March 13th, 2013 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “eternal”

  1. Eternal. What is more incomprehensible? More foreign? But it’s inside of us, how else would we come up with ideas about the Fountain of Youth? Love that lasts forever? Life after death? That’s the beauty of words like ‘eternal.’ You don’t understand them, but in your heart, you know them.

    By Lydia on 03.14.2013

  2. Forever. Who would want to live that long? Enough bad happens in the span of a normal lifetime, I can’t imagine having to witness death and destruction and feel loss eternally.

    By Elise URL on 03.14.2013


    By JULIE on 03.14.2013

  4. Forever. Seeing time pass you by while you stand still, frozen in an oblivion of nothing. Life come and goes, trees green and brown, people are born and they die, but you’re still standing there, as if nothing’s ever changed as if you haven’t grown, and perhaps that’s because you haven’t. You haven’t changed. You’ve been the same you always have been. You’re static, and you’re finished.

    By Anon on 03.14.2013

  5. I would wager it is nature, for who inside the system really sees it all? That has been the question all along. The proof that dominate culture forgets is that eternity does not necessarily mean all is eternal. Forever is a long time and any weakness in the structure will crumble when repeatedly exposed the forces of change. It loses and gains power like the struggle for dominance between lions.
    It’s Hamlet’s plot over and over again. At least until there is a new evolution in the plot, which is to say nature comes back into play. Shrugs off the coat that was dominate culture and takes a shining to a different course action, a different mode of thought. (Eternal: the reason the Constitution has the rules at hand to amend failing points of law and order.)

    By Intuition on 03.14.2013

  6. Nothing is eternal, except maybe love. I haven’t gotten that far though so i’m not sure yet. I suppose rocks are eternal, they just turn to dust. But they are still rocks. But then before they where rocks they where magma..or sediment….

    By Bobbi B on 03.14.2013

  7. eternally,
    they whispered.
    and always.
    never regret
    we’ll come

    By all4imagination on 03.14.2013

  8. There was nothing there, just endless darkness. It went on and on and on… I couldn’t see the end of it. It was quite terrifying, to be honest, but I didn’t admit it out loud. I shut the door and faked a smile. “Well,” I said, “Let’s look for something else.”

    By Leah on 03.14.2013

  9. I believe love is eternal. It seems impossible that it would end when life does. This is how I feel about you. How I will always feel.

    By s on 03.14.2013

  10. For an eternaty he walked this earth. He had seen so many death that it didn’t effect him anymore. He just stood there with a blank face whenever someone died. It seemed amazing to live forever, but for him it was a curse

    By Amber on 03.14.2013

  11. forever and ever. life is it eternal? eternity. does anyone know what eternity really is? no one has ever experienced eternity. Apart from our planet. Earth has been around for eternity. So we need to save our planet. its uniqueness is beyond anything anyone could ever know or understand. It is beyond us in years, experience and knowledge. it was made to be around for eternity. lets stop our destruction.

    By paige on 03.14.2013

  12. The eternal bliss that exists inside each and every one of us is majestic. It cannot be seen with the naked eye unless someone is expressively blissful and even then it is not certain that this is in fact, somebody melting into the eternal bliss existing in their soul. Eternal bliss is as illustrated in the above statement, internal. It can be found externally but only in the internal workings of our psyches do we truly, truly feel, eternal bliss. I feel this mystic bliss, sometimes, I engulf myself entirely in it. Other times, I ignore it like a child faking tears, there is action indeed but no intent. I am not the child. I am the bliss. What are you ?

    By tesa Lenee Lubans Dehaven on 03.14.2013

  13. Forever, love…. Something that you feel so passionate about…. Life after life…. Something that you would die for and live for all together. The irony of that. Eternal. Forever. What a lot of people don’t believe in but live for. One of the strongest words with so much meaning.

    By Aja on 03.14.2013

  14. What we thought was our eternal love ended. Now I hold my breath each time I say forever.

    By vicky on 03.14.2013

  15. love is eternal life is not.many things in life loses its value but love lasts forever. true love is eternal.

    By S on 03.14.2013

  16. He breathed eternal life back into her lungs. She opened her eyes with a small gasp, looking into his perfect face. It faded into the background, into the scenery. She took a moment to remember where she was. She had given up. Being a goddess was no easy job, and she had rejected it. But her creator wouldn’t allow that.

    By Kristina on 03.14.2013

  17. I’m sad i have an eternal injury I can’t play with my friends for eturnity.

    By Destiny on 03.14.2013

  18. The song “Eternal Flame” was playing the background. Which was kinda ironic, seeing that it was the coldest month of the year. As their eyes meet, the temperature visibly turned a lot more chilly. She looked away. Talk about her giving him the cold shoulder.

    By Whelp on 03.14.2013

  19. Like time that never ends.

    Longer than the time taken for a bird to transport a million rice grains from one mountain to the other, should the bird transport one grain of rice every one thousand years. Longer than the time taken to form galaxies, longer than the time it is to live a thousand lives.

    The word eternal was frightening indeed.

    By dramarie URL on 03.14.2013

  20. I have an eternal friend in my mother. She is one of the greatest role models any one would want to have. She is my eternal inspiration. I will be eternally grateful for all that she has done for me.

    By Falcon012 on 03.14.2013

  21. No matter how many times I cut this arm off, it will grow back. I have rooms full of arms in this mansion alone. Eternal life, being unkillable, is unseemly.

    By Ricardo on 03.14.2013

  22. Eternal. My eternal. My eternal suffering. My eternal suffering is. My eternal suffering is all. My eternal is all knowing.

    By Carly on 03.14.2013

  23. Everlasting. Forever. Fairy tales will always be told….they will be eternal; forever told and said. Stories, legends, forever told and passed on.

    By Noelle URL on 03.14.2013

  24. picture this god obsessed
    with women bleeding

    between their thighs;
    on needle-pricked fingers;

    at the hands
    of angry men;

    you’d all be hard-pressed
    to truly convince me

    it wasn’t god’s daughter
    they nailed to a cross.

    By isa on 03.14.2013

  25. eternal. what a perfect word for things I often think about. eternity, it is unfathomable. For god ha been around for eternity? How can we as humans even begin to recognize what this means. I wish I were eternal, but then again i don’t know what it is so how do I know I want to be it. If i were eternal would I exist beyond nothing?

    By Vinny on 03.14.2013

  26. The lighting felt eternal. In a primordial and achetypal way, it felt like a connection to all things past and present. and he felt at peace with the decision.
    Jerusalem was safe for the time being. and he was not alone.

    By Ryan Campbell on 03.14.2013

  27. We were eternal. Together, him and I. We would now be together forever, until the end of time. As the trees rustled around me, the soft breeze cooling my skin, I knew that forever was all I wanted from him.

    By Jessica on 03.14.2013