March 13th, 2013 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “eternal”

  1. nothing is eternal. not even death. you born again. in some other form. you could be a rock. or a rock star. or just a star. it’s all good. but you can’t decide what you will be next. that’s not in your hands.

    By Syed Usman on 03.14.2013

  2. Love is eternal. At least, I’d like to think so. Being eternally engrossed with love for another is something that a lot of people dream about, however, there are a lot of people who don’t. Is love eternal? Does it even exist?

    Is anything really eternal?

    By Sierra on 03.14.2013

  3. love, a word I associate with eternal, perhaps the only thing that endures, perhaps the only thing worth anything. Love like a dove, love like sun, love like warm rain, love like soft skin

    By Angela on 03.14.2013

  4. Ah, but if life could be eternal. We hope we are entitled to some other, special existence, because our intelligence allows us to observe the universe in a manner none else can. And we suffer for it.

    By Kendall Russell URL on 03.14.2013

  5. ever lasting life of anything really. the way we live the way we think everything around us will go on.. To this affect we are invincible, we were here before and we will remain here. I like to think that we have been given everything that we need to be who we are suppose to be.

    By evan on 03.14.2013

  6. life long changing eternal time and space and stars and the planet is green and blue and wonderful and humans are short and space is large and eternal is forever and space and time and whatever for forests and charcoal and carbon and frost and galaxies and time and infinity and whatever else done neverending finished now

    By Bronwyn on 03.14.2013

  7. Nothing is eternal, everything erodes away. Even the rock we live on will be gone after out children’s children’s children are gone. Nothing lasts forever. Live with what you have. You won’t have it long.

    By Zac on 03.14.2013

  8. I think about God when this word comes on. I didn’t even realize that the word already came out. and I think about love. Love never dies. It is a very powerful thing. It conquers all. Note that God is Love.

    By Alice Lovelace on 03.14.2013

  9. God is the only one who has no beginning and no end. He defines eternal and Eternal defines Him. Without Him we wouldn’t see any of his wonders. He is definitely existing in my opinion.

    By Alice Lovelace on 03.14.2013

  10. I know no despair, no longing, no right, no light, no wrong, no sense, no concept, no misconception, no darkness, no nonsense….I just know you… eternal

    By Miss Terry Phantasm on 03.14.2013

  11. Eternal, like time. He was tired of this rude time. He was bored with it’s complaints, when it had so many luxuries that many in the past would kill for, would dies for.

    By Cristen on 03.14.2013

  12. It felt like the eternal struggle to survive was over. It was all over now; she had given up. She didn’t know how she could escape. If she couldn’t breathe, how could she run?

    By Ashley URL on 03.14.2013

  13. Eternality; it was a very powerful thing and held a very precious source… but a very dangerous weapon.

    As the daffodils bloomed and shone in the sun, I felt as if I was walking in fields of never-ending, glorious gold.
    Holding hands with my friend, running and shutting our eyes like everything beneath us was the endless universe and we could fly as freely as a bird.

    By OneJen on 03.14.2013

  14. Our quest for living healthy lives is an eternal quest that will end once human being achieve immortality and that seems like an eternity as we are only able to find new and more harmful ways to hurt each other.

    By Venkat on 03.14.2013

  15. Eternal Sunshine,
    Eternal Suffering,
    Eternal Bliss
    Eternal Kiss…

    I, we, exist in eternity – as enteties alike – opposites heading towards destruciotn, dark and light… love and hate…

    By Silvamyk on 03.14.2013

  16. Eternal life. Ah…. After all this time, I manage to find the secrets to eternal life. This two little vile holds my future and Pheobee’s future. Together we will live ’till the end of life. I hand her one of the vile. We looked at each other and drank from the vile. At first I felt nothing and then came the most excrutiating pain inside me. I fell on the floor and writhe like a fish out of water. After what seems like hours, the pain stopped. I felt good, better even. I felt stronger, healthier and confident. I jumped and danced around. “It worked! It worked! Think of all the stuuf Pheobee and I will do after this. Oh God, it worked!” I said to myself. I searched for Pheobee and saw that she was laying still not far from me. I called out her name but she didn’t answered. I walked towards her and saw that she was already blue. “No!” I shouted. In a blink of an eye, she was in my arms. She’s still and cold. Tears escape from my eyes. “What’s the use of eternal life when my true love is not with me to enjoy it.” I said while weeping for my unfortunate life.

    By LunaSyn20 on 03.14.2013

  17. I am eternally lost. Bored with nothing to do. No one to see or talk to. Nothing. Eternally bored.

    By Chris on 03.14.2013

  18. I will worship my God with all my strength and with all my mind, for he is the one and true God whose love and destiny is eternal, and desire that we come to know and worship him in truth and with all our hearts.

    By victor URL on 03.14.2013

  19. Forever. Till the end that never ends. Universe. Infinity. circles. I can’t stop thinking about when it will end, but that can never happen so what’s the point? They say that love is eternal?

    By Jenna on 03.14.2013

  20. There is a flame burning somewhere deep inside of me; not inside my soul, but somewhere. It is more than warm, it is scorching; painful. It fills me with longing and emptiness, where you belong.

    By R.J. on 03.14.2013

  21. The panda bear is little more than a black and white carnivore, yet we spend much time and resources trying to save its bamboo-munching butt. Nothing is eternal. Maybe it should try some other leaves.

    By Delaney on 03.14.2013

  22. The Bilwernist flower gives eternal beauty to the person who crushes its petals and eats them.

    By Diya URL on 03.14.2013

  23. God is eternal. He exists eternally, loves us eternally, and if we come to the Father through Jesus Christ, we can exist eternally too. This is an amazing deal. Nobody, not even the slickest salesmen in history, could beat this deal! It’s a bargain.

    By Terrance on 03.14.2013

  24. “And another thing,” she said. “Every time you come over here something goes wrong. You are like a charm, the kind that bring eternal bad luck.”

    Looking out the window I watched birds fly south, leaves adrift in the gusting wind and thought about tomorrow. It would be much like today, I guessed. Having vented her spite today tomorrow promised to be bathed in a damp apologetic silence. I would miss that if I didn’t turn up. An abstract thought alighted, making me wonder if this point was evidence of free will, proof positive that I was in charge of my life.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.14.2013

  25. Etnerla, everlasting. What is, really? Energy, I suppose. Which makes one wonder about the soul and love and positivity – does it carry on after we are gone? What becomes of us? Hard to contemplate with the day to day struggles we all have to muddle through.

    By Ara on 03.14.2013

  26. I love Potes and I can’t hide it any more

    By Maria on 03.14.2013

  27. There is a truth out there. We can’t see it, we can’t feel it but it’s there. We need to look harder and we know we will find it. It may be above us or below us, be it white or black but all things can be eternal

    By Gill on 03.14.2013

  28. We have freedom, no we have beauty in freedom. This freedom is trying to prove to be eternal. We all can see the lie in it, there is none but somehow we can feel it, it is tangible. But now, we’re stuck in this loop that told us a lie. Maybe freedom is not eternal

    By Gill on 03.14.2013

  29. Eternal, everlasting, forever, that’s what Sally thought she was getting when she said ” I do” to Paul. If only she’d known at that first hello she would end up sitting alone at the bar on Stanley Street just two years later.

    By bec URL on 03.14.2013

  30. Oh my god. My life till now has been so wierd. I think i have become wierd.
    Aaaaah. What’s up. I dont know. Sky perhaps. see.

    By Kavitha on 03.14.2013

  31. Eternal means forever. Many people associate eternal with life in heaven. You often hear the phrase, “I am eternally grateful,” when people are extremely thankful

    By Audrey on 03.14.2013

  32. etrenal is an external feeling which we go from day to day life .its the feeling which we somethings able to express in best possible ways .eternal is onw way to tell peop

    By saumya gupta on 03.14.2013

  33. the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind mind mind mind be mine mine mine mine
    i fell into a goldmine
    came out penniless
    i cut my face on jagged edges
    my hands burning with eternal fire
    setting ablaze everything i desire

    By 32748291o on 03.14.2013

  34. Frozen. That’s what we are. Calcified bones succumbing to the immobilization of ice. We’re skeletons reaching out to what is endless and unknown, and in the hopes of becoming eternal, we imprison ourselves in a cage of misconceptions. We are poisoned by reality.

    By Blaue Rosen on 03.14.2013

  35. An eternity stretched out before her, because of this curse. The curse of everlasting life. Eternal life is not a give for a being such as a human. We strain to live forever, but we do not. We don’t have the capacity for it, even though we want to so badly.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.14.2013

  36. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————it is that.

    By Kavitha on 03.14.2013

  37. The universe, by definition.

    And 60 seconds when you are waiting.

    By Francesco Bedussi URL on 03.14.2013

  38. you are eternal, my eternal enemy of rapping and beatboxing. u will be never better than me my eternal friend of beatboxing and rapping and all that is the five elements of eternal rap and graffiti and the fifth eternal element that is often overseen beatboxing

    By prinzen on 03.14.2013

  39. They were supposed to go on forever, but no one told her there would be moments like this. The stale uncomfortable silences, the tension you could cut with a butter knife. The moment when walking out of the room was a better option than standing near him. Now when he’d come to bed, she would instantly freeze and then roll over. She had once said until death do her part. And now she was thinking of ways to kill him.

    By Soft URL on 03.14.2013

  40. Eternal? What is Eternal? Love? Hate? Kindness? Well whatever it is, i do not believe in Eternal. There simply wont be anything that will last forever. That is the cruel reality. The end.

    By Erwin on 03.14.2013