.2011

  4. “Were you expecting fireworks?” she said. “That was not very friendly of you. We are very informal here, just every day people making the day pass easily.”
    “No”, he said. “You made it very clear that nothing would happen”.
    “Well we try to live up to expectations.”
    He shrugged. The tepid atmosphere seemed to expect a sarcastic response, but he would disappoint this time. He felt was raw and spite of the exchange ate into his soul like acid.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.10.2011

  5. Iets verwachten dat nooit zal komen, wanhopig aan de ene kant, hoopvol aan de andere kant. Je houdt je vast aan een glibberige stang, je kan er elk moment vanaf glijden.

    By irene on 07.10.2011

  6. it means nothing but it means everything. i shouldn’t have waited for you to tell me i should have waited for you to show me. i wanted so many things from you but i was given nothing and so i expected nothing and every time i was disappointed. you are so beautiful and you are so ugly and you are so heartbreaking and you are a heartbreaker. i don’t really know what i was expecting from you. all i know is that i still love you and it gets easier every day. that is what i am expecting.

    By sarah t. URL on 07.10.2011

  7. When you expect something, you create in your mind images about something that you don’t know if it’s really going to happen. Expecting makes disappointing because nothing goes like we think it will. Do not expect. Only live your life.

    By vivianemf URL on 07.10.2011

  8. there was somthing around the corner, joeph was expecting it. it rolled fourth down the hill, along the winding pathways and th

    By ds on 07.10.2011

  9. It hadn’t really been what I was expecting. It wasn’t fancy by any stretch of the imagination, but I liked it.
    It was mine.

    By Scorpio URL on 07.10.2011

  10. this is a word that means you anticipate something in either the short or long term depending on the situation. To be expected of something can be a hard thing, it can put a lot of pressure on you and others sometimes however it can be enjoyed.

    By Becky on 07.10.2011

  11. Expecting is not knowing. It is very closely related to hope in my opinion. Expecting can be false. I expected this to be very difficult and, it is. To a degree. But yeah, bye.

    By Nick on 07.10.2011

  12. I don’t know what I was expecting. The door opened and a rush of cold wind came in…I could see noone. Tentatively, I started climbing the steps.

    By Anton URL on 07.10.2011

  13. I found out yesterday, Jeremy and I are expecting. We weren’t planning for this new little boy or girl in our lives. Jeremy couldn’t hold down a job for more than two months, and my benefits for short term disability were running out. How were we planning on taking care of this little child, this unexpected little bundle that was supposed to bring us joy. How could I tell him we were expecting?

    By Alleigh URL on 07.10.2011

  14. expecting the unexpected love not expecting love future indecisive work plans art career dreams hope children relationship family

    By bb on 07.10.2011

  15. i closed my eyes, expecting the impact to knock me over. i’m not really sure why closing my eyes seemed like the thing to do. did i think my eyeballs were going to fall out? no, i really wasn’t expecting THAT. i took a deep breath. as expected, it came back out the same place it had come in.

    By oliver danni on 07.10.2011

  16. I was expecting far too much from that day. I was expecting snow and happiness and hugs. All I got was dirt on my face and bitter laughter that was aimed at me. The ground never comforted my feet, and it certainly doesn’t now that I’m falling

    By Mishie on 07.10.2011



    By missstar URL on 07.10.2011

  18. If I were expecting a difference then today would not be here. I would see a purple sky and multiple moons overhead, the frequency of the evening light changing as the evening descended and the temperature lowered. There would be a gathering of other settlers to exchange stories, to talk about the day, to discuss plans and to prepare for what will happen tomorrow. There were not many of us here and we had formed an anarchic group. Each needed to know there were others out there and to feel they were not alone.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.10.2011

  19. “I wasn’t expecting you.” the Egyptian god sneered. “Yeah? Sorry ta dissappoint, pally, but I’m here. And I’m draggin you outta Angel, capiche?” Anubis chuckled.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 07.10.2011

  20. love, happiness, greatness, dedication, tolerance, joy, smiles, cheers, people, higher, thinking, failure.

    By tibz on 07.10.2011

  21. She wasn’t expecting flowers… but she was expecting a timely meeting. He showed up nearly 30 minutes late. Though she was often the forgiving type, on a first date – this was a stretch, even for her.

    By Charith Norvelle on 07.10.2011

  22. I’m not expecting you to say what I’ve always seen behind your secret eyes. But maybe I’ll get it out of you someday, because I’ve really been wanting to hear it.

    By Jelisa URL on 07.10.2011

  23. w

    By stalkermom URL on 07.10.2011

  24. The more i expect things to happen, the less expectation comes true.

    By Loreen Aldrin on 07.10.2011

  25. it goes without saying that expecting is a word that is applicable to the females who are expecting a baby. However, the word is related to all kinds of expectations since it has become one of the follies of the human beings to expect without doing anything in return.

    By Wenz on 07.10.2011

  26. expecting life to hand you over great chances is just a dream.life in fact can go both ways.without any warning or need for pattern.i often thought to myself that because i was sometimes dealt bad cards in life that surely the future will hold more positive ones.it doesnt work like this.one day you can have everything you ever needed then the next it can be all gone.or vise versa.so my point being,enjoy life,and apreciate every moment you have,no matter how small the moment.because thats what is life all about,and life as every person has experienced can be fickle.

    By alan beans on 07.10.2011

  27. i was expecting to have a different word, like an animal or something, i had a dream that i had a giant goat, it was as big as an elephant

    By Shari on 07.10.2011

  28. “What were you expecting?”
    He shrugged one shoulder, still staring open-mouthed at her. “I don’t . . . . Not . . . . It’s just -”
    “You thought I would look a little more . . . .” Her tail twitched thoughtfully. “Human?

    By Rachael on 07.10.2011

  29. I am expecting great things but I don’t know whether I’ll get them, but then everyone expects good things, expects the best, but do we ever really get what we expect? Are we forever expecting things that will never actually come to us? The people that don’t deserve get the best and us expecting get nothing at all, never receive anything. I know the most amazing people and they expect nothing and get nothing, so they aren’t at all disappointed, but I expect so much of this world and somehow know I will end up like them with nothing. Expecting just gives us hope when there really isn’t any left, isn’t any at all.

    By Holly on 07.10.2011

  30. Expectations are the worst things to have. When you expect for something to happen and it doesn’t- assuming you were expecting something pleasant- there’s nothing worse than it not happening. Then again, I was expecting the world to end last month and I was pretty happy it didn’t so…

    By Sabena on 07.10.2011

  31. Expecting this, expecting that, expecting this or that. Expecting something and not getting it, sucks. So what do you do? You don’t expect. You unexpect. (word?) Because, well, if you don’t expect anything, shit you won’t be disappointed. That’s how I live my life.

    By Fernando Hernandez on 07.10.2011

  32. wanting something you can never have but thinking you one day will.knowing change will come although it never does.the dissapointment in loss..having faith although you should be faithless.

    By mike alvarez on 07.10.2011

  33. little by little, step by step, slowly slowly, up and up: over and out

    By Jeff Goodman on 07.10.2011


    By james cooper URL on 07.10.2011

  35. I was expecting to be healed by now. They say time heals all wounds, but this has taken more than five years and I still get choked up, have crying jags, when there is a reminder of the event. They tell me to frame it positively, but it was a very negative thing. A rejection. And I’m still angry.

    By elizabeth b URL on 07.10.2011

  36. Everything I had been expecting seemed to slip away form my grasp, and instead I was hit in the face with reality. That’s the problem with expectations, sometimes they let you down. But, expectations are necessary in some parts of life, for you don’t want to settle. So how do you find that balance of having expectations and letting go; how do you protect yourself from getting hurt but still allow yourself to have standards?

    By Haley URL on 07.10.2011

  37. waiting wanting hoping for something anything to happen. the anticipation of joy, anger, pain. pregnancy, she was expecting, she is expecting. boy girl doesn’t matter anyway doesn’t matter at all, or perhaps it does? perhaps perhaps perhaps. want something to happen to me, kick punch poke me into action again action action action action what sort of action should i take?

    By Katie on 07.10.2011

  38. When I see this word, the first thing I think of is a pregnant woman. The second thing I think of is waiting for a package to be delivered. Expecting isn’t just something that happens every once in a while though. It’s deeper than that. We expect things every day of our lives. Sometimes, we expect too much and that gets us in trouble.

    By Allison URL on 07.10.2011

  39. expecting and expectations can be the boon or bane of our lives. expecting is possibly one of the most torturous, tedious processes ever — the art of waiting for something which you think is going to come. I say it is an art because I feel like I’ve spent more than half of my life perfecting it. I have expectations for others and myself, sometimes impossibly high.

    By cherie on 07.10.2011

  40. what was i expecting? it kind of had to happen eventually, it’s not like it could go on forever. nothing can. but now i’m not sure what to expect from here. it could be going downhill or nothing could change. i guess i just have to do what i normally do and not have any expectations…consciously, at least.

    By Libby URL on 07.10.2011