March 13th, 2013 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “eternal”

  1. i remember when they taught me about the “eternal life” that could be offered. what bullshit. fuck religion. society is… laughable nowadays. I can’t even fathom the stupidity.

    By caitlin on 03.13.2013

  2. This concept is something that actually makes me scared. Why? Because I would love to live forever. The tough of nothing after, or being some ethereal form. I enjoy this world, reality, place. To have infinite time to know, learn, do. Express creativity. Stay young and enjoy running, jumping skydiving. One day when I am old, I wont be able to feel the sensations in my muscles to such a youthful and degree. And who knows how my mind will be.

    By Mark Talevski on 03.13.2013

  3. The saddest lie. Nothing ever lasts. It always ends in a bittersweet memory and hatred of time’s grasp that is so unwilling to unwind. Eternity is a hope that never comes true.

    By Lauren on 03.13.2013

  4. I breathe and each breath lingers, it pauses and stretches within the air. I watch as it travels touching upon all things tangible and intangible, becoming an eternal fixture upon the earth.

    By Tahler URL on 03.13.2013

  5. the others tell me,
    “if you date a writer, you can never die.”
    but I know, if I dated a writer,
    she would describe us with words
    so much longer than her hair.
    her sentences would weave around
    my bone and muscle until
    I’m pumping her diction through my veins.
    if I dated a writer, I would die all the same.

    By smnthbll on 03.13.2013

  6. He lay there stiff at my feet, an eternal look of surprise frozen on his bloodied face.
    Poor bastard never saw what hit him.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.13.2013

  7. The eyes of my furby stare across the room into mine, where they reach into my soul and tug at something old and hidden. My connection to strange childhood toys feels permanently imbedded inside of me.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.13.2013

  8. my greatest fear lies in the reality that it all fades—that not even my words will be eternal. i find hope in the theories of reincarnation after carnation but then again, we know how theories go. i am, however, eternally hopefully.

    By Safon on 03.13.2013

  9. eternal life lives underneath us all
    the dead, dying, deceased,
    why me? why not you?
    i am not better than the 5 year old boy
    who barely got a chance at life
    why me?
    why am i living
    why am i deemed alive, while he is sitting in his grave?

    By hannah URL on 03.13.2013

  10. For a moment
    I thought everything was eternal, beautiful, and worthwhile
    but just like that
    Whatever everlasting happiness had deluded me was surely gone now
    And I was again, in the backseat of a taxi cab, going nowhere

    By smorris on 03.13.2013

  11. Don’t ever forget. Don’t let the memories escape, or become nothing more than a mound of molten regrets, mindless mindsets, abandoned bets.

    By S on 03.13.2013

  12. Even though she’s gone, I know that what we had is still there. Things won’t be the same anymore. But, I know that we both learned and experienced something that will better the both of us. And I will always love her.

    By dannydepp on 03.13.2013

  13. eternal shall it be
    eternal you and me
    it’s only been a short while
    and yet i still can see.
    you know it as well as i do
    there’s so much we’ve already gone through
    it sounds easy
    i love you kinyon

    By whitney on 03.13.2013

  14. The sunshine never ceased. The flames never diminished. He had one chance to look out onto the world he was leaving behind. Before he turned around to leave his life, to leave his ways, he took one longing look back into the distance and spit into his misfortunes face.

    By Nick URL on 03.13.2013

  15. Eternal life. Isn’t that all what we want? To live forever. To never die. It’s beautiful…yet at the same time it’s not. Because it’s not natural. It’ll upset the balance. We’ll spend more tears than we should, because we’ll watch our friends and family die long after we should’ve.

    By Rachel on 03.13.2013

  16. The moments that looks like if were too short or too long eternal is sometimes the feeling to falling in love eternal is the life and one breath

    By Araceli on 03.13.2013

  17. Real love is supposed to be eternal. Which is why my saying anything about it doesn’t mean anything. Even, worse, writing about it doesn’t mean much either because my writing would never be finishe

    By Carlos The Awesome on 03.13.2013

  18. my love for you is.i last forever and never end, i’m infinite and everlasting. forever with no end. my love for you is. eternally.

    By Timothy on 03.13.2013

  19. Lord, Your love is eternal. It never changes, whether I’m having an amazing time or I’m at an all time low. You always love me the same and are always there for me. While I may be conditional in my love, Your love abounds. You are eternal.

    By Emily on 03.13.2013

  20. I smile and rest my hand upon the stone basin. “Is this really it?” I breathe, turning back to the old woman behind me. She replies with a crooked smile. “Eternal life, just one cup will suffice,” she says, handing me an old, chipped teacup. I dip it into the basin of faint glowing liquid and I don’t hesitate to take a sip. Then the pain begins.

    By overlordy on 03.13.2013

  21. i once saw a movie with the word eternal in it. i didn’t believe one minute of the film. eternal love, eternal sorrow, it’s all bullshit. nothing lasts. people move on, love crumbles and fades away, even that scar you gave yourself “that one time” will face brush off like all of the endless cells on your body do.

    By talia on 03.13.2013

  22. despite the fact that everything will eventually die, i promise to love you eternally.

    By Kim on 03.13.2013

  23. Pain is not Eternal. its ethereal. You think it hurt when really its just temporary. Physical pain is another thing. but a Broken heart can always be fixed. it can be mended by the least expected.

    By zBreezy on 03.13.2013

  24. eternal: (adj.) without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing

    Is anything actually eternal?
    I was always taught that every beginning has an end.

    By MorganLily on 03.13.2013

  25. Life can be seen as enteral, but so can a million other things. The mind can be eternal, something that is physically made can be enteral, god is enteral, right? We make something eternal by mentioning it. Yet, what about those people that we do not consider, those who could be eternal, but it is in a sense of quiet eternity (if you wanted to view it in that way.)

    By Nik on 03.13.2013

  26. The eternal spirit, the eternal flame, the eternal lord. Eternal has invaded our everyday thoughts and practices. This meaning of forever. When humans by nature die every couple of decades.

    By Dan on 03.13.2013

  27. From now until the end my eternal guide is with me. It knows not where we are going, only that we must go. That’s better than what I’d have on my own

    By tyleridd on 03.13.2013

  28. ringing in my ears
    is the sound of the echoey ground
    flashing me back to
    way back when
    a smiled frown
    broken in two
    twisted contorted like silly putty
    too stretched
    is this eternal love
    or is this death?

    By Matty M. on 03.13.2013

  29. God. The infinite life…my life. My journey. My salvation.

    By Rochelle on 03.13.2013

  30. This eternal conflagration
    has many a nation
    worrying about the things
    these youths do; things
    that are hard for me to describe
    but being a lowly scribe
    i can only but warn
    of being eternally warm

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu on 03.13.2013

  31. A cosmic essence. The universe swirls around me all at once. I see stars and galaxies and dust. Cosmic dust consumes me. We stand on it. We breathe it in. We are eternal and yet nothing. We are as dust as the dust is to us. No one knows what any of this means. Nor do I. But the universe still expands.

    By Stephanie T. on 03.14.2013

  32. Sunshine on grazed knees and the fingers of a broken doll gaze up at me and I’ve placed the light behind your face this morning because it blocks out all the shining your eyes do, I don’t feel up to it this morning, rays eternal.

    Did you ever believe in their gods? Did you see them in the lining of the clouds? Because I think maybe, maybe, but then the song ends and the car wheels slide over the tar where the mirage used to be.

    By frank lee on 03.14.2013

  33. Eternal efforts exist only in the mind, only in the hands that struggle to forge them, only in the eyes that constantly seek them, only in the words that would work their way beyond the history books, beyond the bedrock and deep, into the core of things.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.14.2013

  34. Somehow I’ve managed to keep my wits about me. That eternal struggle with figuring out who I am. Who I need to become. I really don’t understand how I managed to miss so many indicators that I would not be like my mother, or my sperm donor…or any one else. I was eternally me….eternally me.

    By Izzy Gorden URL on 03.14.2013

  35. sunshine love what is love love is warm warmth like the sun i shine you shine clean reflection glass glass love fragile fragile love love is for i have no clue everyone maybe call me music love is music music is notes notes are for middle schoolers i write and fold paper

    By Joseph Sales URL on 03.14.2013

  36. rings
    rings spin
    spinning wheels
    down a path
    a trough
    full of rain
    the sun shines on
    the grass grows tall
    tall and green
    the green sinks to the roots soaking up the earth

    By girl on 03.14.2013

  37. you think love is eternal
    but even the ocean stretches out
    and touches another continent
    you think that with you
    they would have all been something
    different, better
    but maybe they would still be this
    somewhat empty, somewhat jaded
    it is eternal, they accept themselves as less

    By Jessie Erikson on 03.14.2013

  38. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. my favorite movie.
    eternal. eternity. vampires live for eternity. unless they are killed.
    i never understood that. vampires are dead, but alive. they can be killed. but they are dead.
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’d like to watch that again soon. it’s a beautiful quote, as well.

    By rokstarbabe URL on 03.14.2013

  39. eternity. serendipity. never ending madness, never ending chaos. which world is the normal? which world is eternal? does a word even exist? does eternity really last forever, or is it just a figment of the imagination of people who last only for a snap of the finger in this so-called world?

    By Anna Patrisha Jose on 03.14.2013

  40. nothing is eternal, everything dies, everything is surrounded by sorrow. not even de universe is eternal, even the stars die. This is so devastatingly true, that is shocks us and we are not clearly aware of it.

    By Madde URL on 03.14.2013