March 12th, 2013 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “director”

  1. A creative and focused mind with a desire to see his thoughts or ideas replicated through media or through the actions of others.

    By Liam on 03.13.2013

  2. Movies are great. “What I really wanna do is direct!” Man, what a cliche. Quentin is my favorite while we’re on the subject, though. Pulp Fiction is a mad film.

    By Russell W. Story URL on 03.13.2013

  3. “And…ACTION!” He said. It was like he was taking over the whole show, which he was. I tried very hard not to cringe at every hand movement he did, every line he dictated. He was the director of course, and I was just his mere assistant.

    By Whelp on 03.13.2013

  4. The one in charge, or is it the one who is changed? The man (or woman) who can complain and it is considered beauty. To laugh is to cherish the act. They can orchestrate the most fantastic or dreary of scenes and create in each a beauty…an art that continues to move and reshape itself every time it is seen, heard, touched. Director.

    By Mallory Madden on 03.13.2013

  5. “Take five.”

    “…and, ACTION!”

    She felt his hands again, this time she convinces herself that she would finally get this scene right. She closed her eyes, felt her co-actor hands when he angled her chin, felt his breathing, and proceeded to kiss her–uninvited. She could feel his tongue trying to engulf hers. A forceful dance of fancies. All to sudden, she pulled away. Unbuttons her dress, revealing her chest, and continued where they left off.

    By nom de luc URL on 03.13.2013

  6. I wish to be the director of my own life. The question is, who would be the actor.

    By vicky on 03.13.2013

  7. The director of my life is brillant, so is the writer!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 03.13.2013

  8. school

    By Larisa URL on 03.13.2013

  9. Someone who will tell me what to do, make me take the right decisions and cut out the unnecessary, and unuseful ones; I so need a director, someone in charge, boy, then I could really be something.

    By Jess on 03.13.2013

  10. to move along
    to collect and put in order
    artistic organizer
    imagination puppeteer

    By Savannah on 03.13.2013

  11. the director was pointing his camera at the actress. Action he called. the whole stage revolved around and a large vista opened up behind. Lovers walking in the fields holding hands.

    By Al Murray on 03.13.2013

  12. Nice person like Quentin Tarantino or Tim Burton. Has lots of great ideas, is inspiring and can do whatever the fuck they want. Everything even beyond the imagination! Marvelous!

    By Alex on 03.13.2013

  13. Passionate visionary with a constant eye on the prize. They make dinosaurs real, superheros your neighbours and pull big furry monsters out from under your bed and into your lap. Oftentimes bearded.

    By RWMurr on 03.13.2013

  14. The director of the movie was making the lines for the actors in the movie so they could know what there going to do in the movie.

    By ChristianG on 03.13.2013

  15. Direct. Lead. Control. If I am a director I tell people what to do. How to do it. That they are wrong and should do it my way. No no no not like that! Like this! Power. Chauvinistic. Controlling. Leader. Do it this way. Orchestration.

    By Kesheik URL on 03.13.2013

  16. “Action!” proclaims the wild-eyed pervert behind the camera, “More tits!”

    By thefirstandlastpope on 03.13.2013

  17. flash

    By Gwen L on 03.13.2013

  18. boss

    By Avalon on 03.13.2013

  19. boss plays movies tells what to do person yells

    By sage on 03.13.2013

  20. movie producer.
    it’s an adjective of a person.
    it can be a noun.
    he is the boss of a movie or tv show.

    By SuSu on 03.13.2013

  21. A director is in charge. They will direct you in what to do and how to do it. The director is or may not always be the smartest director, some may think they know it all. But they do not. Some directors even learn from the people they are directing on how to direct better.

    By Maggie W. on 03.13.2013

  22. “Lights, Candmra, Action!” this is what a director does every day. They are the leaders, the starting of a wonderful movie. The starting…of something new…

    By Noelle URL on 03.13.2013

  23. the pale man gave us roads (pollution),
    brought us love (exotic brides),
    and fed us lines (lies)

    you are different, he said
    “we are different”, we repeated

    be more like us, he beckoned
    “we’ll be more like you”, we chanted

    over the coarse of a hundred years
    we traded in our skin (whitening creams)
    our tongues (american english)
    our livelihoods (overseas workers)

    “are we like you yet?”, we asked
    no, keep trying, he told us

    give it another hundred years
    and his rhetoric won’t change

    our blood is red, and thick like yours,
    blue-eyed savage,
    but we’ll never be the same.

    By isa on 03.13.2013